Smart packaging QR Code: building a bridge of trust between brands and consumers

What makes your brand stand out on the oversaturated shelf? The answer is consumer trust in the brand. When facing similar goods, 85% of consumers will make choices based on their trust in the brand.

The QR code on the product packaging is the bridge of trust between your brand and consumers. In the early 1990s, a Japanese engineer named Hara Masahiro and his team developed a QR code. Subsequently, QR code is also used on the packaging, so as to realize the interaction between brands and consumers, also known as interconnected packaging.

What is Internet packaging

We can connect internet packaging with the Internet. Each internet bag is printed with a QR code, and each QR code is unique. It is like our ID cards. Consumers can scan it with their mobile phones to obtain real-time information, advantages, uses of goods, and so on. Because of its uniqueness, if someone reproduces or pretends to be your packaging, a QR code will generate anomaly detection and capture it.

Advantages of using QR codes in product packaging

  1. Product information transparency

Consumers only need to scan the QR code for a few seconds to get specific information about the product. For example, origin, specification, composition, production date, shelf life, promotion, or coupon… Even the complete story of products from farm to processing plant and finally to shelf. With the improvement of technology, consumers will get more product information through QR codes in the future. Consumers can fully understand this product and even the whole brand in just a few minutes.

2. Product certification

By scanning QR codes, consumers can obtain more relevant information such as production factories and a batch of products. There is information on whether the product meets food standards. This can prove that the products are produced through formal channels, not fake and shoddy. Official certification can make consumers trust products more.

3. Consumer purchase preference

At the same time, you can also obtain the statistics on the number of people who buy the product, including the age, gender, country, etc. of the consumer population.

QR codes can also collect customer comments and feedback. You can get customers’ comments on the product to help you make a purchase decision.

4. Fight food waste

According to the United Nations, more than 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted every year. A big reason is because of people’s bad practices and improper storage of food.

Consumers can scan the QR code to obtain the usage method, shelf life, and disposal method after the expiration of the product.

Therefore, it is very important to help fight against food waste through the design of product packaging.

5. Multilingual Handbook

When your product circulates in the international market, consumers can obtain instruction manuals in multiple languages by scanning QR codes.

The QR code will automatically detect the user’s mobile phone language, and then automatically locate the product manual in the corresponding language.

Such intelligent functions

Creative design of QR code

  1. You can use colorful QR codes

QR codes are black and white in people’s stereotypes, but you can add clearer colors in combination with your brand style. This will be more vivid and attract consumers. At the same time, it will encourage more people to scan your QR code and interact with your products.

  • Add a compelling CTA

You can also add a unique or guiding logo and place it in the center of the QR code.

It’s easy to ignore that people don’t know what information will be obtained by scanning QR codes, so it’s also important to make simple marks around it.

  • Distinctive shape

When it comes to QR codes, people’s mind is a regular square patterns. But in fact, the edge of a QR code can also have various choices for you to choose from. For example, hexagon or octagon and so on.

  • The location of the QR code should be obvious

It is worth noting that the QR code should be placed in the front or center of the bag to make it easy to find. Instead of putting it in a corner or where it’s easy to fold up.

  • Ensure the usability of QR code

Before printing the QR code, it should be tested to ensure that the QR code can be scanned. Moreover, the size of the QR code is required. If it is too small, it can not be scanned. It should be at least 2cm × 2cm.

Potential of intelligent packaging

Intelligent packaging is still in its early stage of development, but the potential application value and advantages of integrating this new technology are huge.

As the name suggests, smart packaging provides packaging with extended functions. It includes technologies designed to achieve more than just packaging. It also focuses on using the cloud to provide customers with more objective purchase suggestions.

Using QR codes for packaging is an innovative practice. Each package has its own “ID card”, which can also provide feedback to merchants to improve products by testing their use.

Modern companies have learned the advantages of smart packaging, and they are seeking to invest in sustainable solutions, so the market prospect of smart packaging is infinitely good.


The Internet is changing our life, which touches every aspect of our life, even the packaging of coffee. We can use the cloud to live better and more conveniently.

In addition to the popularity and satisfaction of the product itself, the coffee bag packaging design is affecting consumers’ purchase decisions. QR code is significant progress made by intelligent packaging. It has completely changed the interaction between consumers and brands. This has greatly enhanced brand trust and significantly improved brand awareness. Consumers are dependent on QR codes, so they can cultivate long-term brand loyalty.

If you also want to build trust with customers through smart packaging, you can contact us for more information. We will provide you with the best solution.


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