Each coffee bag quality problem corresponds to an omission in the production process

You must have encountered the phenomenon below. There are many small blisters on the surface of the coffee bag, like acne on the skin. Or the bag is not smooth like wrinkles. It affects the beauty and sense of use. You can find the answers to these questions in this article.

Uncover the production process for you

You have to understand the production process of your coffee bag. Because through these processes, you can get an analysis of the quality of coffee bags. By optimizing the production process and understanding the essence of the product, we can finally get the perfect product.

I have collected issue cases about the coffee bads. My customers are always sharing them with me. Next, I will combine the cases and our production process to answer your questions

Artwork approved

This step is the prerequisite for the smooth progress of all processes. Thus, you can’t ignore this step.

1. Ensure that the color of your artwork is presented in the form of CMYK, not PG.

2. Make sure that all the fonts of your artwork are turned by the fonts.  Otherwise, the important documents will be lost when we open the artwork.

3. You must save the sent drawings in AI, PDF, or CDR format.

4. Mark your brand color with the color number of the  PMS system. We will also carry out later color separation. And we can reduce your edition fee on the premise of meeting customer requirements.

5. Make sure the artwork you send is layered, and the pictures should have links.

6. Make sure the HD pixel of your artwork is greater than 300pxi. This is a key step to ensure the high-definition printing of your products.

7. Provide layout drawing of bag type. We need to make the final print according to this.

If you don’t have artwork, we can also provide artwork design. You only need to provide the following information.

1. For the bag type you want, we need to determine the bag type diagram according to the bag type.

2. Your brand information and logo pictures.

3. Pictures of your products. If not, other pictures that can be used as a reference are also OK. We’ll put it on the drawing.

4. Nutritional parameters of the product.

5. Bar code and QR code to ease customers to understand your brand.

6. If possible, please send us some design packages of your peers for our reference.

Printing process

Printing is the process of transferring the graphics on the printing plate to the substrate.

According to the type of printing plate, there are several types. Such as gravure printing, digital printing, screen printing, relief printing, bronzing printing, etc.

Printing is also important. So, you are looking for a high-quality supplier (such as xiaoyupack).

Our strengths are:

1. We can provide various printing technologies such as intaglio printing and digital printing.

2. Use a high-quality Cylinder plate. Restore your creative artwork to the greatest extent.

3. High-quality ink is also essential. No one wants their bags to smell of poor ink. We use high-quality water-soluble ink.


Do you smell a bad smell before you open the bag? Plastic products have a serious smell, which may also be the smell of glue.

But you can choose xiaoyupack’s bags. We adopt solvent-free composite technology. Not only environmental protection but also the smell is easy to volatilize. It won’t spread the smell around the bag for a long time.

Composite technology is the combination of two or more materials to form a new material. It can maintain the excellent characteristics of single-layer materials. But it can also overcome their shortcomings. These combined properties can meet your different requirements for food and other commodities.

Now explain the phenomenon of “acne” on the surface of the bag. It is named delamination. So, when purchasing bags, ensure that your packaging supplier adopts solvent-free compounding technology. And there must be a strict and complete quality inspection process.

These aspects are the strengths of xiaoyupack. This is why so many coffee brands choose and buyback us.


It is through 48 hours of high-temperature drying multilayers packages.

If the ripening time is not enough, there will be the following results:

1. The surface of your bag is full of wrinkles.

2. Your package will give off a strong smell of glue and plastic.

3. The printed film and inner layer film will be delaminated. It will result in package leakage.


This is the last step in bag forming.

Roll stack after multilayers film are combined into a complete bag shape on the bag-making machine. Then we can add convenient functions for you for free.

For example, tear notch. After loading the coffee, We heat seals the pack. So as to ensure that the coffee will not be spilled by bumps. We will add a tear notch at the opening. This facilitates consumers to tear open and enjoy coffee. Kill two birds with one stone.

Many careless little cute will be scratched by the sharp corners of the coffee bag. So we make it into round corners. This will protect your skin well. And the arc is also very cute, which increases the aesthetics.

There are many functions such as a zipper. You can explain to us if you need.

Quality Inspection

We can’t take it easy after finishing bag-making. We pay special attention to the quality inspection process. We will drop unqualified products. It can not only provide you with the best packaging but also reduce our after losses.

1. Ensure that the color of each batch is the same. Otherwise, consumers will feel that they have bought faulty goods.

2. Check whether the product performance meets the standard. Such as water permeability, oxygen permeability, composite fastness, and puncture resistance.

3. Product quality inspection. Such as the tightness and firmness of the zipper.


Careful packing can reduce the possibility of coffee spilling. The original intention of packaging is to ease transportation. And make sure they don’t get dust and dirt along the way.

Well-packaged coffee can protect it from sunlight, moisture, and oxygen. So as to maintain the aroma and freshness of the coffee.


This refers to composite technology. If your coffee package uses solvent-free compounding, it will be safe. Because there is no solvent or organic solvent. This will reduce the probability of fire or even explosion in your coffee packaging during storage and transportation. Organic matter will increase the probability of package fire.

The whole production process is detailed and complicated but practice makes perfect.

Preciseness creates perfection

Are you shocked by such a complex and long production process? Each bag delivered to you has passed five levels and killed six generals. We strictly control the production process from the first step to the last step. Every coffee bag in xiaoyupack can stand the test.

Many choices can be overwhelming. But the strict production process can make xiaoyupack’s coffee bag win at the starting line. You can continue to understand and try to order xiaoyupack. Your brand will be more popular because of its excellent quality. Welcome to contact us immediately for more information!


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