8 Advantages Of Stand-Up Bag For Coffee Packaging

Stand Up Coffee Bag With Valve

Coffee packaging comes in all shapes and styles. However, one of the most popular choices among roasters is the stand-up coffee bag. Stand-up pouches have always had a good track record when it comes to coffee packaging.

Stand-up pouches provide roasters with a flexible and comprehensive brand presentation. The stable bottom provides a base to support the display. The zip adds to the price of the stand-up pouch. This provides the consumer with ease and convenience of use. Not only that but there are air valves and clear windows. And the reason for its growing popularity is that people are discovering its environmental benefits.

Read on to find out how stand-up pouches can benefit professional coffee roasters.

What Is A Stand-up Coffee Bag?

A stand-up coffee bag features a W-shaped corner gusset at the bottom. This means that it can be opened to form a sturdy standing base. This is what sets it apart and gives it an advantage over other bag types. It has been used successfully in the coffee sector for many years.

What Makes The Stand-up Coffee Bag Popular?

The stand-up coffee bag is versatile, lightweight and cost-effective. It is effective in keeping coffee fresh. Digitally printed stand-up pouches help coffee brands stand out on the shelf.

Roasters can choose from a variety of sizes, colours and shapes of stand-up bags. They are also available in a variety of environmentally friendly materials.

These mainly include 100% recyclable materials (PE/PE single resin layer materials), PCR and other compostable materials.

Such coffee bags offer a high degree of barrier properties. It facilitates insulation from oxygen, heat, UV and other adverse factors. It is also puncture resistant and has sufficient fastness. This extends the freshness of the coffee and makes it last longer.

Evident Convenience

Consumers are highly sensitive to convenience. They can tell within seconds whether the packaging is easy to use. Flexible stand-up pouches are more popular than rigid packaging.

For added convenience, roasters have the option of adding tear openings and resealable options, for example. This facilitates simplicity and efficiency for consumers when opening their coffee.

Not only that. The compostable single venting valve stops oxygen while keeping the coffee alive. The spout is designed to facilitate drinks such as coffee liquids. For heavier coffee bags, carry handles can be added.

Consumers value ease of use, functionality and storage suitability in packaging. You have to listen to your customers’ needs.

Water Consumption

Studies have found that over their lifetime, steel cans use 16 times more water than vertical flexibags. HDPE cans, on the other hand, use twice as much water.

Less water consumption in flexibles also means less waste.

Keeping Coffee Fresh

A core consumer need is a good taste experience. The functionality of the packaging has a direct impact on the quality of the coffee. Your coffee packaging needs to do its best to retain the freshness and aroma of the coffee. Otherwise, your efforts will be in vain.

The roaster must carefully consider choosing the packaging that will best preserve the coffee.

Coffee deteriorates faster when it comes into contact with oxygen. That’s why it must be resealed correctly after each use. We offer a variety of resealing options. The zip works properly even after multiple openings. And the coffee powder does not get stuck in the zip track.

At xiaoyupack, we also offer multi-layer customised coffee bags. Ensuring that the coffee is protected from UV rays, moisture, heat and other undesirable elements when stored. For example by adding a lining of materials such as aluminium foil. Aluminium foil is one of the most effective materials for protection against oxygen and humidity. This helps to maintain the freshness of the coffee. This helps roasters to strike a balance between aesthetics and practicality when choosing to package.


Cost-effectiveness is one of the reasons why stand-up pouches have gained popularity.

Lightweight packaging uses less material. This means that production uses less energy. Transport takes up less space. This means less manufacturing and transport costs.

More cost-efficiency helps coffee brands compete. It also allows for greater supply chain efficiency. Using flexible stand-up pouches can put you ahead of your competitors.

Full Display Of Business Details

A major advantage of stand-up coffee bags is their versatility. They can be customised to display the brand message on the shelf.

Consumers do get the most attractive packaging on the shelf. The size, colour, material and finish of the coffee bag will all affect the display. Stand-up pouches have several wide flat surfaces to accommodate brand and product information. And they are structured to save the space they occupy.

If shelf space is limited, you can equip them with hanging holes So that they can be hung from a pole. If they are large packages, they can be equipped with carrying handles. This also helps consumers to take them home.

Transparent Windows

Boutique coffee roasters can add a clear window to the front of the packaging to showcase the coffee. This is a sign of confidence and responsibility for the brand. It allows the consumer to understand and choose the coffee in its true state. It is more conducive to mass sales. Freshness is a priority for consumers to pick.

A transparent display can increase consumer curiosity. Increase interaction. You can choose to add windows in different locations. This also includes different shapes and sizes. An example would be a window in the shape of a coffee bean to display fresh coffee beans. A unique design will always have a place in the competition.

Standing Stability

Standing bags are very stable. This contributes to shelf appeal. No matter how full or empty your stand-up pouches are, their sturdy construction makes them impossible to bump into.

At the same time, this tells the consumer that her coffee pack is not a refill. That is, there is no need to pour the coffee into other tins. Because of its stable structure, it is easy to use. This means that your coffee bag will always be on display at home. Increased brand impression.

A Greener Alternative

Stand-up pouches are increasingly seen as a more environmentally friendly option.

It is estimated that 75% less material is used compared to traditional cardboard boxes or cans.

Lightweight stand-up pouches use less energy to manufacture. Greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel consumption are also lower.

At xiaoyupack, LDPE is a popular choice of material for stand-up pouches. It is 100% recyclable bioplastic. As such it is favoured by many businesses looking for environmentally friendly alternatives.

By Choosing Sustainable Stand-up Pouches, You Will Feel The Difference

Cost-effective, versatile, easy to store, and user-friendly …… And recently consumers have fallen more and more in love with its versatility. People are finding that using stand-up pouches for coffee can increase efficiency and reduce waste.

You seem compelled to experience the economic and environmental benefits of stand-up pouches. Our design team can provide a full service throughout the entire process. This includes the design and selection of materials and components for after-sales service.

We can add a variety of features. These include degassing valves, resealable zips, clear windows and hanging holes. If you are considering a stand-up pouch, please contact xiaoyupack.


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