NOTHING CAN stop us to fulfill the orders’ delivery, even the epidemic happened.

Emergency warning, all staff tested for nucleic acid

On March 3, Cangnan County, reported two positive cases of new coronary pneumonia. After learning the new cases, the local Government immediately launched the first-level response. At the same time, the Wenzhou government launched a second-level response.

There is a local breakfast shop called “Wish you Happy”. Lots of people buy its breakfast. Unfortunately, the infected person also often goes. This caused many strangers to become his close contacts. So it is necessary to prevent further spread of the epidemic.

The government launched the latest epidemic prevention and control measures at once. First, investigate the source of the epidemic. They opened more than 30000 isolation rooms. Relevant administrative agencies raise materials for the first time. The material emergency team guarantee the material supply. The government mobilized volunteers and more than 3,000 medical staff in a short time. Then they mobilized people from the entire county. Finally conducted the first round of nucleic acid testing on more than 400,000 people in mere four hours.

I am very lucky and grateful. Because I have such a responsible and efficient government. This avoids the further spread of the epidemic.

Strict quality inspection, adopt higher standards under the new situation

The severe situation forced enterprises and individuals to suspend production. Most people had to isolate at home. Being unable to go out limits much. This affected many industries, and Wenzhou XiaoyuPack was one of them.

Many pre-orders of coffee bags may not be able to dispatch due to the closure of the city. And we are forced about the delivery time is approaching. But our team was still methodical all the time. We inspected every coffee bag according to the procedure. Although the quality inspection process is tedious, it is worth it.

Maybe you should wonder how we checked for our coffee bags in the picture:

  1. The tightness of the coffee bags, we will check whether there is air leakage at each seal, and pour in liquid and squeeze to check whether the bag is leaking
  2. Iamge-quality printing:check the printing is clear and if we use screen printing we will ensure that the link will be attached firmly on the surface of the bag just same as the picture.
  3. Adhesion of the zipper, I have seen a lot of bad reviews online about the zipper of the bag falling off easily, so we pay special attention to this detail when it comes to quality inspection.
  4. Checking if the one way valve is workable, ensure that the gas inside the bag can be discharged.
  5. Other details, Whether the size is within tolerance and the load-bearing capacity of the bottom of the bag…

The details must be perfect.

At the same time, we must abandon the inequalities, and left the most perfect ones. We inspected Each bag in all dimensions in a limited time.

The professional attitude of the Xiaoyupack team and the inspiration they have learned.

Xiaoyu employees stayed wearing masks for more than 12 hours a day. Conduct quality inspections on the goods under the condition of self-protection. The coffee bags were also sent to the testing Laboratory to check. Packages must meet the food-grade contact standard. On this basis, improve the quality as much as possible. After all, quality conveys the capabilities of a business. The boring and demanding quality inspection workdays inch by. The protective masks were marked on everyone’s faces. Employees gave up sleep or rest. Stuffy and exhausted, but to seize all the time. Without the complete closure of the city, delivered to the customer on time.

Everyone took the initiative to share the unfinished work. They worked overtime in the company, and many people did not go home for more than a week. After completing the quality inspection, Xiaoyupack verified the quantity next. The number of packages must be accurate.

Finally, employees were careful with product packaging. The transportation time is long and road is bumpy. Careful packing can avoid squeezing each other. Avoid deformed or the pattern scratched. Also, treat the products with moisture measures. To avoid virus-carrying in special periods, disinfect all packaging bags. Stop the spread of the epidemic from the source.

Delivery is difficult, Xiaoyupack takes the initiative to bear the added transportation fees. Try to make sure that the goods are foolproof before they reach the customers. Delivery must observe the order of the epidemic prevention and control. They sent goods out through safety channels as orderly as possible.

Accidents are unpredictable, so the ability to contend with external factors is valuable. Abide by the commitment to customers is their purpose. Reduce the losses of both parties, not stop moving forward due to the raging virus, and not be at a loss.

The epidemic gives XiaoyuPack a warning. It is necessary to develop the ability to predict force majeure factors. Then prepare in advance. Make sure the quality of products to customers. This is why we can be confident to avoid exceeding the delivery date.

The virus is terrible, but XiaoyuPack did not shrink back from it. Instead, it did not hesitate to face the difficulties. Every obstacle will become an precious experience. In different periods, Xiaoyupack use different policies. Deliver goods on time to build a trust bridge with customers.

Welcome to order Xiaoyupack

Xiaoyupack has ten years of service experience in the coffee field. It is making continuous progress. As a packaging industry, It has established a fixed customer base.

Customers can buy heat sealing machines, sealing clips, funnels on the same order edge. This simplifies the tedious ordering process to a considerable part. You don’t have to receive a lot of scattered packages. Xiaoyupack will pack all you need in only one package. Of course, you may have other ordering requirements. You can send an email to illustrate your demands, and Xiaoyupack is bound to respond to your needs.


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