What Are The Advantages Of Side Gusset Bags As Coffee Packaging?

The flexibility and versatility of the side gusset bags make them stand out quickly. They are lightweight and cost-effective. A large amount of space and strength makes the side-gusseted coffee bag ideal for long transport times. More and more boutique coffee roasters are realizing the benefits.

Read on to find out what a side gusset bag is and its advantages.

What Is A Side Gusset Bag?

A side gusset is a piece of material added to a package. It is a flat piece of material that can be folded and has a certain degree of stiffness. It is used to increase the space and flexibility of the packaging. When filled with coffee, the folded flat sheet opens up. When combined with the base, the package can stand on its own. This allows the whole package to be placed upright. Side gusseted bags offer a sturdy and spacious packaging option for coffee.

Advantages Of Side Gusset Bags


Side gusset bags are portable. Consumers can easily take them with them when traveling or to the office. This is due to the collapsible nature of the packaging structure.

Takes up less space

Side gusset bags are a type of flexible packaging. And it has been proven that flexible coffee bags take up less space compared to rigid packaging.

Holds more volume

You now know what the side gusset does. It allows the coffee bag to take up more volume and space. The bag expands when the coffee is filled, thus allowing the bag to hold more filling volume.

Alternatively, the baker can choose to add another base. This allows the package to stand. And holds more coffee beans.


The easy-filling feature saves time and effort. It can increase the efficiency of the roaster’s operations.

Cost savings

The initial price of side gusset bags is very affordable. However, the price depends on the size, shape, color, and design of the bag. These bags are extremely low maintenance and transport costs.


Side gusseted coffee bags are puncture-resistant. They can resist adverse elements during long transport journeys. They also form a strong barrier film. They block UV rays and resist moisture and oxygen. This helps to prevent the coffee from spoiling.

As a result, the side gusset bags can preserve the coffee for longer without showing any signs of damage.

Ensuring freshness

Make sure that the person who opens the bag again after the roaster has filled it with coffee is the consumer. The horizontal heat seal at the top or bottom of the bag will remain airtight until it is opened.

The side gusset bag has excellent sealing strength. It will prevent your coffee from spilling and keep it fresh. They can be equipped with a tin tie. For easy storage and use.

To prevent coffee from losing its freshness, consider using a degassing valve. This ensures that consumers enjoy their coffee in optimum condition. A degassing valve is a one-way vent. It allows carbon dioxide to escape and prevents oxygen from entering. This prevents the coffee from spoiling. It also eliminates the risk of the bag bursting due to a build-up of carbon dioxide.

Sustainable side gusset coffee bags

The pouches can be made from a range of sustainable materials. From kraft paper and polylactic acid (PLA) to rice paper and low-density polyethylene (LDPE). This reduces waste in landfill. In addition to this, the production of side gusset bags does not consume much heat. This leads to a reduction in greenhouse gases such as greenhouse gas emissions. The used bags can also be recycled and reused. This reduces the overall waste after use.

Attractive design

The side gusset bags with transparent windows provide customers with an unambiguous purchasing decision.

They also offer a large flat surface. And the pockets add extra print space. This gives coffee companies more opportunities to communicate their brand message and connect with their customers.

Choose A Sustainable Coffee Packaging Specialist

Side gusset bags offer roasters an affordable and effective service. Allowing you to store more coffee using less material. We offer different sizes and bespoke designs. Ensuring you end up with a packaging solution you are happy with. Work with the coffee packaging experts.

We use innovative digital printing technology. Delivering sustainable coffee packaging. We offer minimum order quantities. And allow for short-term supply for you.

Xiaoyupack has helped roasters around the world choose the perfect packaging for their brands and coffee products. Let us guide you to the next step in choosing the perfect packaging to meet your needs.


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