What question to ask when hiring a flexible packaging company in China

Are you looking for a flexible packaging supplier that can meet the needs of your product packaging? if you are but don’t know how to determine which one is right for your business then keep reading.

When looking for packaging suppliers in China. You have to be aware of certain factors like the time difference, language communication, and different regions. Because of this reason we need to know the right questions to ask. To improve the communication efficiency in finding a packaging company that suits your products well.

 We know how difficult it is for you to find a stable and reliable partner in China at the beginning. Especially for a company that has just started a business. So to help you we have gathered questions from our consumers on what to ask when hiring a flexible packaging company.

 What should we prepare in advance?

 First of all, we must clarify the functional requirements of what packaging our products need. For example, my bags need to be retorted, vacuumed, or frozen to keep them fresh.

Clarify and check the requirements for the type of bag, material, and packaging size you want. This can be done by analyzing your market and investigating your competitors. understand their packaging types and even collect their images and other information on the Internet or in stores.

Know your marketing strategy. whether it be for a new product testing the market or the best selling product packaging. To save costs, look for more economical and flexible packaging options. This determines the quantity and budget you can accept at the beginning.

Each big project starts with a list, so in the last step sort suppliers’ information. Include the recommended source of your supplier, whether it is from a B2B platform, Google search, or other means.

Then, after some investigations, put all the information you have received in this list. To facilitate the final decision to continue in-depth negotiations.

Next, what questions should you ask when consulting?

Their product line and capacity for production

If your product packaging has different requirements. For example, if you are a dog food manufacturer, you must buy flexible packaging for small packaging. Purchase pp woven bag for large packaging and other aluminum cans and paper bags. This means that it will take a lot of time to consult about different packaging types. 

So if a manufacturer like Xiaoyu Packaging can offer you as many types of products and reasonable prices as possible. This will greatly help you to improve procurement efficiency and save time and costs. In the beginning, make sure you get a comprehensive list of company capabilities to meet all your needs as much as possible.

Their delivery time

Usually, different packaging products have different lead times. You have to take this into account. You have to consider the method, time and costs of overseas transport. So you know how long it will take to accept new orders. The lead time for flexible packaging suppliers in China is about two to six weeks.

What is the minimum order quantity

If you are a start-up company and need a small amount of packaging bag printed with your innovative pattern to test the market feedback. Then you have no choice but to accept a high MOQ because you don’t have enough market share. This will lead to high inventories and packaging waste. Because packaging is constantly updated with market feedback and government policies.

et’s say you’re a candy brand with many different flavors and you have to print different designs on your packaging. If you accept a high MOQ, it can bring a large amount of inventory and buy those high quantities. Capital is occupied, which greatly increases the company’s business risk, especially if the company is growing rapidly.

Therefore, the minimum order quantity must be reduced to ensure a faster delivery time. Good supply partners will be prepared to grow with you providing you with a fast delivery time and low MOQ.

What printing processes do you use

Flexible packaging uses three traditional printing methods

1. Traditional gravure printing technology 

2. Digital printing technology 

3. Screen printing 

You need to know what technology the supplier you are talking to is using in printing your packaging.

Another thing is that you have to understand the strength of the supplier and that the capital you have for negotiating with him will be more. Because each technology has its advantages and disadvantages:

Digital printing has the advantages of flexible delivery times, low MOQ, and high-definition graphics with no printing fees. 

Traditional gravure printing can significantly reduce your packaging costs under the condition that you have high order quantity. But its shortcomings are also very obvious, such as high MOQ, plate production, and delivery time of at least 20 days.

If the supplier with which you communicate only has one of the printing methods, the choice depends on your needs. Of course, some manufacturers have these three printing technologies at the same time, such as Xiaoyu Packaging. Which can provide different packaging solutions for your different needs.

In which industry market do you have the most experience?

When you ask if the supplier you are currently communicating with has extensive experience in your market and industry. There is no doubt that a great packaging company will want to show off its work and tell you the big customers in the industry they have worked with. 

This enables you to better understand the packaging forms and functions of each market segment in your industry.

Check their service quality

Another important factor in helping you decide whether you want to move forward with your supplier is to assess the details of their quality service:

1. Their response speed. If your manufacturer is slow in responding then that indicates that they do not care much for their client’s communication.

2. The efficiency of action. If you need product images or samples, they can send them to you within few days. Having a business partner like that is worth growing with.

3. Professionalism. Great packaging manufacturers use their professionalism to discuss good ideas with you and try to find the best solutions for solving your problems.

4. Details and responsibility. A great packaging manufacturer always strives to deliver the product on time,and also they will take the initiative to update the order progress to you in each production process, you can know the status of the order at any time

If they provide environmentally friendly materials

As more and more consumers participate in the topic of sustainable development. The impact of flexible plastic on the environment has always been a point of topic. So if they can offer environmentally friendly materials, you should consider this when choosing a manufacturer for you.

Most importantly, your packaging must comply with the requirements in protecting your product.

The packaging manufacturer should know the functional requirements of your packaging. For example, your packaging must achieve steam, freezing, and high moisture and barrier properties. Reliable packaging manufacturers will recommend a material structure that suits your requirements. If you think your manufacturers meet the requirements you need. To achieve sustainable development in your structural material. Then this gives you an advantage, especially if you are packaging a new product.

Whether to provide door-to-door delivery service

Since we buy packaging from China, we have to deal with international logistics transport problems. Then in international logistics transportation, we have to face customs declaration, customs clearance, tariffs, and logistics issues. Which will lead to more people participating resulting in spending more resources and communication time.

Encountering custom inspection and tariff issues causes delivery delays and can even lead to the possibility of abandonment. Losing products during transit gives first-time brand owners headaches.

If your packaging manufacturer can offer a one-stop packaging solution from production to your delivery door. Then it will be much more convenient for the clients since they only need to open the door and the product will be waiting for them.

Lucky for you Xiaoyu offers this before we cooperate with the client we communicate with them first.We talk with our clients first and come up with solutions to solve issues that might occur during transportation. Like the shipping, clearance, customs and tax. Our delivery service radiates not only in Asia but to the countries as well like Europe, America, and some parts of Africa. We also decide on the transportation method depending on the urgency of the clients whether it be via sea or air. Of course, these are all included in the taxes so you won’t need to pay more.

Once you have the opportunity to speak to every flexible packaging company and ask your questions, there is another step you need to take, namely to ask them to make a quotation and sort it into your list. This is also a very important assessment factor.

We hope this article can help you find the right supplier quickly and efficiently. If Xiaoyu Packaging is lucky enough to be your consulting agent. It will be an exciting thing, and we will do our best to give you a high-quality packaging experience.


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