7 Reasons Why Your Coffee Brand Should Fall In Love With Roll Stock

Many market researchers show that the flexible packaging market will continue to flourish. According to the 2019 flexible packaging market assessment of the packaging and Processing Technology Association PMMI, flexible packaging accounts for 19% of the whole packaging market and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.9% by 2023. The evaluation criteria include strong material, ease of use, affordability, etc.

This prediction includes various forms of flexible packaging. This includes roll stock. According to decades of experience from food processing experts, one of the most effective ways to produce flexible packaging is to use roll stock.

Please continue to read this article and you will learn more about what roll stock is and what its advantages are.

What is roll stock?

This is a general term in flexible packaging, which refers to the engineering film used in forming filling sealing packaging machines.

The coil packaging consists of a laminated film in a long continuous sheet with a strong cardboard core in the middle, which is suitable for your equipment. Rollstock is versatile. It provides full coverage through airtight and moisture-proof seals. You can easily print text and graphics for your brand, ingredients, and more label details you need. And you can choose a variety of colors and thicknesses according to your needs.

Reasons for choosing roll stock

Powerful functionality – focus on protecting your coffee

Roll stock can design the packaging according to the sensitivity of coffee to oxygen, moisture, light, and other factors and the physical strength required to protect coffee beans. After all, the most important thing in a package is that the contents are always fresh.

Xiaoyupack uses very strong materials to make roll stock, which can prevent the entry of oxygen. And like other vertical coffee bags, it can prevent ultraviolet rays and moisture from entering, thus prolonging the shelf life of coffee.

Freshness is one of the key factors for products to win.

The production speed of roll stock is fast

Compared with the manufacture of preformed bags, more packages can be produced per minute using the coil on the forming filling sealing machine. Therefore, roll stock has a faster manufacturing turnaround time.

In today’s market, you should understand that the competition is very fierce, so faster speed is the magic weapon to win. When you are trying new products, using roll stock can improve the efficiency of testing

Roll stock can improve production efficiency and reduce production costs

Compared with other packaging types, your investment in roll stock is much less. If you are producing a large product, you can consider producing roll stock. Because the forming and sealing machine produces less waste, roll stock can reduce the production cost. You should also consider roll stock. If you are a small company that brings products to the market, it is very important to save money after all.

In addition to the functionality of the packaging required by the product, roll stock has a variety of colors and styles. Therefore, it can meet the needs of large-scale packaging very economically. After all, you don’t need to worry about the material cost of the product, which is very cheap.

Customizable – professional and compelling look

There is a wide range of products on the shelves. One of the reasons for this phenomenon is the diversity of packaging. Therefore, it is very important for the brand to stand out through packaging.

Roll stock can provide a high-quality appearance without wasting packaging materials and time.

The bright colors and clarity of rotogravure printing on web paper are unparalleled. It can integrate function and a beautiful appearance. Show high-quality patterns and provide high reference realism.

More importantly, xiaoyupack can add repeatable sealing zippers to your roll stock, regardless of the size of the package. This can further lock the freshness of the coffee.

Roll stock has strong flexibility

Because the speed of producing roll stock is very fast. Therefore, it can replenish your inventory in time. High-quality, multicolor printing of the most complex designs and colors. We also include special finishes, such as matte or soft touch, to add a unique look and feel to your roll film. Coil packaging provides a quality and professional look and feels without wasting material, time, or money.

Roll stock is more suitable for aseptic processing

Roll stock’s material is easier to disinfect through an oxide bath. Therefore, it is more suitable for aseptic processing. This means that the bag is safer, in direct contact with coffee, and more friendly to coffee. The prefabricated bag cannot be achieved because of the difficulty of disinfection, which also means that the corner of the prefabricated bag may not be fully disinfected.

Selection of environmentally friendly packaging

Compared with hard packaging, roll stock as flexible packaging is a more sustainable choice. Roll stock uses fewer materials and uses less energy in the production process, which means that it will produce less carbon footprint in production. Coupled with the fast production speed of roll stock, the resources that will be wasted in the production process are reduced.

Therefore, roll stock is a sustainable packaging choice.

What you need to know about coiled material:

Outer circumference

It is very important for us to ensure that the coil is perfectly placed on the forming, filling, and sealing machine. The outer circumference is the outer diameter of the whole coil and the center of the paperboard. If this component in stock is larger than the appropriate size, the coil may be too heavy or not suitable for the FFS machine. Even if it can be operated on, it will be a headache.


This is the cylindrical central part of the drum, which is made of ordinary paperboard and hollow in the middle. In order to be suitable for most forming, filling, and sealing machines, the core thickness of the coil should be between 3 and 6 inches.


This determines the direction in which the laminated film on the coil falls off. The design of the forming, filling, and sealing machine will help to determine what kind of rewinding is required for proper operation. This is a factor that should not be ignored.


This term refers to the width of the laminated film on the coil.


These are visual cues placed regularly to provide instructions on when to take actions, including sealing, cutting, folding, inserting valves, etc., to the forming, filling, and sealing machine through the electronic “eyes”.


Xiaoyupack has been focusing on seeking production methods to reduce environmental pollution and sustainable packaging materials. Therefore, roll stock is among our choices. In addition, we can add more accessories to roll stock if you need them. For example, you can reseal the zipper or others. Tell me what you think and I’ll provide you with a solution.

In xiaoyupack, you will find the best packaging. We use green materials, which will meet your needs. We are committed to creating consumer-friendly products and enhancing your brand.

We are committed to providing the best and most popular coffee bags in the market today. And we will be completely satisfied with any type of flexible packaging or custom-made bags you need for a successful business.

If you want more information about how to roll stock can help your coffee brand grow, you can contact us. We will provide you with the most suitable customized packaging solution.


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