How Competitive Is Shaped Coffee Packaging?

Packaging is the first step in customer awareness of a brand. A quality coffee bag can be a marketing tool for a company. This is no longer a secret. This means that the packaging must not only protect the product but also can attract consumers.

Needless to say, a good package can stimulate customer consumption and build emotional interaction.

You have many packaging types to choose from to package your fine coffee. One of the few unconventional packaging options is the shaped bag. It is a creative form of packaging. Offering versatility and depth of marketing potential. Roasters can create a unique shape for their brand.

Read on to learn more about the shaped bags for boutique coffee brands.

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Why Is The Shape Of Coffee Packaging Important?

For boutique coffee roasters, the packaging is the first point of contact the customer has with the product. It is the first advantage in deciding on a purchase.

This is why it is necessary for you to take the time to create the packaging. Make it stand out on a crowded shelf. If your product is not attractive enough, it will be buried in the crowd of competitors.

The average consumer has only nine seconds to make a choice. That’s why packaging must quickly catch the eye with its special highlights. And make a lasting impression on the customer. One of the most influential factors in the purchase decision is the shape of the packaging. Studies have shown that the shape of the coffee bag is an important tool for product differentiation and marketing promotion.

How Attractive Is Shaped Coffee Packaging

Shaped coffee packaging says one thing. Consumers are easily attracted to more unusual and uncommon designs. Using packaging that deviates from traditional shapes helps coffee stand out on the shelf.

Unique-shaped packaging can highlight your brand image. Structural advantages provide versatility. A stable structure prevents cracking of the adhesive surface. Packaging can also be made easier to use by adding convenience.

More and more bakers are realising the benefits offered by stand-up pouches. So to make a distinction, shaped bags are a way forward. Shaped coffee packaging is a new way to help companies stand out from the competition.

Shaped Packaging Can Be Fully Customised To Your Specifications. The Main Types Of Shaped Packaging Commonly Found On The Market Are

Convex pouches (ergonomic and easy to grip)

Hourglass-shaped bags (ideal for liquid drinks)

Shaped pouches with rounded corners

Shaped pouches with ergonomic handles

Squeezable pouches with a built-in nozzle shape (no need for accessories such as straws to access the product)

The Creative Potential Of Shaped Coffee Pouches

In some ways, shaped packaging is cost-effective. This is because its irregular shape saves on other aspects of the design. Shaped coffee packaging is the most creative potential of all types.

Many specialist roasters also like shaped packaging. They meet the needs of consumers by customising the shape. Quickly linking the design to the flavour of the coffee. Shapes can highlight the characteristics of the coffee. For example, the flavour, etc. This can even replace some descriptive information.

For example by reflecting the product through the design and colour of the shape. This can set off the customer’s imagination. For example, a coffee with a citrus flavour. It is packaged in the shape of an orange tangerine.

The shaped coffee bag makes the brand more creative. Efficiency is communicated by choosing a more simplified design. Specialist coffee roasters seize the opportunity to customise the shape to match their brand. This allowed the brand to take a share of the pie.

Display Effect

Shaped bags are a special type of stand-up bag. They, therefore, have the same stable structure. The corner gusset plates provide sufficient strength. This ensures that your packaging always stands up. They will not be crushed on crowded shelves.

Shape packs can be die-cut to prevent coffee from gathering in the corners of the bag. This is a popular manufacturing technique. It involves the use of moulds to cut the soft material into various packaging shapes.

Most shaped bags have a flexible and figurative structure. The customer can feel and touch the coffee through the packaging. This is what sets the shaped bag apart from other bags. A pre-purchase experience with a difference.

User-friendly Components

Shaped bags are often highly user-friendly. Roasters can choose from a range of additional components.

Degassing valves prevent oxidation and control the shape of the pack.

Rounded corners can be used to provide easy gripping.

Nozzles designed for beverages such as cold brew coffee.

Zips for easy access to the product.

Transparent window to increase interaction with the customer.

Other components such as built-in handles and tear slots provide additional convenience for the consumer.

Remarkably, these components can be made from recyclable, compostable materials. This means that the process of recycling is simplified. There is no need to disassemble the components.

Minimalist But Unique Style

Research shows that millennials prefer a minimalist style. Minimalist style may not be an advantage for plain packaging. But for shaped bags, it’s the icing on the cake.

The unusual size of the shaped bag allows professional bakers to reduce another branding. The information provided in this way is often more concise and easier to understand.

Many of today’s coffee bags are filled with colour and complex information. A simple design is more likely to attract attention.

Shaped bags give consumers a more impactful and lasting impression of the brand. Roasters can focus on the quality of their fine coffee.

Customisable Shaped Bags

Your idea of a design may already be the same as another brand. So it’s more challenging than ever to stand out on the shelf. Shaped bags offer an alternative to boutique coffee roasters. This offers a convenient, versatile and eye-catching coffee solution.

Shaped bags attract attention. They focus on reflecting the unique characteristics of the coffee inside. The unique format creates a clean, uncluttered bag. Appealing to a growing number of young coffee consumers.


Roasters who use traditional coffee bags need to spend time creating eye-catching visual designs. But using shaped bags can be a no-brainer. They rely on the unique format of their coffee packaging to attract attention and communicate brand connotations.

The shaped bag is different from the regular coffee bag. It offers a unique and eye-catching look. This means it’s more popular. More chance of standing out on the shelf.

Xiaoyupack is skilled in a wide range of in-house pouch processing equipment and die-cutting techniques. We can design and manufacture stylish and ergonomic shaped coffee bags.

Alternatively, you can choose to add additional components to create a user-friendly and convenient product. Contact us today for shaped packaging solutions.


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