4 Tips To Avoid Receiving The Odorless Coffee Bags

Have you ever experienced this situation? You ordered the coffee bag with joy. When the package arrives, you can smell a pungent smell before you open it. Before even approaching, he was attacked by a strong and unpleasant smell. That smell doesn’t even want to get close to the dog. Is this really a coffee bag? Is it really safe to hold coffee?

Many of my customers have reported to me that they have encountered this situation when ordering coffee bags in other homes. So they are glad to meet xiaoyupack. Our coffee bags are really odorless.

So how to choose a coffee package without a peculiar smell?

You should choose a manufacturer who is proficient in gravure printing technology.

Please continue to read the information about the taste of coffee packaging and how to choose coffee bags.

Here are four tips for choosing a coffee bag.

Obtain official testing compliance information

After you order packaging, you can ask your packaging supplier for a copy of whether your packaging meets food-grade standards. Different countries have different standards. For example, In European countries,it can be tested by SGS’s test standards. In the United States, there are FDA testing standards. Only when the package meets the testing standard can it meet the most basic requirements. To ensure that the packaging can be in direct contact with your coffee.

Choose high-quality and eco-friendly materials.

The coffee bags are in direct contact with coffee beans or coffee powder, you should select green packaging materials. Avoid purchasing coffee bags made of recycled plastic. Otherwise, the harmful substances will be transferred to coffee, which will endanger your health.

Smell with your nose.

As soon as you receive the coffee bag, take it to the ventilation place. Then try to smell if the package gives off some unpleasant smell. Coffee bags should be odor-free when they leave the factory. If you smell a bad smell, you’d better contact the merchant to return it.

Choose manufacturers with gravure printing technology.

Why must it be gravure printing? Because it can well avoid the smell problem of packaging. I will elaborate on two aspects: ink and glue.

1)We use odorless solvent-free glue. Solvent-free glue is used with a solvent-free laminator. It can provide firm lamination and peeling firmness of different layers of materials. And the surface of the bag will be flatter and there will be no bubbles protruding. (like acne on the skin, which greatly affects the appearance)

We will regularly check the aging of the compound machine. Because if the machine is aging, it will lead to glue overflow. This will affect the adhesion and beauty of the bag.

2)We adopt the multi-layer composite bag-making process, and the number of films exceeds two layers. Gravure printing can solve the odor problem by storing ink between films. Flexo printing and screen printing can only print ink on the surface of the bag. This causes the odor to stay around the bag.

What are we using?

We would like to focus on the high-quality water-based ink we use.

It is eco-friendly.

Water-based ink is certified by the environmental protection department. This kind of printing ink is very environment-friendly. Because it is extracted from soybean oil. Soybean oil, a renewable resource, is used to replace the increasingly depleted mineral oil. So, it is very conducive to the sustainable development of the environment. At the end of recycling, it will also return to nature. 

It is volatile.

During the ripening process of the production process, the smell of the ink will volatilize in a high-temperature environment. So you won’t let the strong smell of ink surround your bag all the time.

Its ingredients are safe and harmless.

The content of heavy metals in water-based ink is low. Xiaoyupack’s coffee packaging has passed the SGS food-grade heavy metal detection standard. Poor quality ink will not only give off a bad smell. Even the excessive heavy metals in the ink will penetrate your coffee through the plastic film. This will seriously affect human health. Therefore, our coffee packaging is a safe and healthy choice.

Packaging printed with water-based ink can provide more durable patterns.

Prints will not scratch or fade so easily. As long as your bag is intact, the pattern on it can hold.


The smell of coffee bags is one of the direct reasons that hinder consumers’ choices. Therefore, we carefully choose packaging materials and use the healthiest ink and glue. The above conditions are matched with gravure printing. Finally, we got a very original coffee bag. It is our rigorous production process that has reaped so many repeat customers. After you use it, you will only smell the aroma of your coffee.

Do you want the coffee bag to give off only the aroma of coffee? Welcome to call us to obtain your ordering scheme.


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