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Our responsibility is sustainable packaging

This Fact We Are Facing

We all know that plastic packaging has a negative impact on the environment. In response to that, we are proud to say that our flexible packaging is sustainable and recyclable. Reducing greenhouse gasses and extra energy consumption. Not only is it eco-friendly, but also budget-friendly. 


According to the FPA investigation report, the amount of food waste each year reaches 1.3B tons. It also includes 30% of unpreserved foods in the food waste. The Flexible packaging has a high-barrier and puncture resistant that can extend shelf life.

Food Waste Reduction

Flexible packaging is lightweight compared to other traditional packaging. It results with less fossil fuel usage, water use, and other energy. As an example, with the stand-up pouch uses 1/5 energy while a cardboard box uses 1/30 times energy than metallic can.


Flexible packages is not only good for the environment but for us as well. It but also reduces our carbon footprint and creates a healthier environment. As it can made of recycled waste material, it lessens the need for raw materials and does not end up in landfills waiting for thousands of years to degrade


       As a flexible packaging supplier, Xiaoyu pack supports the use of plastic materials. It has positive effects for the products, such as extending the shelf life of food. It also protects the products during transportation and brings huge marketing effects.     

      In response to sustainability, we strive further to improve the item to be recyclable. Both features and sustainability of the products and packages will be taken into consideration. Which is our original intention for our brand establishment.

Xiaoyu's Impact

Recyclable material

Our 100% recyclable mono material structure is available in different variants:

  1. The polypropylene woven  laminate bag offers tensile, puncture and barrier strength.

  2. Recyclable BOPP / CPP or PE/PE mono material structure for all formats that offer strength and barrier.

Compostable structure

Kraft paper/PLA is an innovative material structure which is best choice for sustainability. Its structure will break down to natural elements without leaving behind toxic residue in specific industrial or home conditions. But compared with traditional mixed plastic, it does not provide the same level of barrier and the strength.


PCR Plastic Material

Our post-consumer recycled film is from a recyclable plastic product. That has undergone sorting, special wash- cleaning, and reprocessing. It is then converted into our multi-layer flexible packaging. With a maximum ratio of 25% PCR material in each film layer. Reducing the consumption of non-renewable sources. While giving us barrier protection and tensile strength. That is, FDA food grade and BPA free approved.

Knowledge Guidance

Flexible packaging is the packaging that people cannot live without. Previously, post-consumer materials were basically landfill. As people’s environmental awareness continues to improve, but they don’t know how to change this situation. Xiaoyu will use our expertise to guide consumers how to deal with these post-consumer materials to reduce our carbon footprint.

Sustainable Features

Water-Based Ink

water-based ink is a 100% biodegradable pigment. It is more gentle than traditional printing inks. Also, it contains no toxic chemicals that make it less harmful to the environment. Water-based inks are only eco-friendly if used and disposed of responsibly.

Solventless Laminate

The solvent-free glue is eco-friendly, odorless, fast-drying, and keeps volatile which consumes less energy and odor pollution. Our laminator can run at speeds of up to 600 meters per minute to increase output. This also eliminates food safety risks and contaminations.

Resealable zipper

Our optional zippers that can be recycled are manufactured from PE or PP. The zipper material depends on the packing material of our innermost heat-sealing layer (PE or CPP). This supports the resealable bag and extends the shelf life.

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