Disposable coffee cups become the hygienic choice

Although the pandemic has ended for a long time, people still rely on disposable coffee cups. More than that, they value the hygienic and healthy nature of coffee packaging.

For the food industry, public hygiene is a topic of great concern. Disposable coffee cups play a role in achieving both hygiene and practicality. You could consider designing disposable coffee cups for your brand. Your disposable packaging is another opportunity to make a lasting impression on your customers.

If you are also exploring the hygienic aspects of disposables, read on. You’ll see if you’ve made the right choice.

Disposable coffee paper cup mockup design

The Significance Of A One-time Takeaway Cup

After the pandemic, people became more aware of hygiene. The disposable cup was developed 100 years ago. For hygienic reasons, this simple innovation continued after the pandemic. The Covid pandemic brought hygiene to the fore. Some coffee customers are now relying more on single-use to meet their hygiene and distance needs. Others are now relying more on takeaways to ensure their livelihood.

However, it is well known that single-use packaging can present challenges in terms of resource use and waste management. Disposables are unavoidable. We, therefore, focus on improving its hygiene and reusability.

The Urgency Of Disposables

According to authoritative research, reusable utensils should be disposed of correctly. Otherwise, bacteria and food-borne pathogens can endanger human health. And the viability of such harmful microorganisms cannot be ignored.

So, how can potentially harmful bacteria be reduced? Apart from washing reusable cups as soon as possible, people locate disposable coffee cups. And this is even more practical. Whether on the go or in the office.

The Best Of Both Worlds

At xiaoyupack, we manufacture disposable coffee cups from renewable, low-carbon, recycled, or reclaimed materials. We work closely with the waste industry. Xiaoyupack has helped to set up composting schemes in many countries.

In incineration, plant-based PLA offers advantages over traditional plastics. We promote plant-based and compostable foodservice packaging. Sustainable disposables benefit many coffee merchants. It eliminates the need to buy expensive commercial dishwashers. It also eliminates the need for troublesome safety cleaning.

Choice of reusable coffee mug mockups

Portable Advertising

Takeaway coffee cups can become portable mobile advertising for your coffee business.

Many consumers take their takeaway coffee on the go. Or they take their coffee to the office. Or they take photos on the go and post them on social media.

This is an opportunity for your brand to reach more people. And some studies show that ordinary coffee in a high-quality coffee cup makes customers think your coffee is of high quality. Conversely, the best coffee, when served in a bland generic paper cup, will feel less impressive.

This proves that you should pay attention to the quality of your coffee cups. Read on as we offer several strategies to help you design your coffee cups. This helps to set your brand apart.

Disposable coffee paper cup mockup design

Use Vector Graphics For Clear, Sharp Results

For niche coffee brands, pa emphasizing graphic printing can change a lot.

When it comes to designing logos, many brands make the mistake of using rasterized graphics. Rasterised graphics, made up of pixels, do not scale well. This means that when logos are scaled up to larger sizes, the graphics can look pixelated and blurred. This means that graphics that look good on a small espresso cup may not look as stylish on a large 20oz cup.

But vector graphics can be scaled perfectly and retain the shape and look of the original design. It can be scaled to infinity. This means they look just as crisp on a large disposable cup as they do on a small one. This helps to showcase the details of your business. Details are everything. This can have a major impact on your brand. Coffee packaging represents the image of your brand. A great design is more than just an eye-catching logo. It can help you increase your brand appeal and awareness.

Takeaway coffee cup mockup on a table with an open book

Simple Design And Large Text

A disposable coffee cup has a short lifespan. Therefore consumers do not spend a lot of time reading it.

One common graphic design mistake is to include too much text in the design. Coffee cups are cylindrical in shape, which makes them more difficult to read. They are therefore far from ideal for reading large blocks of text.

You are better off keeping the text large, simple, and easy to read. We recommend choosing a bold, legible font. Also, li, limit your design to a total of 15 words or less. This will improve the communication of your coffee brand.

The text can include things like the name of your café and other key messages. For example, your brand’s unique selling point.

Focus On The Shape Of The Cup

A disposable coffee cup is a three-dimensional object. It does not have an incompletely flat surface. The cylindrical appearance makes them always look a little distorted.

You would be wise to avoid over-reliance on straight lines or perfectly shaped designs. While they may look great on screen, they don’t apply to disposable coffee cups.

We recommend that you opt for a simple graphic, which is less prone to error. A simple pattern looks good from all angles. Make sure the font is easy to read from a distance.

Be Bold And Choose Unique Design Elements

Disposable coffee cups are highly communicative. This can be a marketing tool for your brand. Bold, unique design elements can increase your brand’s eye-catching appeal.

Consumers love to show off something unique and Toogood-looking passers-by can spot a coffee mug from a few feet away. It usually only takes a few seconds.

For example, you could choose a plain white cup base. Stand out with a huge, colorful, logo.

Order Your Bespoke Disposable Coffee Cups Online

Are you thinking of starting a takeaway cup business? You should be looking for a reliable supplier for your coffee brand. Xiaoyupack’s team of designers is up to date with the latest trends. We can provide you with the most popular colorways, unique logos, and high-quality full-color coffee cups.

If you are interested, please contact us today. You will get a quote and a customized takeaway mug solution.


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