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Drinking coffee is a process that needs to be done from beginning to end. This means that you need to properly recycle the coffee bag after enjoying the coffee. Different countries have different systems and environments. So it is not always easy to recycle coffee packaging.

Recycling coffee bags correctly can reduce the damage of carbon footprint to the natural environment and achieve sustainability. The key first step of correct recycling is to dispose of the materials in the coffee bag. So you need to know what materials the coffee bag you buy is made of. Different materials have different recycling rules because of their different characteristics. Recycling it correctly will ensure that it can be reused and reused without damaging the earth.

The purpose of coffee packaging is to maintain the aroma and freshness of coffee beans. In order to maximize the freshness of coffee, we usually use mixed materials to provide different protection functions. This also makes it difficult to recycle them.

Please continue to read today’s article. In order to ensure that different kinds of coffee bags are recycled in the right way, we have compiled a guide to recycling coffee packaging materials in the right way. It can expand the scope of your future sale of coffee.

Current situation of recyclable packaging bags

Every industry should pay attention to the earth’s environment. We have always adhered to and advocated the use of sustainable coffee bags. And we have been continuously improving and innovating. Fortunately, more and more eco coffee bags choose to enter the packaging market.  Enterprises and individuals are willing to pay more for recyclable coffee bags.

Return to the core content: how to recycle coffee bags of different materials?

Kraft paper coffee bag

Kraft paper coffee bags use pure kraft paper, that is, bags that do not contain any plastic. And the trees made of kraft paper are also certified for environmental protection. It can be said that if the package is made of untreated kraft paper, it is completely compostable and biodegradable. For coffee lovers who want to use natural materials to make recyclable coffee bags, kraft paper coffee bags are a good choice. After enjoying coffee, you can directly put kraft paper bags into composting bins. Or you can recycle them together with paper products through local recycling. They will degrade and disappear in about 10 to 12 weeks without any pollution.

Before putting it into ordinary garbage, there is a key problem: please be sure to remove any residual coffee grounds in the bag. Coffee grounds cannot be degraded, and it will only cause extra pollution.

The only problem with single-layer kraft paper bags is that they can’t keep the coffee beans at their best for a long time. Therefore, you’d better put in fresh ground coffee and use it up as soon as possible.


PLA packaging also becomes polylactic acid packaging, which is made of corn, sugarcane, or corn starch. Therefore, it is a plastic product produced by a  fermentation process using natural materials. From this, we can know that PLA is an environmentally friendly material. And it consumes less energy in production, so it also produces less waste.

In recent years, PLA has become a popular choice for coffee roasters. The reason why it is popular is not only because it is an environmentally friendly material.  But it is also usually combined with kraft paper to become a strong and durable material. This which can better protect coffee.

At the end of use, PLA is biodegraded by commercial composting. Under appropriate conditions, PLA can be decomposed in just 90 days. Petroleum-based plastics take thousands of years to decompose. You can take PLA packaging to a professional recycling center in your city for treatment. If not, PLA packaging can be composted at home. Although it takes longer than in professional facilities, it is ultimately harmless to the environment.


LDPE is coded as number 4 on the plastic resin code, which represents low-density polyethylene. Because of its high barrier, it has become a particularly popular choice in coffee bags. LDPE can effectively maintain the freshness of the coffee. Because it prevents external factors detrimental to coffee beans. Such as oxygen and moisture.

At the same time, LDPE also provides consumers with recyclable options. But this does not necessarily mean that it can be left on the sidewalk for someone to collect. Moreover, not all locations have special pick-up plans. And some locations need to discard LDPE waste at specific locations. If it cannot be recycled, it means that it will eventually be landfilled. Any label must be removed before recycling. This includes accessories such as degassing valve and zipper structure. And the materials should be cleaned before being sent for recycling. But like all environmentally friendly packaging materials, LDPE can only be sustainable if it is properly disposed of.

Now, you can recycle LDPE coffee bags through the drop-off project. And then they will be made into other plastic products. Such as lids, bottles, or other coffee packaging. Switching to reusable packaging solutions is another way to recycle and extend the circulation time of products.

LDPE material is a flexible, durable, and sustainable solution. Compared with other layers of materials, this material only needs one layer to protect the contents, so it is lighter. For consumers, the handling of LDPE packaging is much simpler, because it is not easy to be polluted and is easier to recycle. Now there are many special facilities for recycling LDPE products all over the country. And the processability of this type of packaging has been improved.

Multilayers packages

When you need to store coffee for a long time, you need a coffee bag that provides greater freshness. At this time, the coffee must be packed in the inner lining bag to ensure that the abrasive is perfectly protected from exposure. The aluminum foil inside the bag can provide a strong barrier effect. And  it maintains the baking quality and freshness. This type of packaging is called a compound coffee bag or multi-layer bag.

Although this is great for coffee lovers, they will feel sad when recycling these bags. Because the materials in the multi-layer bags cannot be separated through our own strength. This means that so far, the bags cannot be recycled.

But TerraCycle provides some coffee packaging recycling plans. You can recycle composite bags through companies like them. So it’s worth checking with them whether they can recycle the packaging you own

Our actions on environmentally friendly coffee bags

Choosing environmentally friendly materials is not enough, and it is also crucial for the choice of ink and glue. Although they are inconspicuous, they are always attached to the coffee bag. If you don’t pay attention to them, it will add difficulties to your recycling steps. Xiaoyupack uses environmentally friendly ink and solvent-free glue. These are eco-friendly tools to help you make every environmental protection move. Besides, we are continuing to innovate and develop more environmentally friendly ways to produce coffee bags. We also strive to produce less garbage and waste in the production process.

Find reliable suppliers to reduce the difficulty of recycling

The first step to reducing your burden is to choose a packaging supplier with the same sustainability goals as you. In this way, your customers’ next recycling steps for packaging will be much easier.

Knowing the type of coffee packaging you have and how to recycle it correctly will help reduce waste. This is also very beneficial to help save the earth from the impact of the climate crisis. Doing something beneficial to the environment is also beneficial to ourselves. This sets a good direction on our long-term career path.

Xiaoyupack is your bag broker. We provide a variety of sustainable coffee packaging solutions. And we can provide you with suggestions on the most environmentally friendly choices. Please contact us to get the most suitable customized packaging solutions for you.


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