Is 350g The Perfect Amount Of Coffee Brand?

Although the pandemic has been over for a long time, people’s habits have continued. This includes the way they drink their coffee. Being restricted in their movements, people try to make their flavours at home. Studies show that 90% of people drink at least one cup of coffee a day.

This means they try new flavours and pick the right amount of coffee. E-commerce remains beneficial. Coffee brands should consider the right packaging and size. Roasters are starting to rely on selling retail-sized bags of coffee directly to consumers.

Read on to find out why 350g has become the standard size for many people. Also, check if this option is right for your business.

Why Is Coffee Sold In 350g (12oz) Volumes?

According to sales indications, one of the most popular sizes for roasters appears to be 350g (12oz). And more people are using 350g as a standard amount of coffee.

Based on actual sales performance, roasters prefer to sell coffee in 350g or 12oz volumes. The main reasons for this are then the following.

Easier To Plan And Manage.

Consumers’ brewing habits are different. But a 350g coffee volume seems to be a tipping point. You should know how many cups can be made from 350g (12 oz). This is useful when choosing a pack size. After roasting, a pound of raw coffee weighs approximately 350g (12oz) to 370g (13oz)

Assume that the consumer brews a cup of coffee using a medium grind of two tablespoons (about 10 grams or 0.38 ounces) per cup. This would require approximately 16 cups of coffee per retail bag. The average consumer drinks approximately two cups per day, which equates to approximately one week’s worth of coffee.

After use, the consumer can decide to try a new flavour or keep returning it. This does not lead to people getting bored and throwing away their coffee.

Drinking Up Within The Freshness Period

Typically, ground coffee has a shelf life of between 3 and 7 days. Whole coffee beans can stay fresh for longer.

The 350g capacity is friendly for those who are not used to coffee. It is suitable for those who are not familiar with fine coffee or who do not have grinding equipment at home. They can buy and enjoy these quantities before the coffee starts to spoil.

Familiarity With The Characteristics Of Coffee

People don’t buy coffee to drink it up faster. Consumers aim to explore the flavours and determine their preferences.

Smaller amounts of coffee may not allow for familiarity with the coffee’s characteristics. For example, a volume of 250 grams (9 ounces). This can lead to a blurred perception of it. Especially with espresso varieties.

Therefore 350 g is an ideal size for most people. 350 g (12 oz) is not too little and not too much. It is particularly beneficial for consumers who want to try new blends or coffee origins.

Advantages In Terms Of Transport

The 350g size is a standard capacity. This means more quantity in the same space. Reduced transport and labour costs.

In addition, this size is compatible with most European letterboxes. Lightweight and compact. This prevents damage to the coffee packaging before the owner gets to it. This is perfect for online sales and coffee subscriptions.

Environmental Benefits

The 350g capacity also provides environmental benefits. This is because it reduces the carbon footprint of transporting coffee.

Smaller packaging means less packaging material. At the same time, we can offer sustainable packaging using digital printing.

Trial marketing as a special flavour for festivals and seasons

The 350 g bag is the perfect size for launching new coffees and special festive coffees. Xiaoyupack offers short supplies. After the festive season, you can return to your everyday packaging.

Launch your coffee for Easter or Christmas. This facilitates your exploration of new markets and demographics. Also, define a post-holiday packaging plan. The consumer does not have to buy 1 kg (35 oz) of coffee to taste the new flavour.

Problems Arising From 350g Packs

For consumers who do not rely on coffee, 350g is a large capacity. It may take them a long time to drink it all. This means that the freshness of the coffee is not guaranteed. By the time the coffees are finished, they may have started to spoil and lose their flavour.

This also led to a thought for companies. Does the switch to 350g bags require an investment in high-barrier packaging? This is because it would increase the roaster’s packaging costs. But ordinary materials such as kraft paper do not provide a longer barrier.

So it is up to the company to understand its customers’ needs. Bakers must calculate the sales volume and benefits that 350g gives them. This can help gauge whether high-barrier materials are worthwhile.

New coffee foil bag on wood table

100% Recyclable Coffee Packaging

Innovations in technology have made it possible to replace plastic with recyclable material. Examples include 100% recyclable single resin laminated material (PE/PE single resin laminated material), PCR, compostable material, etc.

This type of packaging offers the same high-quality barrier properties. They are resistant to moisture, oxygen and heat, etc. They also have sufficient fastness and puncture resistance.

Recyclable coffee bags show that you are listening to the consumer. Customers will see you as a responsible business. This helps your brand to stand out. Because you are meeting more needs and higher demands.


At xiaoyupack, we have many years of experience in packaging services. This includes helping specialist coffee brands to achieve sales success.

We are always up to date with the needs of consumers. We can help you design and package any volume of coffee to suit your business. If you don’t have your design, we offer a free design service.

Sustainability is what we strive for. Our sustainable coffee bag range includes recyclable, biodegradable and compostable options made from renewable and environmentally friendly materials. In addition, we offer a wide range of packaging configurations to suit your business needs. These include stand-up bags and eight-sided sealed bags.

Please contact us for more information on packaging. You can have a customised solution in the shortest possible time. You will receive minimum order quantities and fast delivery.


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