8 Tips Make Your Granola Packaging Stand Out

The snack food market has been constantly expanding reminding us of its vitality in a competitive industry. In satisfying consumer needs and there preferences to gain more market share. A lot of consumers that I know are usually busy so they prefer snacks rather than full meals. That’s why convenience is a key factor to make your granola packaging stand out. Because of its growing popularity, it has high requirements in order to maintain the quality of a granola bar.

Flexible packaging meets the brand’s needs. At Xiaoyu, our flexible packaging offers a great packaging design that contains high-end graphics that can accommodate its size, shape, and functionality. This in turn helps your brand stand out on the shelf

 Flexible packaging is one of the fastest-growing packaging in the industry. They can perfectly improve the packaging attributes of the box. They are the most sustainable packaging option. This can perfectly improve the attributes of your packaging. 

How can flexible packaging help improve your brand? Brand owners should consider packaging that attracts customers’ attention and makes them want to buy. This is the key to having successful granola packaging.

Various types of the packages

We must ease consumers of visual fatigue of carton packaging. and develop packaging that conforms to consumers’ aesthetics. Flexible packaging can provide different shapes, sizes, and functions to achieve this goal because of its flexibility and advanced production technology.

For granola bars or small sizes, use a pre-made roll film to complete the filling and packaging process in your food packaging machine. With an easy tear function, consumers can enjoy its taste anywhere and anytime without causing additional waste material.

The stand-up pouch is currently the most popular and cheapest packaging solution among all packaging types. It is not only because of the cost of packaging but also because of its functionality. The comfortable design helps your granola to stand easily increasing the bottom support. The lightweight and resealable packaging on the shelf makes it convenient for customers to grab and pour out using a spoon.

Flat bottom pouch is a symbol of luxury because it is lightweight and has five printing panels that improve your brand’s design. Its modern and functional design raises the packaging cost making many brands hesitant to choose it.

Keep them fresh

The most popular alternative to dinner snacks is granola. Consumers are often cautious in their taste. The key ingredients of granola grains are oats, honey, sugar, and dried fruits, and they need to keep them crisp. If it is exposed to the air for a long time, or even if it comes into contact with moisture, the granola can deteriorate.

When choosing the packaging materials for granola, we must consider the barrier properties of the materials to protect granola from air and moisture. Multi-layer laminates provide barriers and the use of aluminum plating blocks outside contaminants. Which prevents moisture and extends the shelf life of the product. More importantly, multilayer materials increase the puncture resistance and tear resistance of the bag. This ensures the abrasion during transportation or shelf.

Quality printing image

The high-quality, vivid graphic printing quality allows consumers to imagine that they are enjoying its taste through the granola graphics in the design. According to a survey of the consumer market, 65% of consumers will buy products because they are attracted by the packaging design.

The continuous promotion of social platforms is the craze of the brand. This is essentially free marketing advertising to attract enthusiasts to repost your packaging on social platforms. This in turn creates potential buyers while improving your brand marketing.

Flexible packaging uses digital printing and gravure printing. With this, it perfectly displays your graphics on the packaging appearance through ink. As long as the pixels of your graphics can exceed more than 300 pixels.


This will offer two big benefits. The repeatable switch enables customers to enjoy the delicious taste of granola and cereal snacks throughout the day. The package can stay sealed when they stop tasting so that they do not have to worry about physical threats. The zipper makes it easier to open and seal the bag. It helps consumers to take out snacks with ease. preventing contamination of the contents.

Matt finish

Almost all high-end brands like to use matt finish printing. As this process can enhance the design’s visual and frosted touch to help you upgrade your brand. If we combine matt finish and glossy printing in your granola packaging.

 It highlights your brand story, nutritional content, and the information you want to show to your consumers. With this printing method, you can stand out from the fierce shelf competition.

Clear window

Consumers are greatly attracted to products with transparent packaging because it allows them to see the inside of your packaging. Adding a window can also build trust when you allow your consumers to see the product before they buy it. Granola bars come in different sizes from large chunks or loose cereals.

A transparent window connects your consumers to your products but how? Well if they see the contents of your packaging then it can help them decide whether they will buy it or not. Also it’s not bad to show off, especially if your granola looks tasty so I say go get them!

Multipe SKUs

Most granola brands come in different flavors. In return this takes up a lot of shelf space, increasing your brand awareness. Having all kinds of flavors not only satisfies your consumers. But also improves your band well. Especially when you have seasonal flavors for the holidays. Consumers go crazy about this.

Using digitally printed packaging provides you with all kinds of opportunities. You can create limited-edition packaging for your seasonal packaging to increase brand sales. This gives you the freedom to experiment with new colors or designs without spending a lot of resources. So to say digital printing provides us with a fast turnaround and Low MOQ.


In choosing a flexible company they should provide you with the versatility to improve your product packaging design. Here at Xiaoyu we offer our clients the best packaging experience to upgrade their product packaging.

Keeping this in mind when choosing a flexible packaging company will ensure the success of your product packaging and surely attract customers. Feel free to leave us a message if you have any questions and we will gladly get back to you.


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