How To Create A Perfect Coffee Bag For Your Brand?

The global covid-19 pandemic has changed all aspects of people’s lives, and the behavior and location of people drinking coffee have also changed. However, coffee is still a huge and growing market, and coffee packaging has always been the core factor to attract customers to the brand.

Influenced by the general environment, drinking coffee at home has become a long-term trend, and people are more concerned about the hygiene of their coffee bags. Therefore, as a roaster, you must pack coffee as healthily as possible. Good coffee bags have positive benefits for people’s long-term storage goals. If your brand can leave a good impression on customers through coffee bags, it will play a positive role in your long-term subscription coffee business.

Coffee bags are a quality factor that protects the shelf life of coffee. Therefore, how to create a perfect coffee bag is still an ongoing process. The upgrading of coffee packaging also means the upgrading of your brand.

For example, when you use our sustainable coffee bag, it not only provides a high barrier for fresh coffee but also can be recycled. This will enable you to gain a group of customers who have the same environmental pursuit.

Please continue to read the following content, and we will guide you to create a suitable and unique coffee bag to help you stand out in the brand.

What customers care about

When customers pick up your coffee from crowded shelves for the first time, effective information and design can reduce the probability of your package being put down.

The reason that drives them to pick up your coffee is the shape of the bag. The strong vertical bag can better show the design. In addition, there are coffee taste, shelf life, packaging patterns and colors, transparent windows, and so on.

You need to combine the above information harmoniously so that you can capture new customers in a few seconds.

How do design coffee bags to make consumers fall in love with unfamiliar brands?

Structural design of appearance:

QR Code:

QR code can make the overall design simple, and it is also an effective method to establish a personalized experience. The information obtained by scanning the QR code should include the origin of the coffee, processing method, baking date, processing method, flavor, etc. Even customers can connect to the brand’s website to browse more products, such as coffee roasters. Unlike traditional text messages, QR codes can let customers know the brand through video, which is special, and more attractive and dynamic.

If you want to use labels to convey relevant information, it is recommended that you use more concise words, which can make customers more patient to read.

Brand logo:

The eye-catching and unique logo can quickly attract eyeballs and stand out on crowded shelves. If your coffee brand is time-honored, you can highlight the brand logo. If you are a niche brand, you can emphasize the unique characteristics of coffee. Such as flavor, origin, rarity, and so on.

The personalized design of the logo is very important. This is an impressive direct way. You can combine metal elements with geometric patterns to avoid too complicated designs. Such as too many color types, which will make people feel tired visually.

Finally, the most important thing is that you must maintain originality and innovation when designing the logo. This can avoid a series of next troublesome problems.

Text style:

When you really try it, changing the font style and color will have a great impact on consumers.

Experiments have proved that different colors can make people emit different emotions. You can use different colors and slightly different words to represent different coffee flavors. This can simplify the selection process for consumers. and it will impress them through the connection between color and taste. For example, you can keep the design of the bag, but add an orange element to the bag with citrus characteristics. This can well arouse Association and increase the desire to buy.

You can also use graphics to enhance the image of the product. If a foreigner can’t understand the words marked on your bag. But if he sees the pattern of “orange”, he will understand that this is coffee with citrus flavor. Thus, a specific graphic can attract consumers’ attention. And they may eventually buy your product.

Or you can directly add a transparent window to expose the color of the coffee. and then you can provide other contrast elements to contrast with brown. This can highlight the color of beans. After all, coffee itself is a scenery that can cause people’s appetite.

Increase space by adding card slots

The vertical bag has a flat surface, which is conducive to printing various patterns. However, when there is not enough printing space outside, you can consider adding a card slot. Its advantage is that it can be expanded into a more solid shape. This card slot is visually attractive, and it is our latest design. You can put a card in it, which can contain the history story of your brand or a detailed introduction to coffee. When customers use up their coffee, most of them will keep this card.

You can create cards by designing differences, just like a “collection card”. After all, no one wants to collect a pile of duplicate pieces of paper. For example, you can state a date to inform consumers in advance of the upcoming coffee flavor. This will make your brand and coffee more memorable. You can add customized names and other information to your customers to further attract consumers to visit your brand.

Select material:

According to a study published in the Journal of sensory research, the texture of packaging will affect the perception of products and the enjoyment of products themselves. This shows that consumers will have different buy desires for your packaging materials. The texture and durability of materials are different. You need to choose materials according to your needs and product characteristics.

Now many consumers have also established environmental awareness. And they can pay extra for the brand of environmentally friendly materials. Therefore, you should use environmentally friendly materials to package your coffee. Sustainable materials can show that your enterprise is listening to the needs of consumers and pursuing environmental goals in the process of coffee production and retail.

Material selection also affects printing. The effect of the same pattern on different materials will be different.

Necessary accessories:

Resealable options:

Coffee that can’t be drunk will deteriorate when exposed to oxygen, resulting in waste. Therefore, you need to add sealable components for customers to maintain the freshness of the coffee. This includes options such as spout, tin tie, press zipper, etc…… The zipper lock is the most commonly used option. And the tie can form the strictest air tightness to the coffee bag.

Check valve:

In order to maintain the greatest freshness of coffee and allow the coffee to degas, your coffee bag design must include a check valve. This valve allows carbon dioxide to escape and prevents oxygen from entering. Now more coffee lovers are pursuing coffee bags with degassing valves.

Seek partners to jointly create the perfect packaging

The shape of coffee bags is becoming more and more intelligent. But our original intention of creating coffee bags is to meet the core needs of consumers.

A simple coffee bag is not only used to contain your coffee beans, it also plays a role in building a brand image. Therefore, it is necessary for you to choose an experienced packaging supplier to make progress with you. In the past, you could use a simple paper bag to pack coffee beans, but today it is different. The taste of coffee beans is the connotation of your brand, so your coffee packaging will affect the overall image of the company. You should spend some time creating a distinctive design that distinguishes your brand from other brands. You need to consider the material, pattern, color, logo, text, etc. of the bag.

Our passion is to be ready to listen to your demands at any time. Manufacturing high-end and beautiful coffee bags and providing high-level services are our constant pursuits. At the same time, we also look forward to discussing and designing packaging options with you. Please contact us to get your customized plan as soon as possible.


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