How to measure the stand up pouch

When choosing the right bag size for your product. It is important to keep an eye on the height and volume of the product packaging. Your products volume plays a major role in choosing the right size for your stand up bag. For example, fine salt absorbs less volume than whole coffee beans. 

We recommend to always go one size larger to accommodate your product. This brings us to three metrics that could be helpful to find the exact size for your product. These three dimensions are the fillable area, the area above the zipper. When measuring the standup pouch, we need to take into consideration the length, width, and bottom gusset. 

Width: Measure the distance from the left edge of the bag to the right edge of the bag.                                                                                Length: Measure the distance from the bottom to the top of the bag.                                                                                                                  Bottom gusset:  Measure from the outer edge of the bag to the maximum depth of the lower when the bag is flat.

How to calculate the volume of stand up pouch

When choosing the appropriate size for your product, the interior of the bag plays a primary role, because the inner volume of the bag depends on whether it can hold your product.

Width factor: Considering that the left and right edges of the bag must be sealed to form a finished bag, the welding distance between each edge is 1 cm and the surfaces on both sides are 2 cm the width of the bag. If you do not consider them, it will affect your products whether it can successfully fit in the bag.

The length factor: The inner volume of the bag is decisive for the filling area of the bag, and length plays a decisive role in this. Normally there is a zipper, the actual filling area is below the zipper line to the bottom of the bag, and the space above the zipper is sealed by the brand after filling to prevent leaks during transport and storage. Of course, there are notches in the heat-sealed space and zippers so consumers can easily tear the bag, which is very important.

This heat-sealed surface is set at 2-3 cm depending on the length of the bag. We set our heat-sealed area at 2.5 cm for the pocket length of 12-30 cm. Multiple sets of 3 cm or more for the total length of the bag over 30 cm. This ensures the heat sealing surface is sealed on the heat seal. With no significant amount of bag length to be used. The total length of the bag is not the area that can be filled.
We have to summarize whether the bag size is suitable for your product. Consider the width and length of the filling area. Some people assume, for example, that the pocket size 12×20 cm fits their product 12×18 cm

One thing we need to be aware of is the width of the bag should be shorter than the length. We should not make them square but slim to put them on the shelves. The width should be more than 5 cm longer than the length.
Bottom fold factor: usually referred to as the lower gusset. When we measure its size, we normally measure its half-width of the bottom gusset. If it is flat and unfilled, we use a ruler from the edge of the bottom to the maximum depth of the fold. To get the exact measurement.

Its effect on the fillable area is not harmful, as the size of the bottom gusset is usually set at 3-6 cm and depends on the length of the bag. This is the only way the bag can have a more stable and attractive display.

With a bag length of less than 20cm, the width of the lower gusset should be 3cm.                                                                                          With a bag length of 20-25cm the width of the lower wedge should be 4cm.                                                                                                      For the bag length of 25cm-35cm, the width of the bottom gusset should be 5cm.                                                                                            For bag lengths above 35cm, the width of the bottom gusset should be above 6cm.