Corrugated Wall Takeaway Cups to Benefit Your Coffee Business

Warm coffee warms people’s stomachs. But no one wants to be scalded. The permanence of the temperature is part of the experience. It determines how people perceive your fine coffee. It’s not just about the flavour of the coffee.

For coffee takeaway orders, cup packaging is important. Corrugated wall takeaway cups are a type of disposable coffee cup. This unique design is not just about providing aesthetics. It can perform a special function. For example by keeping the coffee warm for a long time. This facilitates the customer to enjoy the ultimate coffee taste.

You need to know that temperature is also part of the taste of the coffee. Read on in today’s article. Find out more about the economic benefits of corrugated wall takeaway coffee cups.

The Necessity Of Paper Cup

People are aware of the serious problems posed by plastic packaging. This has led to the phasing out of Styrofoam and plastic disposables. Out of concern for the environment, various industries are seeking environmentally friendly alternatives.

Coffee merchants around the world are subject to a ban on single-use plastics. More roasters and cafes are using sustainable alternatives.

fresh hot coffee in paper brown container with seeds

What Are Corrugated Wall Takeaway Coffee Cups?

Sustainable paper cups are being used to provide takeaway operations. However, there is a problem with this. Paper does not perform well in terms of insulation. So how do you make it work for brewing hot coffee? A double-layer mug can do the trick. The truth is that most businesses are turning to double cups to serve. xiaoyupack can add a cup sleeve to your cup. This provides a comfortable grip for the consumer.

The Principle Of Corrugated Wall Coffee Cups

The ripple wall takeaway cup consists of a standard paper cup. The ripple-shaped outer layer is made of corrugated cardboard. The gap between the cup and the corrugated cardboard forms a cushion of air. This forms a barrier. This helps to keep the heat out of the cup.

Keeping the heat ≠ keeping it hot.

The ridges of the corrugated cup can be extended. This slows the heat loss from the coffee to insulate the cup. If this is achieved, it can eliminate the need for a cup sleeve. The corrugated structure provides friction. The consumer can also hold the coffee with ease.

Three identical light brown cardboard takeaway coffee cups with black lids in a row on reflective black table against black wall

Principle Of Manufacture

The manufacturing process of the corrugated wall recyclable cup is very simple.

First, the paper roll is branded. The corrugated paper is then cut into corrugated outer sheets.

Next, it is glued to a single wall paper cup. The ripples on the cup can run vertically, horizontally or in an S-shape. We can offer full-colour printing and personalisation on its surface. This means showing off your brand.

This type of coffee mug is available in a variety of colour sizes. The most popular is a brown cup with a black lid. Imagine you are standing in front of a clear window in an office building. The hand with the watch holds a coffee cup with the class.

The Benefits Of Using Ripple Wall Takeaway Coffee Cups

More coffee merchants are investing in ripple wall takeaway coffee cups. This can offer a variety of benefits to roasters and café owners alike. Please continue to explore the unknown surprises.

Three identical light brown cardboard takeaway coffee cups with black lids in a row on reflective black table against black wall

Keep Your Coffee Warm

Keeping coffee at the ideal temperature is crucial. A large number of consumer studies have shown that temperature is one of the factors in customer perception of aroma and flavour.

When the coffee is poured into the coffee cup. It begins to continue cooling at a slow rate. This means that the coffee loses its taste. You should pay attention to the choice of takeaway cup.

Corrugated wall cups are made of corrugated cardboard. This cardboard consists of three layers of thick paper. The middle layer is fluted. The insulation of the cup is improved by trapping air between each layer. The rate of heat transfer to the outside is reduced. This helps to prolong the time it takes for heat to pass from the hot drink to the outside.

Reduced Chance Of Accidents

Fragile paper cups can break or leak when encountering boiling coffee. This creates the potential for burns. If the coffee cup is too weak, the consumer cannot reach the cup directly. It is too hot to withstand this heat.

Corrugated wall cups are of very sturdy quality. In some cases, they may have a strength similar to that of wood. The grooves in the corrugated wall cups are aligned vertically to reinforce each layer. What’s more, the thickness of the three layers means that corrugated wall cups are less likely to leak at the joints. In contrast, this problem is commonly seen with single-walled cups.

High Environmental Friendliness

Bio-based disposable cups made from paper and cardboard use less fossil fuel than disposable plastics made from polypropylene (PP) and polyethene terephthalate (PET).

Xiaoyupack produces paper takeaway cups lined with bioplastics rather than plastic. These bioplastics include materials such as polylactic acid (PLA). It is produced by allowing bacteria to ferment natural starches such as corn and sugar cane into hydroxy acids. The PLA coating has no smell or odour. And it is resistant to high temperatures. This makes it work well with hot coffee.

Less Coffee Waste

It is a common belief that reheating coffee leads to a reduction in flavour. And it turns out that reheating coffee does cause it to release more of the bitter volatile organic compounds. This leads to an unpleasant taste. As a result, cold coffee is often discarded.

Investing in corrugated wall takeaway cups keeps coffee drinkable for longer. This reduces coffee waste and increases customer satisfaction.

Reduce Packaging Costs

Businesses need to save money. Investing in ripple wall cups means that businesses can eliminate accessories such as cup sleeves. You can invest the cost into a variety of cup sizes. But using single-wall cups means that roasters and café owners have to invest more.

Three carton paper cups in row isolated on right side of rustic wooden table

Things To Consider Before Investing In Ripple Wall Coffee Paper Cups

The environment is still an issue that we should take seriously. Paper cups are environmentally friendly. While ripple wall coffee cups are made from corrugated paper, it is important to be aware of the right way to recycle them. Otherwise, they usually end up in landfills or need to be incinerated.

But you can choose to have the recycling printed directly on the mug. Roasters can direct customers to a dedicated local collection and recycling point for these cups.

You can encourage customers to return empty cups by offering discounts. This means ensuring that the cups are properly recycled And that they don’t end up polluting the local area.

Choose A Coffee Packaging Supplier That Supplies Sustainable Ripple Wall Takeaways

At xiaoyupack, we can offer you a one-stop service. From the design of your cup to the printing and delivery of various sizes. You can get 100% compostable takeaway cups made from PLA and kraft paper. Freedom to choose from a variety of different sizes. The resulting coffee cups are highly resistant to heat, abrasion and water.

Our design team can customise takeaway cups to suit your brand. A boutique coffee mug can increase your customers’ goodwill. This helps to help showcase your business and the quality of your coffee. If this interests you, contact us today for a bespoke takeaway cup solution.


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