It is raw materials that change the price of coffee bags

Are you a follower of coffee?

In modern social life, coffee has become the “staple food” of many people. When you buy back the same coffee packaging, you may find that its price fluctuates. Why?

The price of coffee bags varies from time to time.

Many factors affect the price of coffee packaging.

For example, transportation distance, weather conditions, the quantity of coffee bags, and the difficulty of bag-making. Of course, COVID-19 will also increase the price of freight by many times. As a coffee bag dealer with ten years of experience, I’d like to introduce how raw materials affect the price.

Start from each sub material.

We use multi-layer composite materials, which are much more effective than single-layer materials. The structure of multilayer materials is stable and provides high strength. Another important reason is that. Different materials can provide different properties. So, we use different materials to make a coffee bag with different excellent properties.

Get back to the point. All the different materials in the coffee bag cover about 90% plastic film, 3% metal film, and 7% paper.

So, we can analyze these three materials.

Plastic film

For a long time, many manufacturers love plastic because of its low price. What we all know is that plastic film is a derivative of oil. So, its price will change with the fluctuation of oil prices. The price trend of international oil has a great impact on the plastic market. When the international economy encounters a cold current, oil prices will also fall. This will make the price of plastic cheaper.

As a person in the packaging industry, I pay close attention to the price of plastic raw materials. Also, to analyze the market of plastic raw materials, I also pay attention to the price of crude oil at any time.

Other plastics

The packaging of all plastic components is related to the price of oil. But some plastic ingredients are also related to the use of products and market prices.

For example, the pet is generally used to make plastic bottles. Then its price is related to the sales of plastic bottled water or beverages. The higher the sales volume, the higher the price of raw materials. And nylon membrane. Its price is also related to the price of products made of nylon. They are positively correlated.

Metal film

As the name suggests, the price of the metal film is related to the price of the metal. It will fluctuate with the price of global metals. Especially the price of aluminum foil. Take aluminum foil film for example. If the market demand for aluminum products is large, the price of raw materials will rise accordingly. The most obvious example is that the demand for aluminum batteries affects the price of aluminum foil film.


Both the global supply and demand of paper raw materials affect the price of paper. The mechanism of influence is like the principle mentioned above.

Besides, China’s environmental protection policies also have an influence on the price of paper. ( If the packaging you buy comes from China, such as xiaoyupack. ) China is a country that pays great attention to environmental protection. It has been advocated that “Green mountains and clear water are equal to mountains of gold and silver”. So, there are regulations on the felling of trees. Excessive felling of trees will cause serious soil erosion and environmental pollution.


 You may find that if you order the same packaging from different countries, the price will vary. Of course. If your product comes from China, the variable freight will also affect your packaging cost.

The main influencing factors of freight are transportation distance and transportation mode. In the current environment, COVID-19 will also affect freight prices to a large extent.

1. Mode of transportation

If you buy coffee bags (such as xiaoyupack) from Chinese suppliers, we generally have two modes of transportation.

One is air express. The speed of air transportation is relatively fast. The time is usually 7-9 days. But at the same time, the freight will be too expensive. Air transportation is suitable when your coffee bag is out of stock or you only order a small batch.

The other is sea transportation. The transportation speed is far lower than that of air transportation, but the price is much cheaper accordingly. The transportation time will be about 25-35 days. Sea transportation is suitable for transporting large quantities of goods.

It is worth noting that both modes of transportation are door-to-door package distribution. You can get your goods without leaving home. Open the door and sign for goods inspection is OK.

2. COVID-19

We should consider different factors at different times. Like the current situation. I once posted an article on the official website of xiaoyupack. It is about the action force of the Chinese government under the epidemic. And how difficult it was for xiaoyupack to deliver goods on time during the closure of the city.

Due to the special situation, we are not even allowed to work in the company and are forced to be isolated at home. It can be imagined how difficult it is to deliver goods under such strict control. So,  under the factors such as COVID-19. The freight price will also rise, although we have taken the initiative to bear most of the freight.

A slight move in one part may affect the whole situation.

A small coffee bag is linked to the global market. I believe you have a deeper and all-round understanding of the price of coffee now. 

Tell us what you think. We will select the materials for coffee bags to surprise and delight you. Let your coffee bag stand out from the shelf in terms of performance and price.

Action is better than the heart. Contact us now to complete your order!


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