Flat bottom pouches versus stand-up pouches: which is best for fine coffee?

After years of experimentation and fumbling, coffee packaging has developed relatively well. From the simple paper and beeswax bags to the multi-layer flexible bags of today. Coffee beans can easily retain their flavor for longer. There is less and less chance of damage to the packaging during the transport and storage of the coffee.

There are two popular types of coffee packaging. They are the flat-bottom bag and the stand-up bag. They are user-friendly, versatile, and cost-effective.

Choosing a flat-bottom bag or a stand-up bag maximizes customer satisfaction. But they also have their advantages and disadvantages.

Read on to find out more.

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What Is A Flat-bottom Coffee Bag?

A flat-bottom bag is a five-sided freestanding bag. It comes with a flat, rectangular base. This provides a stable standing structure. The corner gussets give it more space and strength in the material. It is located on the left and right sides of the bag. There is a fastener at the top.

Features And Benefits Of The Flat Bottom Bag

Flat-bottom bags are particularly popular for fine coffee packaging. They offer a high-quality appearance and versatility. But this makes them generally more expensive than other types of flexible packaging.

Here Are Some Of The Main Advantages Of Flat-bottom Bags.

Sufficient Barrier Properties

Most flat-bottom bags are made from a multi-layer material structure. This effectively protects against adverse elements such as UV rays, moisture, heat, and oxygen. After all, once exposed, coffee can quickly deteriorate and lose its flavor.

Extended Display Space

Multiple spacious sides provide plenty of display space. Flat-bottom bags are popular for their large printable surface. This can provide a strong brand identity.

On the shelf, flat-bottomed bags have more opportunities to stand out. This is because they have a stable structure, sufficient display space, and a flat surface. Bakers are keen to use it as a marketing tool. It is an effective solution.

Convenient Packaging

The changing lifestyles of consumers are placing more demands on coffee packaging. Millennials, in particular, care more about how easy the packaging is to access and store their coffee.

Examples include re-openable and sealable zips. Flat bottom pouches are usually sealed with a pocket or top opening zip. The pocket zip is located inside the bag. And there is a pull tab to open the bag. After the coffee has been used, the bag is resealed by pressing the zip. This helps to prevent exposure to oxygen. The effect is the same for adding the nozzle.

The packaging also requires a reduction in coffee preparation time. It also means achieving ‘portability’. This means portability and smaller individual packs. The packaging design should meet these different requirements.

Space Saving

The flexible design of flat-bottomed bags means they take up less space during shelf storage and transport. Compared to rigid packaging such as cardboard boxes, flat-bottom bags use 30% less material. This makes them a good choice for bakers seeking sustainability.

Transparent Window Design

It is possible to observe the state of the coffee without opening the packaging. This makes it easy for consumers to observe and select what they want. This is a sign of corporate confidence and responsibility. We can make them from recyclable materials. Add transparent opening windows in various shapes, quantities, and sizes. We can advise you on the best way to do this.

What Is A Stand-up Coffee Bag?

Stand-up coffee bags are a convenient, flexible, and cost-saving option for professional roasters.

Stand-up packs have a W-shaped corner gusset at the bottom. This can be opened to create a sturdy freestanding bottom. This is what sets them apart from other types of packaging.

Stand-up coffee bags are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and finishes. Roasters often choose a multi-layer construction to keep the coffee fresh. A degassing valve is added to prevent the bag from expanding and breaking.

Features And Benefits Of Stand-up Pouches

User-friendly Components

Stand-up pouches for coffee storage can add convenience features. This is an aspect valued by consumers and roasters alike. Examples include zips, nozzles, clear windows, and degassing valves. Roasters can choose compostable and recyclable components.

For added convenience, bakers can also choose an “easy tear” option. To make access to coffee as simple and efficient as possible for the consumer.

Unique Stand-up Construction

The stand-up pouches remain upright without assistance when filled with product. They have only one bottom corner gusset. There are none on either side. This means that they only have a front panel and a back panel. This is space that can be used for brand presentation.

Flat Bottom VS Stand Up Pouches


Both flat-bottom and stand-up pouches can have the necessary components added. For example degassing valves, adding extra layers, and various sealing options. They are also suitable for environmentally friendly materials. For example kraft paper, PLA (polylactic acid), and LDPE (low-density polyethylene). Both flat bottom and vertical bags offer clear benefits.

The Choice For Bulk Orders – Flat Bottom Bags

Studies have shown that flat-bottomed bags are preferred. This is because they have a larger opening. This makes them easier and faster to fill by bakers. This is an efficient option. They are favored by roasters who sell large quantities of coffee.

The five printable sides also make them a higher display type. A better choice for brands who want their coffee to stand out on the shelf. And they offer all angles of display.

For more established brands selling a wide range of coffees, flat-bottom bags may be a better option. If a business is looking for edgy, stylish, and attractive packaging with a bigger budget, then there is no hesitation in choosing a flat-bottom bag.

Cost-effective Option – Stand-up Pouches

Stand-up pouches don’t have the same marketing potential as flat-bottomed bags. But they are much cheaper than flat-bottomed bags.

Stand-up pouches support less weight and lower manufacturing costs. They use less material than flat-bottomed bags. The lightweight nature of the stand-up pouch also makes it cheaper to transport and store.

However, it does not have side corner gussets. Therefore the extent to which it can be displayed is low. The packaging cannot hold more information about the product.

Stand-up pouches are therefore a more affordable option. They can be suitable for roasters who are selling coffee for the first time. They are also suitable where the need for marketing is weak. For example coffee subscriptions.

Sustainable Coffee Packaging

For professional roasters, it is important to choose the right coffee packaging. The selection process involves aspects such as budget and branding needs.

You can leave these considerations to a specialist packaging manufacturer. We work with all sizes and roasters around the world. and provide them with successful packaging. Whether it’s ground coffee or whole coffee beans.

Contact us today. Get more information and a quote on our sustainable vertical and flat-bottom coffee bags.


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