Flexible Packaging Has More Advantages Than Hard Packaging

Today, you can find flexible packaging on every shelf.  Some people choose it for sustainable development. Someone is for convenience.

In short, flexible packaging has more and more advantages for people to choose it.

I will explain the six advantages of flexible packaging for you in brief.

Foldable And Easy To Carry.

Rigid packaging such as boxes or cans is known for its strength. Do not bend at ease. Except for home storage, it may be inconvenient in other cases. Even at home, if you want coffee, you need to dig it out with a spoon and wash it. It’s inconvenient for lazy people.

The result of packaging innovation is to provide consumers with meaningful things. So, the existence of flexible packaging should make the buyer’s life easier.

We can bend flexible packaging at will. Hold the bag and you can pour out the coffee. If you want to travel or bring coffee to the office, fold it up and put it in your bag. It takes up very little space.

When you buy, you will also consider the weight and choose flexible packaging coffee.

Effective Use Of Occupied Space And High Transportation Efficiency

Flexible packaging occupies less space than rigid packaging because of its flexibility. Moreover, rigid packaging such as cans will increase transportation cost.  Flexible packaging is lighter than that a rigid one. It means that you can load more quantities of flexible packaging on trucks. Thus, the time of round-trip transportation is shorter and you can save on the cost of vehicles.

We can also know it. In the limited shelf space, more products can be placed in soft packaging. Reduce the difficulty of placement and make it more convenient for customers to take it. If it is rigid packaging (such as cans), it may get stuck on the shelf, which reduces the desire to buy.

If it is coffee in glass bottles, it is more possible to break up bottles than bags during transportation. No one wants to open the package with joy and see broken glass and messy coffee. Aluminum cans can also burst and crumple.

According to relevant data, the space occupied by 30 cans is about the same as that occupied by 850 bags. In contrast, flexible packaging can reduce weight by more than 80%. For coffee of the same weight, flexible packaging requires less space.

Strong sealing And Prolonging The Shelf Life.

Now flexible packaging is getting better and better. Its sealing performance is no less than that of rigid packaging.

Flexible packaging cannot remain rigid all the time. But it provides a way to lock the freshness after opening. Flexible packaging enables resealability. Seal through a nozzle, sealing zipper, and tear opening. The sealing conditions extend the shelf life of the product.

Besides, if you have other needs, we can also customize them according to your specific needs.

How does flexible packaging preserve? Sealed packaging protects food from environmental factors such as sunlight, temperature, and moisture. Provides excellent barrier. Prevent food from heating, odor, or oxidation. So about extending the shelf life of perishable products. It saves money in a sense.

Reducing food decay can reduce waste and global greenhouse gas production. Manufacturers and retailers prefer choosing flexible packaging to win the favor of consumers. It also helps them reduce costs.

It Has Enough Strength And Various Sizes

Sharp objects may break flexible packaging.  We chose the most durable material to make coffee bags. Each coffee bag has many layers. The more film layers, the more secure the packaging and can prevent tampering.

Flexible ones are less likely to be damaged during transportation. Strong and durable bags reduce the chance of damage during transportation or supply. Not easy to damage and also helps to protect the appearance and design.

The advantage of flexible packaging material is that it has various sizes and styles. From small retail packages to huge dog food bags.   Besides, the flexible package size can display your brand pattern in an all-around way.  Easy bending and stretching also provide business opportunities for many manufacturers. Today’s innovative technology allows you to get high-definition patterns.

If you are interested, you can refer to xiaoyupack’s products.

Eco-friendliness And Easy To Recycle

There is a growing awareness of sustainability. So, people prefer flexible packaging. Environmental issues also reflect the brand image. Considering environmental protection and consumer preferences, we choose to produce flexible packaging.

For coffee with the same weight, rigid packaging consumes more materials. And it can not make use of its space. As a result, it

leads to more waste of materials. It reflects that flexible packaging is an economic choice.

At the same time, it is more friendly to the environment. Eco-friendliness brands can reduce the burden on customers. Flexible packaging produces less carbon footprint.

Considering the environment, consumers and manufacturers, flexible packaging is the best choice.

Innovative Packaging To Highlight The Brand.

We can provide customized printing for flexible packaging of any size. Like when you mention orange, you think of Hermes. If people mention a pattern or logo, they can think of your brand. Then you win. This is a competitive advantage.

You can use your imagination or design drawings according to market demand. We can also make a package that can be hung on the nail display rack.

Packaging can show the image of a brand. Consumers’ first impression of your coffee packaging is the packaging. If your packaging pattern is clear enough, consumers will not hesitate to pay. After all, the packaging is also the reason for affecting product sales.

Besides, convenient standing is also one of the advantages of flexible packaging bags. This is due to the flexibility of materials. We will more convenient and practical bag types. Rigid bags are unlikely. It will cost quite a lot.

The recently launched digital printing also has many advantages. Compared with traditional printing, it consumes less energy. You can also use short print to reduce inventory and costs. Flexible packaging provides flexibility for design changes. The turnaround time is also shorter. All these can bring your products to market.

Digital printing can provide high-definition patterns, making your packaging full of attraction. Attract consumers and enhance competitiveness.

Welcome To Call xiaoyupack.

If you don’t have a clue, we can also provide our design. Our bags are available in a variety of options, including natural kraft paper, smooth black or white kraft paper. There are also windowed coffee bags to help the exhibition of product status. You can also choose the texture of matte.

Do you want to know more? As a packaging industry with ten years of service experience, we will provide you with the most cost-effective solution. This is why xiaoyupack has many repeat customers.

Xiaoyupack provides you with online consultation. The order is quick to match the most appropriate mode of transportation for you. Welcome to call us or click here for a free quote for more information!


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