How Flat Bottom Pouches Help Coffee Brands Stand Out?

Flat Bottom Coffee Bag

Do you ever wonder about packaging that uses sustainable materials and is environmentally friendly? But at the same time provides high-quality product packaging to your products. You may even be thinking, is there such a thing? Due to the constant threat of plastic pollution, various innovations have been made to reduce our excessive use of plastic in product packaging. This is why flexible packaging for flat-bottom pouches is introduced to the market.

But what makes flat bottom pouch special in the world of flexible packaging

To answer the question, a flat bottom pouch is a five-sided standup pouch with a rectangular base. That uses less film but can hold more space for product packaging. The box look and multi-features make it stand out from the competing shelves.

Our flat bottom pouch here in Xiaoyu offers the best features of a quad-seal bag and a stand-up pouch.  Its distinctive design gives it an attractive appeal to customers and is great for product branding.

Also, Flat-bottom bags are a popular choice for many industries because of their ability to hold a large amount of product in terms of weight and volume while remaining visually attractive on the shelf. But guess what it doesn’t stop their flat bottom pouch has more to offer so keep on reading to find out more.

Three coffee packaging bags. Paper bags for coffee on sack full of coffee beans.

What Are The Functions Of A Flat Bottom Pouch:


Without the zip design then the customer cannot scoop out the coffee smoothly.

The flat-bottomed bag has a stable standing design. Adding a resealable zip to the flat bottom bag facilitates storage and access. Avoid accidental spillage of coffee grounds. This contributes to a positive customer experience. Promotes repeat purchases and spontaneous promotion.

We use compostable materials for the zips. Not only are they durable but they are also recyclable. You can choose to fix the zip in the bag. We can offer pocket zips in flat-bottom bags. This prevents accidental opening. Ideal for travel.

Hanging Holes

Hanging holes for hanging the bag. If there is not enough space on the shelf. The hanging holes prevent your coffee bags and another packaging from being crushed. Again, it creates a good display. If the package is large, a carry handle can be designed. This also makes it easier for the consumer to take it home.

Transparent Windows

When faced with an unfamiliar brand, increased interaction is an increased purchase. Imagine the consumer seeing fresh coffee beans through a transparent window in the shape of a coffee bean. What’s the next step? That would be to buy it.

The transparent design raises the curiosity of the customer. It increases the interaction between the brand and the consumer. It is a sign of confidence and responsibility on the part of the roaster.

Xiaoyupack’s team of designers will provide you with the most valuable advice. For example, the shape, position and size of the transparent window. You can even use light colours for the printing on the windows. We can present any design you can imagine.

De-aeration Valves

One-way degassing valves are common in the coffee industry. Especially for roasted coffee. The addition of a degassing valve to the coffee packaging removes carbon dioxide and prevents oxidation. Oxygen exposure can quickly cause your coffee to become stale.

To reduce the difficulty of recycling, we use compostable materials for the air valve. It can then be disassembled free of charge.

Laser Scored Tear Opening

Easy to tear and open. The rounded corners prevent accidental scratches.

Child-resistant Packaging

Thoughtful coffee packaging should take accidents into account. You can choose child-proof mylar bags. to prevent accidental spillage of coffee beans.

Customers do not expect children to spill coffee beans or coffee grounds on the floor. Especially on busy mornings.

And whole bean coffee can be a choking hazard for young children. It’s not just as easy as cleaning the floor anymore. This can turn a troublesome spill into a dangerous situation.

The stable structure of the flat bottom bag is less likely to tip over. Add a child-safe zip design. This reduces choking hazards and the risk of more mess.

What are the advantages of a flat-bottom bag?

Modern coffee bag packaging on drying coffee beans. Black coffee bag with gold. Product photography. Isolated on coffee beans. Profile view.

Good Display

The flat-bottomed bag can stand up stably. They stand up on the shelves. Supermarket shelves are crowded with all kinds of coffee. A perfect image when on display. The stand-up structure provides easy access. This makes consumers fall in love with the flat-bottom bag.

Fine coffee needs to work with distinctive packaging. An iconic look means a novel coffee experience. This includes memorable logos, unique images and high-quality digital printing. xiaoyupack’s team of designers choose the ideal bag style for you.

The flat bottom bag has a total of 5 print sides. Up to 12 colours can be printed. Plenty of space for your product information and graphic designs. Even the bottom can be added with a distinctive pattern. This is the easiest to overlook.

New Material designs

The use of film material offers even more advantages.

Film flat-bottom bags reduce material use. Flat-bottomed bags use more than 20% less material than traditional stand-up bags for the same volume. But offers greater capacity. The flexible bag is made of a heavy-duty barrier film. This protects the coffee inside the bag from moisture, odours, punctures and other hazards and contaminants. This allows the consumer to open the pack repeatedly. Because your coffee always stays fresh. The addition of a high-barrier film degassing valve prevents oxygen and carbon dioxide from affecting the flavour of ground coffee or whole bean products.

Different finishes allow compatibility with the film. Effects such as transparent designs, metallisation or aluminium foil.

Space Saving

The unique design of the flat-bottomed bags saves up to 15% of packaging material. These bags are known as eco-friendly bags. The product stays fresher for longer. The zip allows simple access and sealing operations. No need to roll up the liner bags.

Flat-bottom bags are an innovative alternative to folding cartons or corrugated boxes. Flexible packaging with a small footprint. It saves shelf space in supermarkets. The bag is tall but smaller in width than a stand-up bag. Flat-bottom bags can therefore save bakers money by reducing the cost of shelf space in supermarkets.

Provides Better Protection

Coffee stored in a flat bottom bag is protected from adverse factors such as crushing, impact, and temperature differences.

Environmentally friendly and cost-effective

We already know how harmful plastic packaging is to the environment. More and more roasters are turning to sustainable options. One such option is the flat-bottom bag.

Compared to other designs, flat-bottom coffee bags use less material to manufacture. They are also lightweight. They take up very little space. This means a lower carbon footprint when transporting. Transport and packing costs are reduced. This makes them a cost-effective option.

Customisable flat-bottom coffee bags

We offer two options for all our customers: stock bags and custom-printed bags.

We allow a free design service. If you want to change the colours and details of your design, digital printing can do that. Both high-definition and stunning reproduction effects are rendered.

Update your coffee bean packaging

Unusual print quality and reliable protection are the aims. Polyester film bags and cost-effective flat-bottom bags make you the hot spot. At xiaoyupack, we have a trendy and professional design team. We listen and understand your business needs.

You get the advantages of multi-SKU orders, minimum order quantities, fast delivery and much more. The flat bottom bags have a special shape. So consumers can easily distinguish between them. This makes it easier for companies to develop customer loyalty. You can also choose from green materials such as kraft paper, rice paper, LDPE and PLA.

Contact us today for flat-bottom packaging solutions.


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