Top 10 Advantages Of Polyester Film Coffee Bags

The flexible packaging market has gradually expanded with the popularity of coffee. Now consumers’ demand for coffee brands is no longer just for themselves. Both enterprises and individuals are from the perspective of the overall situation, and everyone’s attention to the environment is the top priority. You should pay attention to the impact of packaging after consumption.

At present, a large part of the flexible bag market is customized polyester film packaging.

In today’s article, we have sorted out the benefits of polyester film packaging and related types of film and packaging solutions in easy-to-understand and short words. If you are looking for such products, please continue to read to see if your choice is correct.

What is a Mylar coffee bag?  

Polyester film, also known as PET film. It is a plastic compound with excellent physical properties for plastic film. This includes high tensile strength, chemical resistance, thermal stability, flatness, transparency, and high-temperature resistance……. These excellent properties are very popular in the field of coffee packaging.

In most cases, the polyester film has a transparent coating and a glossy surface. But, it can also be made with other visual finishes, such as matte, hazy or unshaded. You can also change the surface to match a specific texture. Whether you are looking for a very smooth or very rough surface treatment. This can be well adapted to the transparent window on the coffee bag.

Current application environment of polyester film

With its excellent properties, the polyester film can be stretched into a film to provide a barrier for food. Because it can form various finishes. This provides a lot of potential benefits in many industries. For example, polyester film is an ideal choice for coffee bags. And it is also a food safety material, which provides benefits for beverages such as coffee juice.

Discuss the advantages of polyester film in detail

High thermal stability

Polyester film is an ideal choice for baking coffee powder and hot coffee beans. Because it provides low shrinkage in various environments. And it can maintain its form well in hot environments.

This property makes the polyester film an excellent heat sealing layer. And it can be used as a laminate of compostable materials such as kraft paper.

Improve ink and label durability

Polyester film has chemical resistance. So it can provide good adhesion for inks, adhesives, labels, and other suspensions. This is also conducive to the various coatings on the coffee bag that can be closely adsorbed on the surface of the bag. When affected, the protective layer on the bag is not easy to be damaged.

Food safety materials

Because the polyester film is so popular in the packaging industry, it is worth mentioning that its food safety quality is a benefit. Your coffee will not be polluted by this material. Because the polyester film will not produce chemicals or other harmful substances. Moreover, polyester film is scientifically certified, and it conforms to FDA, USDA, 3A dairy, and Canada Ag standards.

Good clarity

When the coffee bag is soaked with water, it can still maintain its performance. And it provides a good definition of attached patterns.

Provide moisture and odor-proof environment for coffee beans

After the roasted coffee beans leave the coffee shop, they need to use packaging to get special protection. So that it can maintain the freshness of the products and prevent odor.

Polyester film bag provides a high barrier. This can prevent odor from invading coffee and prevent moisture from entering. Your coffee product can maintain its aroma while maintaining its freshness.

Beneficial for maintaining ecological goals

Now more and more enterprises are looking for suppliers with environmental protection goals. and they are trying to cooperate with them. Consumers’ attention to the environment is increasingly important today. The polyester film bag is famous in the packaging field for its most environmentally friendly plastic film. It is a thermoplastic engineering film, so its shape can be changed by various degrees of heat. This makes it easy to recycle and reuse, which can greatly reduce the demand for new raw materials. And the high energy output required for manufacturing. Moreover, using polyester film as a coffee bag can provide functions. Such as CR zippers and sustainable film structure.

Prevent accidental scratching of bags

Roasted coffee needs long-distance transportation after being packaged. In this process, you must want your product to be intact. Thus, packaging that can resist tearing and puncture are very important. This is especially true for coffee merchants who have to transport coffee products to remote places. The polyester film can ensure the freshness of coffee even after a long journey.

The custom polyester film coffee bag can prevent the bag from tearing due to its material characteristics. For vertical bags and other flexible bags on crowded shelves, the ability to resist scratching is particularly important.

The option of repeatable sealing is essential

Like other coffee bags, polyester bags can be added with a repeatable sealing design. For high-capacity packaging, the existence of a zipper can extend the freshness of coffee and bring users a good experience.

In xiaoyupack, you can choose sealing structures. Such as press zipper, hook to hook zipper, or tin tie. We use them to provide strong air tightness for coffee, and they can prevent odor from escaping.

Excellent printing effect makes the products stand out on the shelf

There are all kinds of similar products on the shelves, so how can consumers see your brand in a short time?

Visually, polyester film material has a glossy surface. It can provide excellent optical clarity. When this material is used to cover the package, it can provide higher benefits. PET film provides a series of textures and finishes, which can be personalized according to your needs. And using it as the transparent film on the coffee bag can provide a good effect. Because the polyester film has anti-fog characteristics. This means that consumers can see a clear coffee shape.

Digital printing provides the highest cost performance

We are committed to making your packaging stand out on crowded shelves. But customizable options are endless. The polyester film can be adapted to a variety of printing technologies. When printing with today’s digital printing technology, the polyester film can present more. Such as matte, soft matte, gloss, metallization, and other surface treatment options.

And the advantage of using digital printing is that you can change your design at any time without bending over like intaglio printing. Because digital printing does not require plate making, it also means that the printing cost is reduced. Finally, we use digital printing, which can be delivered as soon as possible in 5-15 days.

You need to work with suppliers that keep up with the trend of the times

The world has changed. When you choose coffee packaging, you should not take meeting the needs of consumers as the sole purpose. The value of packaging to the environment is potential, which requires us to take it into account.

Flexible packaging is often slightly better than hard packaging in all aspects. Such as cost, performance, sense of use, etc. Consumers also agree with the value of flexible coffee bags.

Polyester film coffee bags provide consumers with higher enjoyment by virtue of their excellent characteristics. Xiaoyupack also offers customized solutions for PET films. You can discuss with us about your core demands, which will be reflected in your packaging solutions. Please contact us immediately.


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