Benefits Of Eco-friendly Ink To Coffee Bags

The printing industry flourished with the popularity of coffee. At the same time, global warming is also going on. Packaging and printing have become one of the largest energy consumption industries in the world. Consumers and business owners are more and more aware of the environment. And they are willing to pay extra prices for sustainable packaging. This is a test for packaging suppliers.

Excellent coffee packaging can not only prolong the freshness of coffee beans. But it also makes your coffee brand stand out among competitors. As a professional in the coffee packaging industry, xiaoyupack strives to be sustainable in detail in the whole process of production and packaging.

This not only means that we choose environmentally friendly materials. But we also take into account factors you can’t see. Such as the choice of environmentally friendly inks.

Please continue to read today’s article. You will understand the harm of petroleum-based ink and the positive role of environmentally friendly ink.

Why do we attach so much importance to the choice of ink?

It is not enough to choose only sustainable packaging materials. Traditional petroleum-based inks will affect the sustainability of packaging and fall short. In fact, the ink is attached to the surface of the package, and we can’t see it, which is easy to ignore. In the whole life cycle of packaging, ink exists and is difficult to remove. And harmful ink is difficult to recycle, it will certainly bring harm to the environment.

In the face of you and your competitors’ coffee brands, sustainability is an opportunity for consumers to make choices. You must ensure that all products are sustainable, including inks. This is the key factor.

A series of problems caused by the use of petroleum-based inks

In the past few years, petroleum-based inks were widely popular because of their fast drying and low price. Many traditional inks on the market are petroleum-based. That is, some mineral oils containing metallic pigments are used. These inks usually contain mercury and are extracted from crude oil. This means that extracting ink requires a lot of energy and the cost of ink is high.

The evaporation of alcohol and oil in the ink during the drying process will release volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This will result in smoke, ozone, and other climate problems. When traditional ink packaging is used for biodegradation, these oils and pigments will not be degraded, resulting in waste pollution to the environment. Moreover, in the long run, human health will be harmed.

What is environmentally friendly ink?

Environmentally friendly inks are made from completely renewable resources rather than petroleum. Therefore, environmentally friendly inks are more competitive in cost. And when recycling, the ink is easy to fall off the paper, so its price is cheaper.

Types and advantages of sustainable inks

1. Ultraviolet rays(UV)ink

UV ink is a curable screen printing ink, which can be quickly converted to a dry state. This means that UV inks do not contain solvents that evaporate during the curing phase. And so it do not produce volatile harmful organic compounds. In fact, the drying process is a photochemical reaction through the irradiation of a UV lamp, which is the result of the interaction between the components of ink and UV. In this process, almost no ink is absorbed into the pulp. Moreover, the UV lamp we use is energy-saving.

Experiments show that UV ink can produce clearer pattern contrast and excellent stain resistance. At the same time, it can maintain the consistency and durability of products.

2. Water-based ink

Water-based inks do not contain petroleum-based solvents. So they will not produce harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC). At the same time, it will not be affected by oil resources, which means reducing energy consumption and waste. However, the cost of water-based ink is often higher, because it takes a longer time to dry and requires relatively expensive production equipment. However, the volume of ink in coffee packaging is so small that you can save ink by choosing a simple design.

3. Soy-based and petroleum-based inks

Plant-based and soybean-based inks are completely biodegradable. Soybean-based inks come from soybean oil. While plant-based inks are made from a mixture of renewable resources. Such as flax, safflower, and rapeseed. Therefore, the extraction of ink comes from renewable resources rather than petroleum-based. This can reduce energy waste and show higher cost-effectiveness.

This kind of ink can not only show more environmental protection. But it also provides accurate and bright colors. This is guaranteed for the quality and effect of the packaging. Moreover, it is non-toxic and harmless and can be safely used in coffee packaging.

In addition, vegetable inks are thinner, making them more transparent. So fewer pigments are needed to achieve the same color intensity. When recycled, it can be easily degraded and then returned to nature.

Consumers’ requirements for ink have increased

The consumption group of coffee is becoming younger. And the millennial generation has gradually become the largest coffee consumption group in the world. Moreover, they have a stronger awareness of environmental protection and are willing to pay more for it.

But this does not mean that we can ignore the quality of the packaging itself. Xiaoyupack takes environmental protection as the basic standard of packaging. And then continuously innovates and upgrades the overall packaging level. Every part of the package, including ink, is particularly critical to the overall sustainability.

Choose the right packaging, You will know its advantages over other products

Your enterprise’s use of environmentally friendly ink for green printing is an action for both consumers and the environment. It is our aim to reduce the waste and organic compounds produced by packaging in production and recycling.

Cooperate with us, you will get excellent packaging after many times of quality screening and detailed answers. For your ecological goals, our packaging is FCS/PEFC certified. Using recyclable coffee bags can let your customers know that you are listening to their demands. In the short term, this will help improve your brand image. In the long run, your choice plays an important role in the healthy environment of the earth.

Seek partners with common goals

Welcome partners who also pursue green products and environmental protection concepts to come to us. It is necessary but not enough for you to cultivate coffee beans carefully. And this carries out sustainable planting. Thus, we provide you with sustainable coffee bags to improve the overall sustainability of our products.

If you want to know more about sustainable ink and environmentally friendly packaging, please contact us. We have decades of rich experience in packaging services. And we will put it into practice in many customers’ coffee bags. They all have good feedback on our products. And the experienced xiaoyupack team will provide you with effective guidance.


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