Product Catalogue

Use our widely range flexible packaging solutions to grow rapidly with our customer brands.

Packaging Solution Provider

With different packaging production lines and experience in serving 50+ different industries, we provide one-stop packaging solutions according to customer requirements. Multi formats and materials solutions makes us the perfect packaging partner

Lay Flat Pouch

We used this type in most industries to provide various features and finishes.

Stand Up Pouch​

 One of the most popular and budget friendly types of bags on the market.

Box Pouch

High-end packaging solutions providing 5 graphic panels for branding enhancement.

Quad Seal Bag

It is one of the finest types of bags that combines shelf, use of  space and economy.

PP Woven Bag

Manufactured from 100% recyclable mono material, available in any size.

Roll stock

It is a popular bag type for light packaging and is accessible for pre-made roll

Retort Pouch

With this type we can cook directly inside under retort and sterilized.

Shaped pouch

To make your brand stand out on the shelf, various shapes are available.