The Latest Trends In 2023 Coffee Packaging

Coffee bag packaging

The end of the pandemic has led to a return to freedom of movement. But the habits of the pandemic continue into the present and the future.

If you have achieved the ultimate in coffee quality, it is imperative that you pay attention to the latest packaging trends. The packaging industry is booming and constantly changing. This is because people have different needs and aesthetics. As a result, different materials, designs, and packaging shapes emerge.

Choose the latest style bags for your fine coffee. This can add visibility to your roastery and coffee shop. Customers will want to stay relevant to your product. Read on to find out more about future trends in coffee packaging.

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Innovative Packaging Is A Must

Trendy and functional packaging can lead to a lot of sales of coffee products. Now is the perfect time for brands to integrate these trends to connect with their customers.

The only constant in the world is change. Consumers expect innovation from you. Both in terms of coffee quality and packaging. Successful and unique packaging is undoubtedly a recipe for massive sales.

Coffee brands are looking for innovative design options. And more advanced printing technologies are emerging. Innovative technologies cater to a competitive market. Creative brands are the first to stand out on the shelf.

Samples And Minimum Order Quantities

Brands are cautious when working with unfamiliar packaging companies. Therefore, samples and minimum order quantities can be avoided by being tied down to large orders. Coffee brands can use trials to feel out the market. With the new packaging, coffee brands can analyze their value. So that they can determine their positioning and plans.

This means that roasters and coffee shops are more likely to be sensitive to packaging trends.

Online Shopping Packaging Is Likely To Become More Popular

Research suggests that online shopping sales will account for a quarter of total global retail sales by 2025.

During the pandemic, e-commerce boomed. And the trend continues beyond the end of the pandemic. People get used to ordering online. It’s much more convenient and quicker.

Coffee companies should therefore consider the response to this shift. For example, what conditions should be available for packaging with long shipping times? These considerations allow customers to continue ordering online. Avoid your coffee brand being left behind.

Packaging Materials Should Be Transported Resistant And Durable

A report in 2021 revealed that e-commerce packages are discarded on average 21 times en route. In addition, 42% of related returns are due to product damage caused by ineffective packaging. You already know the need for online ordering. For selling custom coffee bags online, there are many factors to consider.

The packaging material needs to withstand express shipping. You should choose a shape and size that is more space efficient. So that the coffee fits into the size of the regional letterbox. Otherwise, the coffee bag will not fit into the letterbox. This may result in damage to the packaging. The result is that the customer will return it.  

Coffee packaging represents the brand image. This can lead to customers leaving an impression on your coffee. Correct packaging can prevent returns and discards.

Back To Paper Packaging

In recent years, the coffee industry has become more concerned about the environmental impact of packaging. Plastic packaging continues to fall out of favor as a result of the plastic ban. More and more coffee brands are turning to paper packaging.

Paper is an affordable and easily recyclable alternative to plastic. But its fragility has put off many roasters. But the emergence of new technologies suggests that paper packaging has a higher level of performance. Sturdy construction, water-resistant appearance, freshness retention.

Also, the paper used for xiaoyupack’s paper coffee bags is certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

Compostable Accessories And Inks

Roasters must ensure that the packaging they choose is recyclable in terms of the choice of labels and printing inks. xiaoyupack uses environmentally friendly inks and glues. It contains no volatile or harmful compounds. Odorless and will not affect the taste of the coffee.

Compostable air valves and zips are a clear trend. xiaoyupack offers fully recyclable air valves. This means that the tedious recycling process is avoided. We use the same materials for the bags and zips. There is no need to disassemble when recycling. Consumers can dispose of it more easily and correctly. This helps to ensure that it ends up being recycled rather than in a landfill.”

High Priority Is Given To Tamper-proof Packaging

Pocket zips and QR codes are designed to maintain the uniqueness of the product.

Customers are concerned about where fine coffee comes from, where it goes, and whether it is authentic. Providing detailed information is a responsible act for the company. It is also a way of protecting the brand. The tamper-proof packaging design tells the consumer that the coffee inside the bag has a higher value.

A custom-printed code on the coffee bag. The brand can communicate a wealth of information about the coffee to the customer. This includes origin, variety, roast level, pathway, etc. This means simplifying cumbersome text design. You don’t need to invest in expensive printed packaging.

And the advantage of QR codes is that you can connect to a wider group of people and avoid contact. It’s also easier for brands to update their messages. A QR code can help a lot.

Educate Consumers To Reduce Waste

Food waste is always a concern. Wasted food goes to landfill and causes contamination.

Therefore, consumers should drink their coffee within the best consumption period. Otherwise, the coffee will lose its optimum flavor and go bad. This is a bad customer experience.

Companies should provide the shelf life of their coffee in a visible place. This can effectively avoid waste. It also educates and encourages consumers to buy the right amount of coffee.

In addition, brands can provide customers with clear instructions for storing roasted coffee. For example, placing it in a cool, dark area. Roasters can educate customers on the best way to enjoy their coffee by subscribing to tweets.

Inform Customers How To Dispose Of Empty Coffee Bags

Educate by printing simple recycling steps on the packaging.

Alternatively, encourage consumers to send back empty packs by offering discounts. This effectively avoids incorrect recycling. Many companies are doing the same.

Find A Packaging Supplier That Offers A Comprehensive Service

Xiaoyupack offers fast printing, low MOQs, and fast delivery of coffee packaging through digital printing. Digital printing is environmentally friendly. This helps roasters and coffee shops to minimize their environmental impact.

Our design team combines your needs with sustainability goals. You get on-trend and recyclable packaging. We can offer minimum MOQ (minimum order quantity) packaging with a quick 40-hour turnaround time and a fast 24-hour transit time. No matter what the size or material.

You can choose from a range of sustainable coffee packaging made from environmentally friendly materials. For example kraft paper or rice paper with LDPE or PLA lining. If you are interested in redesigning your packaging, contact us today.


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