The New Trend For Biscuit Packages 2022

When people are hungry at school or work, they usually don’t choose a large bag of potato chips to fill their stomachs. At this time, a few biscuits are enough to come in handy.

People’s ideas are more and more innovative, with more types and flavors of biscuits. Biscuit lovers are happy to explore more new products. Today, consumers will stay longer in the cookie aisle to seek healthier choices. Including attractive design and aesthetic style of packaging.

The covid-19 pandemic has promoted the consumption of snacks. People like to stay at home and enjoy biscuits. But at the same time, they also pay more attention to the hygiene and sustainability of packaging bags. With demand, there will be new choices. This means that biscuit brands can take this opportunity to attract new consumers through packaging. It’s not just a cookie recipe. Loyal customers will look for your brand on the e-commerce website. They try to connect with your cookie project and make more suggestions. This is also to satisfy their taste buds.

Please continue reading today’s cookie packaging guide. After reading, you will master the types of biscuit packaging today and the future trends. This will help you stand out from your competitors and better connect with your target market.

Biscuit Custom Packaging

Consumers have screened unfamiliar brands many times. We are all visual animals. Excellent biscuit packaging will be their admission ticket. You can observe that the rest of the shelves are mediocre packaging designs.

Custom biscuit packaging should be your first choice. Your brand story is unique. It’s best to print personalized fonts and patterns on the cookie bag. When you provide high-quality packaging, it will easily appear in the circle of friends of consumers. Everyone wants to be a treasure digger.

Xiaoyupack provides custom packaging for family and individual biscuits. No one wants to follow suit, so let’s start the packaging customization project now.

Multi-Layer barrier Material Bag

Biscuits are hygroscopic snacks, so they need a higher barrier. To ensure freshness and prevent deterioration, please consider using high-barrier materials. This avoids the ingress of moisture and oxygen. While preventing ultraviolet radiation. This means less waste. Flexible packaging can play an excellent protective role. The multilayer barrier film is composed of a variety of materials. Different materials play different functions. And they are easy to recycle materials.

Properly Display Products To Improve Consumers’ Purchasing Desire

The biscuit itself is a delicious scenery. Like coffee bags, transparent windows are a good way to attract consumers. Customers can see the state of the biscuits. Is it fresh? In addition to the realistic pattern design, the real food style will attract their appetite. The use of transparent packaging is also a reflection of the brand’s confidence in its product status.

Intelligent Biscuit Packages

The food industry is prone to fake and shoddy products. This can easily mislead consumers, who may have a wrong impression of your brand. To solve this problem from the root. You can use a QR code to identify your positive master status. The QR code is unique. It can track products and identify fake and shoddy food.

Not only that, the QR code is OK. Provide more convenience for consumers. In this way, the interaction between the brand and customers is established. Consumers can learn more about cookies by scanning QR codes. Including the origin, ingredients, and even the pH value of biscuits. This means that consumers trust your brand more. Ways to build brand loyalty.

People tend to stay at home more and more. Contactless shopping and distribution have become a trend. If they have an empty cookie bag, consumers can scan the QR code on the package for online shopping.

Clear And Effective Instructions

The quality of consumers is getting higher and higher, and they will spend more time looking at the ingredients of food. Most consumers prefer to buy products with clear labels. Because they don’t want to waste too much time reading complicated product descriptions.

A simple but effective label design is necessary. It reflects the responsibility and professionalism of the biscuit brand. Transparent packaging is one way. It is also necessary to use labels to increase consumer awareness. Clean labels can help you improve your brand image and help consumers make smart purchases.

Purchasing Convenience

If there are more convenient packaging options, people who do not buy are fools. The design of the bag hanging empty and the handle can be hung on the shelf. It can also be placed on the bicycle handle. Although this is the demand of some people, the design with demand is successful.

Matching Colors

Matcha is green, strawberry is pink and chocolate is brown. Reflect the color of the contents on the package. This is a conventional but effective design. We provide a variety of taste design solutions. Increasing the sandwich type of biscuits can expand the sales volume. Consumers want to have a taste of each.


Wearing too much is an example of failure. The same applies to biscuit packaging. Minimalism is a major trend in packaging design. Consumers’ aesthetics has gotten rid of gorgeous fonts and messy designs and adopted simple and effective packaging design. The number and position of fonts and patterns are just right. It helps to highlight the value of the product. The simple design looks cleaner. Consumers subconsciously feel that the ingredients of biscuits are cleaner and healthier.

Resealable Zipper

Any kind of snack can’t be without a repeatable seal and zipper. Consumers like the convenience they provide. Because they will not bring their clips at home for sealing. Like the barrier film, the zipper plays the role of denying oxygen. And blocks moisture and sunlight. This helps keep the biscuit fresh between uses.

Sustainable Packaging

It is beneficial and harmless to regard sustainable goals as the development goals of enterprises. Environmentally conscious shoppers will appreciate the efforts to use sustainable materials in their cookie packaging. Xiaoyupack provides post-consumption recycling (PCR), fully recyclable bags, or compostable packaging. These packages are printed using sustainable printing processes and compostable inks.

Biscuit Packaging Partner

At xiaoyupack, we listen to all your needs. Your requirements and wild ideas will appear in the final product bag.

In addition to various types of environmentally friendly materials, you can also choose a bag type. We offer different choices for your biscuit packaging, including flat bags, vertical bags, and rolls. If you are looking for a single cookie package, a family-size bag, or any other size, we can meet your needs. You can check our stock sample bags and the best-selling finished bags for reference.

Xiaoyupack uses digital printing for fast delivery. Reduce turnaround time to help you quickly enter the market. Our professional team responds promptly and provides detailed and effective suggestions. Call us now and you will get a customized cookie packaging solution.


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