What is kraft paper & why is it popular in coffee packaging

The word “kraft paper” may remind you of something.

You might imagine a classmate giving you a nice gift bag

You might think of a crumpled piece of paper in Amazon express. It may be the outer package of coffee……

In the coffee packaging industry, it is necessary to consider each material used to make packaging. Consider whether they are environmentally friendly, cost and quality.

When it comes to environmental protection and sustainability, many people will immediately think of brown kraft paper.

It’s an old but durable package. Therefore, it has been retained in the packaging market for decades. Most of its components come from nature and require few processing steps. Kraft paper will benefit your product and brand.

With the development of technology, kraft paper has a more diverse appearance after processing.

Please continue reading today’s article to learn more about kraft paper and why it is so popular.

What is kraft paper?

Kraft paper is a naturally degradable material. It is a kind of paper made of pulp or natural wood fiber. Kraft stands for “power” in German, so it also represents its quality, which is tenacity and scratch resistance.

Kraft paper is 100% environmentally friendly. Natural kraft paper is brown, but it can also be bleached into the white pulp.

Various uses are because it can solve hundreds or even thousands of problems. This simple brown paper can benefit your business. It contributes to safety, branding, environmental impact, and savings.

Type of kraft paper

Coated unbleached kraft paper

This type of kraft paper is the most original kraft paper, which has not been processed by bleaching or other processes. It is composed of 80% virgin fiber pulp. It is very tear-resistant and highly rigid.

Its surface has a naturally occurring titanium dioxide coating, which can improve the smoothness and make it easier to print patterns on the surface.

Coated kraft paper

Coated kraft paper is kraft paper with white additives. So it’s white. Xiaoyupack provides this bleached kraft paper, which can be used to make coffee bags without revealing the brown of the coffee itself.

In addition, kraft paper can be covered with any color. If you have an idea, you can tell us that xiaoyupack will provide you with the best solution.

Virgin kraft paper

Virgin kraft paper is made entirely from raw pulp, that is, it is made entirely from trees. And trees have also passed environmental protection standards. After taking the material, it was processed into brown kraft paper.

Kraft paper in this form is the strongest and most primitive.

Recycled kraft paper

Some materials are broken down into pulp and then turned into recycled kraft paper, which is made of recycled materials. Therefore, it will be used in coffee brands with sustainable packaging.

Mixed kraft paper

Mixed kraft paper will be made from raw pulp and recycled paper. Therefore, it has the advantages of both materials. It is not only durable but also recyclable. And the price is also very low.

Reasons for choosing kraft paper & advantages of kraft paper

Completely environmentally friendly materials

Kraft paper is a very environmentally friendly material. The original pulp used in the production of kraft paper has been certified by FSC. Moreover, it is biodegradable and can be easily degraded independently in the natural environment. And the degradation process will not release any bad chemicals into the soil. At the same time, it hardly releases a carbon footprint. Kraft paper is not only very energy-saving in the production process, but also the final product is completely recyclable.

Strong performance

Kraft paper is durable and versatile. It can be moisture-proof, high temperature resistant, and rough treatment. Kraft paper can withstand great tension, but it will not break. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the leakage of coffee during transportation. In the process of pulp production, lignin is removed and a higher degree of cellulose is retained. In addition, kraft paper treated with minimal chemicals retains its durability. It results in higher tensile strength and is less likely to tear.

The waterproof property is improved after improvement

Poor water resistance is a common disadvantage of paper-based packaging. Many people also say that kraft paper is very easy to be soaked in water and can’t be used again. However, coating kraft paper can improve its barrier. Then people can increase the use of kraft paper.

At the same time, kraft paper can also be heat sealed to improve its barrier property.

Lightweight materials

Kraft paper is not only famous for its high tear resistance, but also for its lightweight, which is conducive to reducing transportation costs.

Natural theme product packaging

One of the characteristics of kraft paper is its natural color and rough texture. It makes kraft paper a perfect representative of natural theme product packaging.

With the increasing demand for different colors of kraft paper, the degree of bleaching was adjusted in the production process to show other colors such as natural kraft paper, cream kraft paper, and black kraft paper. Light colors indicate that more bleaching is involved, so the surface becomes smoother. General kraft paper is recommended to use monochrome printing to highlight the natural texture of this special paper. However, due to different sources of materials harvested in different weather, the color of kraft paper will vary from batch to batch

Additional features of custom kraft paper

Environmentally friendly ink

Our stereotype of kraft paper is the appearance of brown. But we can still print your brand concept on the package. Because kraft paper is easy to print. Moreover, in xiaoyupack, we use environmentally friendly ink, which is extracted from soybean, so it is very friendly to the environment. This is more sustainable than petroleum-based ink.

This adds environmentally friendly steps to creating sustainable packaging

  • Transparent window

Adding transparent windows in appropriate positions can not only improve the display of products but also meet the curiosity of consumers. This can make your product stand out on the shelf, which is an advantage different from other products.

  • Pocket

Adding a pocket in a prominent position on the surface of the bag is a convenient and novel design. You can communicate your brand idea or brand story to consumers through a card. Put this card in your pocket. This can be a brand impression. Let consumers remember your brand and product through the card in their pocket, so as to have more sense of ceremony when drinking coffee.

Xiaoyupack’s professional design team can analyze your product characteristics and packaging structure and finally provide you with the best window position, shape, and area.

Environmental protection packaging has a long way to go

Sustainable packaging is the bottom line we must adhere to.

In xiaoyupack, the kraft paper packaging we produce and use is biodegradable and compostable. It is 100% natural, so direct contact with coffee is very safe. It will not affect the quality of coffee. Moreover, the tenacity of the material can improve the durability of kraft paper.

I believe you have learned about kraft paper. At xiaoyupack, we provide kraft paper packaging and use environmentally friendly ink printing, so this can lead to the final product being completely compostable and biodegradable.

If you have more questions, you can consult us, and our expert team will provide you with the best solution.

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