How To Design Online Subscription Coffee Packaging?

The coffee business has seen an explosion in online orders. Total e-commerce revenue in the US is expected to reach $4.9 trillion by 2023. This means that consumers increasingly want to be able to enjoy their coffee in the comfort of their homes.

In response to this inevitable trend, boutique coffee roasters must understand how to design online subscription packaging. And not just to showcase the quality of the coffee. This can make their coffee attractive to online customers through its packaging.

Online coffee orders can also be economically and environmentally beneficial. Coffee roasters should embark on the right coffee marketing strategy. Read on to find out more about how professional coffee roasters can create online packaging.

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The Trend Toward Selling Coffee Online

The period of great popularity has passed, but the number of online orders has not abated. Instead, consumers are willing to spend more time shopping online and brewing coffee at home.

Established coffee merchants are also turning their attention to online shops. If your brand lacks visibility, what’s not to do? E-commerce is more important than ever. To win the attention of consumers in a crowded online marketplace, it is necessary to think carefully about the changes you can make to your packaging.

How E-Commerce Packaging Is Designed?

Improve the transparency of your subscription packaging

Consumers will be more likely to trust more transparent brands. Showing more information can narrow the distance between brands and consumers. According to research, 74% of consumers would pay more for a product from a transparent company.

To achieve this, you need to be more transparent at every step of the supply chain. And subscription packaging offers a great opportunity to do so. Specialist bakers can provide transparency simply and effectively. Use social media, which spreads quickly, for marketing. to reinforce product connotations and gain a lot of attention.

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Creating a personalized experience

Creating an eye-catching design is the first step. Buying a subscription pack is not as simple as it is in the supermarket. The appearance of the packaging determines whether or not the consumer is inclined to buy.

When a subscription coffee is delivered to a consumer, the packaging is their first interaction with the product. Roasters need to create personalized packaging to add to the user experience. Users can easily associate sight with smell and taste. A ‘mouth-watering’ package provides more sensory cues. This is crucial.

When consumers see ‘attractive’ packaging, they automatically associate it with something positive. This helps to convince customers to buy your coffee as a result. Roasters also need to take into account the differences in online shops. Consumers can only see the product on a screen and cannot pick it up in person. You should therefore ensure that you can view the packaging from all sides. Make all information about the product as clear as possible. Include ingredient labels and roast dates, for example.

As well as providing added value to coffee subscription customers, QR codes can be used to provide additional information about the coffee or roaster. By scanning the code on their mobile phone, customers can follow the connected social media page or visit the website directly.

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Keeping the package intact during the journey from the roastery to the customer

When providing coffee delivery, the package needs to be able to survive the journey. It also needs to keep the coffee fresh for a sufficient period. This is particularly important when orders are coming from abroad. The primary condition is to ensure the integrity of the coffee.

close up of gold standing pouch product mockup

1) Air valve

Too much carbon dioxide can make the inside of the bag expand. A one-way vent (known as a degassing valve) should be added for air sealing. This allows the carbon dioxide (CO2) to escape without bursting the bag.

2) Structural strength of the material

The high tensile strength of the material ensures that the bags do not break during transport. Bakers can use multiple layers of packaging for added strength and durability. The product may be handled roughly during the supply chain. The packaging will not be in an upright position throughout the journey. Damage or failure of the product ensues.

Design to ensure the freshness of the coffee

1) One-way degassing valve

Prevents oxygen from entering the coffee packaging. Slows down the rate of coffee aging.

2) High-barrier material

Ensures that freshly roasted coffee beans retain their aroma for a long time. This is because it prevents the coffee from being exposed to external factors such as oxygen, moisture, and light. This allows our customers to switch to e-commerce packaging quickly and with confidence.

Determining the right package size

E-commerce orders are at an all-time high. Especially during the busy holiday season. Speeding up packing is more important than ever. Bakers should choose the right size for e-commerce packages.

Consumers must be able to pick up their fresh coffee on schedule and avoid spoilage. The right size also means that your coffee will be more protected during transport. This reduces material costs and reduces product damage. By not wasting material and reducing truck space, more sustainable packaging is achieved.

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Sustainability Is Equally Important

Consumers are increasingly aware of how their buying habits affect the environment. Coffee companies should pay more attention to sustainability. Studies show that if companies don’t turn to sustainable alternatives for packaging their coffee, they could lose customers.

Promoting coffee online offers an opportunity for roasters. Demonstrate the brand’s commitment to sustainability clearly and effectively. Showcasing products online offers greater advantages. In addition to the space available on the packaging, you can detail all the details of the coffee. The whole sustainable process of coffee and packaging is shown through link after link.

Start An Online Coffee Subscription Business

Coffee subscriptions are becoming increasingly popular among consumers. It is therefore vital that boutique coffee roasters develop packaging that reflects the quality of their coffee.

Consumers can also easily learn how to properly dispose of their coffee bags once they are empty on the e-commerce channel. xxiaoyupack offers compostable components. These include degassing valves, zips, and labels. We offer sustainable packaging solutions for subscription coffees. Contact us today to get an eCommerce packaging solution.


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