Can 1 kg (35 oz) Of Bags Of Coffee Be A Selling Option For Roasters?

Sizing coffee bags is one way to increase sales. Therefore, choosing the right size bag for roasted coffee can be tricky. The size of the bag can affect the freshness of the coffee. In turn, it affects the customer’s experience. Too large a package can be wasteful. A size that is too small is relatively expensive.

Knowing in advance the results of selling 1 kg (35 oz) bags of coffee can provide better business decisions. This is a shortcut for roasters and coffee shop owners. Read on to find out if you choose to sell 1 kg (35 oz) bags of coffee.

Why Do Many Roasters Choose To Sell Larger Sizes?

A 350g (12oz) coffee bag has long been the standard in many places. But this standard may well not apply. Because modern people are consuming more and more coffee. For those who drink more than one cup of coffee a day, 350 grams is not enough.

The potential benefits of selling 1 kg (35 oz) bags of coffee are numerous. It is with the following in mind that they make the decision.

High Demand

The default is that 350g of coffee is the standard. But it turns out that 1 kg (35 oz) of coffee is more in demand.

Millennials are consuming even more coffee. According to one study, a one-kilogram pack is practical and effective. In the US, 75% of coffee drinkers, drink at least two cups a day. This means that a good number of people drink three or even four cups. The standard amount of 350g is then not enough for them.

If coffee brands have such consumers, then a 1 kg bag of coffee may be an effective product.

A Value-For-Money Option

Regardless of the world’s circumstances, people have not given up the quest for fine coffee.

But because of various factors, coffee is becoming more expensive. For example, war, bad weather, labor shortages, etc. This is when a 1kg coffee is probably the best value for money. For customers who want to continue to enjoy specialty coffee without the usual price tag.

Stock Up To Prevent Coffee Prices From Going Up

The price of coffee is not always the same because of various factors. It may be due to the increased cost of packaging materials. It could also be that coffee production becomes less due to the weather.

The large packs of coffee can be used to stock up. Consumers don’t have to worry about higher prices. And we use more barrier materials. This prevents a lot of coffee from losing its flavor.

Packaging Costs Are Relatively Low

Roasters have higher labor costs to consider. If they pack a 350g volume of coffee. Although this is standard for some customers. But it tends to cost more. Companies need extra labor to print labels, assemble bags and grind and pack the coffee.

Grinding increases the surface area of the coffee and its rate of degassing and oxidation. It also shortens the life of the coffee. Unless the roaster invests in an expensive coffee machine.

A 1 kg (35 oz) bag is an advantage. as they are usually filled with whole beans. Whole bean products encourage customers to explore the delights. Coffee tastes better when it is ground by the customer himself. Customers can choose how to grind their coffee.

Also, the availability of whole beans is suitable for a wider range of brewing methods.

Close up roasted coffee bean in white cup and paper zipper bags on wooden background display in glass window at coffee shop for retail.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Selling 1 kg (35 oz) Bags Of Coffee?

There are many advantages to selling large quantities of coffee. However, there are still obstacles that cannot be avoided. There are the following restrictions that you should be aware of.

The Choice Of Packaging Material Is More Demanding

Millennials and conscious consumers are increasingly concerned about how their buying choices affect the planet. More people are looking for ethical packaging products made from biodegradable or compostable materials.

For companies materials such as kraft paper and rice paper are effective and inexpensive.

Consumers, do not offer as much barrier protection as materials such as LDPE and PE.

As a result, roasters may forgo packaging sustainability for the sake of coffee freshness. xiaoyupack offers foolproof coffee packaging. The packaging has both biodegradable materials and high-barrier performance protection.

Coffee Loses Its Freshness More Quickly

Coffee starts to lose its life from the moment it is roasted. This is because it comes into contact with oxygen to a great extent. Therefore larger packages of coffee lose some of their quality before they are brewed.

Some consumers choose to freeze it to slow down the deterioration. But repeatedly opening the bag makes this ineffective. Companies can educate consumers to grind only the amount of coffee for a single serving. And keep the coffee in a cool, dry place.

Also, resealable options and air valves are effective. This can help lock in freshness. By doing so, consumers can extend the life of their coffee.

Choose The Size According To The Needs Of Different Customers

The choice of a 1kg coffee bag should be based on practicalities. It depends on the business needs of the brand.

Coffee companies should explore their own customer needs. For example, issue a questionnaire to get consumers’ opinions. You can encourage them to participate and stay tuned.

You should choose the size that creates the least amount of waste. More importantly, regardless of the size, quality materials are important. Adding a one-way valve and zip can provide strong barrier protection. This can help to prolong the freshness of the coffee. The customer’s sense of experience can determine whether they make repeat purchases.

Roasters can encourage consumers to buy smaller quantities. If they can’t drink it all before the coffee goes bad.

Working With A More Experienced Packager

At xiaoyupack, we keep up with consumer demand trends. This is ultimately reflected in your packaging. The right packaging gives you lots of sales and visibility.

We offer a range of sustainable multi-layer coffee bags in different sizes. These packaging options are moisture-proof, oxygen-proof, and protected from UV rays. They also offer complete recyclability. We also offer compostable degassing valves and zipped, recyclable labels.

Please understand to contact us for more information on 1kg coffee bags. You’ll get a customized packaging solution faster.


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