Different materials provide different packaging properties

After leaving the bakery, coffee can only be protected by packaging. Therefore, choosing the right packaging material for your coffee beans is the key. If the coffee is not fresh or broken, customers will subconsciously think it is the problem of coffee, and they can’t consider the reason for packaging. Consumers will thus have a bad impression of your brand.

How to choose the most cost-effective bag for your coffee? Please read on. I will list the materials we often use to make excellent packaging for you. You can choose according to its performance and your needs.

In the field of coffee packaging, what are the common materials

Kraft paper

Paper is used for temporary food accommodation and protection. If the coffee you buy or make will be used in just a few days, you can use paper bags for packaging. If coffee beans are consumed in a short time, there is no need to use special packaging to extend their shelf life. Kraft paper is the strongest paper. Although the barrier of such packaging is weak, they are environmentally friendly and can be completely degraded into the soil. Paper is also cheap and easy to recycle.

PLA degradable film

People are gradually aware of the huge pollution brought by traditional plastics. One of the environmental protection materials that can replace it is PLA or biological plastic polylactic acid. It is extracted from nature, easy to obtain materials, and easy to produce. There will be less carbon footprint in the production process.

And it’s biodegradable. Compared with traditional plastics, it not only requires lower manufacturing energy but also will completely decompose in 90 days if it is brought to commercial composting facilities. This is good for roasters who want to protect coffee while demonstrating their commitment to sustainability.

PLA packaging also has its limitations. It is most suitable for fast-consuming coffee and has a shorter life than other plastics. Therefore, PLA is applied to coffee less than 6 months after packaging.

PE or PE/PE materials

Adding PE to the package can achieve a better sealing effect. Such packaging not only provides a certain barrier but also the combination can be summarized into the recyclable items of drop off.

Therefore, it is very convenient for consumers to recycle their bags after using coffee.


Transparent PET film is favored in the production of coffee bags and has superior advantages.

High mechanical strength will bring better processing stability. PET film is resistant to high temperatures and can form a neat and clean appearance when making bags and welding exhaust valves.

It has a hard texture and can present a better standing effect when the product is filled.


To form VMPET, PET is vacuum plated with a thin layer of metal, which leads to metalized pet, which provides the appearance of aluminum foil. VMPET is an excellent packaging material for bakers who give priority to freshness. VMPET is a kind of material sprayed with aluminum on plastic, which provides high-quality light shielding and barrier. The effect of blocking sunlight, oxygen, and water is excellent. However, unlike kraft paper, it may be difficult to recycle. And the recycling value is not particularly high. Both the recycling value and the utilization channels are not as extensive as single resin.


The material after the combination of AlO x coated PET film leads to the high barrier of the final film. And it looks very clear and transparent without a metal feeling.

If you want to design a transparent window on the coffee bag, it is a good choice. Part of the transparent effect display can satisfy the curiosity of consumers and show your excellent products.

These three materials mentioned below provide the best barrier and light-shielding effect, but they are the most expensive in terms of cost. But it’s also worth it for the long-term preservation of coffee.


In order to protect coffee beans from oxygen and moisture, we will add barrier material EVOH into the packaging material.

It is a flexible and shiny material. Like nylon, he also has excellent bending cracking resistance and high tolerance to grease.

EVOH also ensures that coffee beans remain fresh throughout the supply chain. If you choose it, we can also print high-quality and eye-catching patterns for you.

Most importantly, EVOH reduces the thickness, which provides a more economical structure, thus reducing the impact on the environment


Nylon material has a good oxygen barrier. And its toughness and strength are excellent. Anti-scratch, anti-puncture, anti-bending crack. And nylon does not absorb oil, which is OK for freshly baked coffee beans.

Nylon is easy to process and performs well at high and low temperatures.

Pure Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil has an excellent barrier to moisture and oxygen. Therefore, the coffee bag made of aluminum foil can keep the freshness of roasted coffee beans for as long as possible. Ink can be printed directly on the surface of aluminum foil to carry information about some products. Although the price is higher than the metal film coffee bag, it is worth it.

Choosing The Right Packaging Materials Will Benefit For A Long Time

In order to maintain the freshness of coffee and protect the quality from high temperatures, roasters should consider baking a small amount of coffee more frequently. Roasters should also teach their customers how to maintain the quality of coffee after buying it.

In addition to environmental conditions, it is the packaging. Coffee beans are in direct contact with the packaging bag. Therefore, coffee packaging should have basic performance.

All the above-mentioned material combinations xiaoyupack are available. If your customers have a variety of coffee consumption needs, you can contact us for solutions


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