Performance Of Multi-layer Coffee Bags In Sustainability

Many customers have a misunderstanding. They think that when designing coffee bags, they can only choose functional or environmental protection. But now, more coffee makers will still choose the former. This is not an alternative question.

Research shows that consumers’ expectations of packaging will only be higher and higher. Shortly, customers will not choose between Packaging Sustainability and convenience. They will look for a coffee brand with both.

Sustainable packaging is a hot topic in the coffee and packaging industry. If we do not change the waste generated by packaging, we will get more plastic waste. This will cause subtle damage to the human body. For this reason, coffee companies around the world have been committed to finding more sustainable packaging solutions.

Please continue to read today’s article to fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of multi-layer packaging. This will help you make more accurate decisions.

What Is Multi-layer Packaging?

As the name implies, a multilayer consists of many single-layer materials. It may comprise up to 11 separate ultrathin layers.

Even so, multi-layer coffee bags can still be lighter and thinner than similar packages. In terms of transportation costs and production costs, it beats glass tubes and cardboard boxes. We use less space to transport them and less energy to make them, which makes their existence more environmentally friendly.

The Necessity Of Multi-layer Packaging

Roasted coffee beans have lost their protection since they left the bakery. The coffee packaging is the only protection before they meet the hot water. Although people usually think that coffee is a shelf-stable product, it is not. The lights on the shelves will make them less fresh. In addition, there is the invasion of oxygen and water. To prevent this, we must wrap it in multi-layer packaging.

Sustainable Ink And Glue

We still need to consider the same problem for multi-layer packaging. How to reduce the damage of coffee bags to the environment. In addition to using non-petroleum-based materials, it is to make corrective actions in the process of recycling. That is, one of the challenges of multi-layer packaging is that each layer must be separated before recycling.

The adhesive connecting the layers and the ink and label of the package may further complicate the recovery process. This means that multi-layer packaging usually ends up in landfills or is destined for incineration. Although ink and glue are necessary, if they are not handled properly, they will enter the ranks of pollutants.

When problems arise, we must solve them. Xiaoyupack switched to water-based ink and solvent-free glue and sustainable labels. Environmentally friendly inks and coatings have low volatile organic compounds (VOC) content. They can be composted and easily removed in the recycling process.

The Significance Of Multilayer Existence

The materials of each layer of the multi-layer coffee bag usually include PE / PA, PP / PET film, and aluminum, paper, and printing layers. Each layer has specific functions.

1. The coffee bag shall have structural stability. It can resist puncture and scratch during transportation. But also provides toughness.

2. It has the bearing capacity of ink. It is possible to print characters in a color pattern.

3. The package shall be provided with a barrier property, so that it can resist oxygen, ultraviolet, moisture, etc.

4. The coffee bag should leak-proof function.

5. Coffee packaging must provide airtightness for roasted coffee.

Above but not only these. Fresh coffee needs many protective functions. The coffee bag has to have a complex structure to provide these properties. Each layer of material plays its role. Adhesiveness holds everything together. This can build multi-layer protection with the correct combination of properties to maintain the freshness of the coffee.

Disadvantages Of Multi-layer Packaging

Recycling policies around the world are becoming more stringent. This is especially true for multi-layer packaging. Because its structural characteristics are more complex

In addition to various materials, the coffee bag also has a degassing valve, zipper, and other components. In other words, if it is not implemented and used responsibly, it may hurt the environment. This means that the layers must be separated before recycling, or empty bags must be placed in a designated recycling bin. It can then be sent to the appropriate facility for processing. But more consumers are tired of recycling. This may result in penalties or fines.

This requires the efforts of bakers. You can inform the consumer to return the empty bag. More coffee brands choose to exchange empty bags for discounts to reduce false recycling. The key is to communicate with customers. Bakers and coffee shops should clarify their recycling intentions and provide instructions on how customers can help them reduce their business carbon footprint.

This can leave a deep impression on customers who want to support brands that are of common concern to the earth. This is conducive to repeated purchases by customers and promotes cooperation between you.

Can multilayer packaging be sustainable?

The way to make multi-layer coffee bags work is not only to recycle correctly but also to use environmentally friendly materials.

First, we should get rid of petroleum-based plastics. You need to turn to compostable and biodegradable kraft paper or rice paper. These coffee bags can be lined with polylactic acid (PLA) or LDPE. This means improving the functionality of the coffee bag. At the same time, the laminated materials are recyclable.

When choosing multi-layer coffee packaging, it is important to ensure that all components are fully biodegradable, compostable, or recyclable. Including but not limited to ink, adhesive, glue, label… Xiaoyupack can guarantee this.

Choose The Right Packaging And You Will Realize The Benefits

The customer’s good feedback on the packaging has supported us to this point. We carefully develop and innovate packaging. Not only for serving consumers but also for our planet. Rejecting petroleum-based materials is our action.

In xiaoyupack, you can find various bag types and sizes. We also offer a variety of repeatable sealing options to suit your different businesses.

If your goal is to recycle multi-layer coffee bags, please contact us immediately. We offer the lowest order quantity, the shortest delivery time, and the lowest price. It’s never too late to start, but it’s better now. You will get a professional coffee packaging solution


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