What factors on the packaging can affect the last time of coffee?

Coffee is a daily necessity for many families. Coffee is put into coffee bags after being roasted at high temperatures. Coffee has been losing its freshness since it was put into the bag. So it is very necessary to find out what affects the last time of coffee. So we can find a way to keep coffee fresh longer. This allows you to enjoy the freshest flavor of the coffee.

So in this article, I will analyze what factors on the coffee package will affect the storage time of coffee. This is also a convenient and useful guide for you.

Coffee packaging materials

If the packaging material is too thin, the shelf life of coffee will be greatly shortened. Especially for dark coffee. Because dark coffee degasses much faster than light coffee.

Xiaoyupack chose composite packaging after testing a variety of packaging materials. Because this coffee package is made of a variety of materials. Different materials have different properties. So, this kind of packaging has a variety of excellent properties. Such as heat insulation, oxygen insulation, moisture resistance, etc. Nowadays, many coffee packages on the market are flexible multi-layer bags. This really extends the shelf life of coffee.

The tightness of coffee packaging

Coffee should be stored in a sealed container. The simplest thing is to find an opaque sealed bag to hold coffee. Coffee bags need to be very tight and can’t pass through the air. The contact between coffee and air will accelerate oxidation and deterioration. Xiaoyupack’s coffee packaging has strong sealing. This is one of the properties of our strict quality inspection. And our packaging is multi-layer and completely opaque.  This can reduce the damage of light to the life of coffee. And it should also have an airtightness device to help to degas.

One-way air valve

Oxygen is the enemy of freshly roasted coffee. Coffee should be kept as far away from air or oxygen as possible. Packaging is the key. The most convenient package, and what you are most likely to find in supermarkets and some coffee shops, is the package with a one-way exhaust valve.

The coffee bean bag with a valve is equipped with a specially designed hole. The hole is unidirectional. It can release the carbon dioxide produced by coffee without letting any air in and spoiling the coffee beans.

Xiaoyupack’s coffee bags are equipped with one-way exhaust valves. This is a good way to prolong the storage time of coffee. Moreover, we have tested the quality and unidirectionality of the air valve.

Once we open the coffee bag, the coffee will be exposed to the air. Oxygen and moisture in the air will speed up the deterioration of coffee. This problem can be prevented if tight and repeatable zippers are set in the package.

Repeat the switch function

In xiaoyupack, we provide various types of zippers. The types of zippers are press-to-zipper, easy tear zipper, and tin tie.

Storage environment

Avoid moisture. You should put the coffee in a cool and dry place. Even if the coffee is protected by packaging, if it is stored in a humid and muggy environment for a long time, this will reduce the shelf life and aroma of coffee. After all, water and oxygen are the first killers of coffee.

Coffee has been gradually losing its freshness since it was put into the coffee bag. Therefore, it should be stored under appropriate environmental conditions.

Avoid ultraviolet. Direct sunlight will lead to the deterioration of coffee. Therefore, you should not store coffee in transparent packaging. Nor should coffee be placed under strong shelf lights. Otherwise, ultraviolet rays will decompose the chemicals in the coffee and cause the coffee to deteriorate. Xiaoyupack’s UV printing process can reduce UV damage through photoresist testing.

Avoid heat. Heat can speed up the non-enzymatic browning and degradation of aromatic properties of beans. At temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius or higher, the chemicals in coffee break down rapidly. This accelerates the release of carbon dioxide. Then the coffee beans will soon lose their taste. So, you should avoid exposing coffee to a high temperature or hot environment. This includes areas such as window sills, and cabinets near the stove or counter space next to the toaster.

Avoid refrigerators. Coffee is highly hygroscopic. There is a lot of condensed water in the refrigerator, which will lead to the deterioration of coffee. At the same time, coffee is porous and soft, which will absorb other odors in the refrigerator. You don’t want to taste the coffee with “leftovers”.

Tips: After pouring the coffee, you should remember to roll up the opening of the coffee before merging the zipper or tin tie. In this way, the excess carbon dioxide inside the bag can be discharged. And it can prevent the outside air from entering the inside of the bag.

Tips on packaging

You should read the baking date printed on the package carefully. The best eating date is 6-12 months after the baking date. You can calculate the storage time of coffee according to the date

Some packages will also have small ways to extend the shelf life of coffee. You can follow the instructions at home.


How to extend the shelf life of coffee has always been our concern. Xiaoyupack has been improving the coffee packaging to keep the coffee fresh. Our coffee bag is a multi-layer composite bag with a one-way exhaust valve and repeatable sealing zipper. It has a variety of excellent properties.

You can also tell us what you think and we will customize it for you.

If you need a package to extend the last time of coffee, please contact us immediately. We will provide you with the most suitable packaging order scheme for your needs.


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