9 Highlights Of Designing Candy Packages

Sweet sweets capture people of all ages. The atmosphere of the candy shelf is also sweet and eye-catching. Birthday parties, wedding banquets, dinners, holiday necessities, recreational snacks… Sweets are everywhere. From traditional old-fashioned sweets to imported artisan brands, consumers can not move their eyes. Different tastes and styles attract people of different ages.

The sales volume of the candy market is showing explosive growth. Especially the young people who are under increasing pressure in life, they yearn for more high-quality sweets to soothe their hearts.

Please read on. Learn why consumers pay for candy bags every time they walk out of the shelf.

The design idea of candy packaging

Candy is different from other products. Most consumers tend to buy different brands and different packaging. They want to explore more sweetness.

The goal of candy packaging is to stimulate the desire of potential customers. And how do let consumers know about strange brands? Use attractive candy packaging. They will increase their liking before they taste the contents.

Some studies show that the category that promotes the continuous development of the candy industry is not chocolate but candy. This also proves that candy and candy packaging have more development possibilities. People taste sweets and get a sweet mouth and a happy mood. The children are happy to share the novel sweets with their partners. Adults will expose candies with high-value packaging on social media.

Therefore, unique candy packaging creativity is the first step to opening the market for you. This makes their experience of your candy unforgettable.

Get to the point. According to the trend and trends of the candy market, we have summarized and listed 9 necessary ideas for candy packaging. Please consider them for your next Candy Bag idea.

1. Select The Appropriate Bag Type

There are four main types of soft packaging in the candy Market:

A standing bag is a popular choice for high-end candy. Various size options, including small and large. They can stand, and bags provide a lot of space for brands and graphics. The vertical bag can fully display the color and pattern with its superior structure. Not only that, consumers prefer it. Because it is convenient to reverse and stand. And the vertical candy bag provides a wide opening for consumers to take candy.

Rollstock is an economical and versatile choice. A popular choice for small and large candy bars.

The flat bag is very suitable for bulk candy bags of various sizes. They are light in weight. You can create a window with transparency to show the internal content. Consumers can grab a handful of sweets and put them in their pockets. Lightweight and easy to tear. And the shatterproof quality is excellent.

Flat bottom pouch. High-end candy brands favor it. The open space on eight sides provides a clear display. This can include your brand story, product features, etc. . Consumers will choose boutique packaging to show their taste. This gives your candy brand a piece of the market. At the same time, this bag type allows for more convenient functions. For example, a zipper (providing a repeatable sealing function). Transparent window (providing real and high-definition product display).

2. Transparent Window Display

Proper transparent windows can improve the attraction. The candy itself is an attractive scenery. Consumers will pay for fresh candy when they see it. At the same time, transparent windows are your confidence and responsibility for your brand. This is conducive to building brand loyalty.

3. Repeatable Sealing

Your customers like convenient candy packaging. They will not hesitate to pay more for this.

Resealability offers many benefits. Providing a good seal can keep the remaining sweets fresh for a longer time. At the same time, it provides consumers with the opportunity to take soft candy as snacks during the journey. Without the risk of overflow.

4. Multiple SKUs

The novelty of candy is everyone’s gift. Everyone likes diversity! More flavors can attract more consumers. They will always expect you to introduce more novel flavors. And this helps consumers to expand their purchases and sharing. For example, chicken tail wine can open up a new consumer group. Through various color packaging, your brand will occupy more shelf space to increase exposure.

5. Limited Taste

Everyone likes limited editions. Candy is no exception. Valentine’s Day is a sweet day for lovers, which can’t be without candy. You can introduce a limited flavor for Valentine’s day. Don’t be limited to this. At the beginning of each season, you can launch seasonal varieties. For example, peach blossom in spring, mint in summer, sweet potato in autumn, and ice cream in winter. With more seasonal and flavor choices, your products can be on store shelves all year round.

If you have the idea to launch such a business, xiaoyupack recommends you choose digital printing bags. You can create short edition packages with seasonal flavors in limited edition packages, so you can introduce new candy flavors for each holiday.

6. Bright And High-definition Bag Pattern

Human eyes can’t lie. Brightly colored packaging will come into sight first. Bright graphic design inspires consumers’ senses. Digital printing can guarantee your satisfaction.

The color of the package can present the flavor of the candy. Let people know at a glance. For example, yellow is mango and pineapple, and pink is strawberry. Digital printing is the bridge to turning eye-catching design into reality. Digital printing can create high-impact graphics, bright colors, and 360-degree candy packaging design. Nutrition information, brand stories, and other information will be perfectly presented on the bag.

If you want to create an interesting atmosphere, you will want to use bright colors for your candy. Lifelike cartoon printing is beneficial to family, friends, and lovers. This brings happiness and sweet smiles. If you want to put candy on an important occasion or give a gift. Darker tones such as black or brown will better create a serious atmosphere.

Digital printing realizes the high-definition graphics and bright colors of photos. Xiaoyupack provides the minimum order quantity and the fastest delivery time. Benefit from replenishment and multiple SKUs. Through digital printing, you can gain consumers’ awareness of the brand.

7. Add Aluminum Foil Decoration

If you want candy to be different and more high-end, you can try adding gold or silver foil. This gives your candy brand a luxurious image.

This type of packaging makes people who receive candy feel respected. By giving them something that feels worth opening.

8. Sustainable Packaging

The selling of sweets makes people think of the disposal of packaging. If your company has a clear environmental goal, or your customers are looking for environmentally friendly alternatives. Then it’s time for you to make a change. Plastic candy boxes and plastic bags can harm the environment. You can use alternative candy bags that can reduce your carbon footprints, such as small bags or pet bags. This helps to reduce the potential impact on the environment. Therefore, it is considered a sustainable and more environmentally friendly packaging.

Sustainable packaging is a huge trend. No matter in any industry. Not only brands, but many consumers are also looking for more environmentally friendly alternatives. They demand to reduce the use of harmful candy packaging that harms the environment.

9. Choose Flexible Packaging

With the increase in candy sales during the covid-19 pandemic, more candy brands entered the market. Candy has a healthier choice. Candy packaging should also be changed. Flexible packaging allows the presence of vertical bags, transparent windows, and zippers. This means it allows 360 ° product display, resealable station, and standing. And the soft packaging is also strong and puncture resistant. Compared with cardboard boxes, flexible packaging is more light. This reduces your transportation and storage costs.

Cooperate With Candy Oackaging Manufacturers

When developing candy packaging, it is important to find a packaging provider that meets your personal needs. If you are looking for sustainable candy packaging. Xiaoyupack is your best choice. We focus on digital printing and custom flexible packaging. Our team of flexible packaging experts is ready to help you stand out on the busy candy shelves.

Digital printing allows you to enjoy shorter delivery time and lower order volume. In addition, digital printing custom flexible packaging can create photo-quality graphics and images. Achieve 360 ° brand promotion. To provide the convenience and aesthetic feeling desired by today’s consumers. Contact us now and you will get the quotation and customized candy packaging solution in the fastest time.


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