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We are a one-stop coffee packaging solutions manufacturer, providing the coffee                                                          packaging needs for the world’s respected coffee brands. As well as offering a wide                                                              range of printing options, sustainable and eco-friendly materials and quality services                                                                 to make your brand stand out from the competitive coffee market.

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Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Offer a variety of sustainable packaging material options to enhance the differentiation of your coffee brand:

  • Mono-material structure: PE/PE, we use the single plastic and can guarantee that the coffee bag is 100% recyclable, the recycling symbol is No.4 for LDPE.
  • Using post-consume recycled (PCR) materials to reduce the consumption of petroleum materials and energy.
  • The high barrier material locks in the aroma of the coffee and prevents air and moisture damage to the coffee, extending the shelf life of the coffee inside.

Different printing processes
Skyrocket Your Brand

Find the printing method that best fits your order schedule and get competitive pricing.

The advantage of grauvre printing:

 · Meets different finished printing requests and provides high-definition designs.
 · Cost-effective if ordered in large quantities.


 · MOQ is more than 10,000 pcs
 · Pre-press charge: Requires pre-pay for plate-making that is refundable.
 · Longer delivery time

Digital printing is a great choice, combining high print quality with no MOQ required. It can run with many SKUs in one job without a set-up fee within 10-15 days. It can be ready for shipment by then and allowing new brands to reach the market faster.

  The Advantages of screen printing:

 · Includes variety of options, including bag types, materials, and sizes available in stock.
 · Low MOQ availability (1 piece)
 · It is cost-effective and will not make your project stagnant.


 · Limited number of colors for the printing design (within 3 colors)
 ·The color print on the surface is not protected.

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XiaoyuPack will be your first choice for your coffee packaging.

24/7 Online Service

Your any inquiry will be responsed by our after-sales team within 24 hours.

Free Design

Professional packaging graphic designers can provide free design and layout for your coffee.

Door To Door Logistic

We provide door-to-door international logistics services by air or sea, and tax inclusive.

Fast To Delivery

Low MOQ and as fast as 10 days delivery to guarantee your packaging inventory.

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What our customers say about XiaoyuPack.

We've been working with wenzhou xiaoyu packaging for their printing services for about a year now and i'm just here to say we're very very happy with the quality the communication and the speed they're honestly one of the best factories. If you're on the fence about which factory to work with um i would say don't hesitate these guys are great.

Our Awesome Clients

Our value is to grow with respected coffee brands around the world.

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Most of the customers will be concerned about the issue of his custom packaging.

The following materials are usually used in lay flat pouch:

PET/PE (glossy printing with transparent material)

Matt/VMPET/PE (matt printing with aluminum foil inside)

PET/AL/PE (glossy printing with aluminum foil inside)

Kraft paper/CPP (Eco friendly kraft paper optional)

We will recommend the suitable structures materials according to your product and uses.

Our packaging contains different properties, including moisture, oxygen, odor-barrier, and printing effects. You can choose which is best for you depending on the following points:

  • Price: The more layers in the structure, the more expensive, but the better the performance.
  • Product demand: if your packages require oil, light and air barrier or moisture.
  • Product weight: The heavier the product, the stronger the puncture-resistant and durable materials.

By contacting our customer service, we can send stock sizes to your reference. If you need the actual measurement, we can send you free stock samples for testing.

  • MOQ for gravure printing is according to the size of the bag you want, it usually needs 10,000 pieces.
  • MOQ for digital and screen printing has no limitations.

If you need the stock bag without printing, please click here to download the sizes we have in stock for retail.

  • 20-25 days for gravure printing, if the design is new, it will take another 7 days to produce the cylinder plates.
  • 10-15 days for digital and screen printing.

    Please note that the lead time is tentative as the artwork is still in process and for approval.


The AI, PDF or CDR format includes HD graphics with more than 300 pixels.

  • For small batch purchases from China, you may opt in for a convenient express delivery.
  • If you have mass production in China and have enough time to wait, we recommend you do the shipping to save the cargo.
  • If you are shopping in China for the first time or are a busy person, we offer door-to-door service by ship or plane. Please remember that the service also includes freight and import duties.

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