Sealing Zipper Type Of Coffee Packages: What You Need To Know

On today’s shelves, the resealable option is standard for packaging. The reason may be that people realize that sealing is a convenient and economical choice after experiencing a bad scene. After all, no one wants to clean up the mess caused by the spill of content.

Therefore, consumers are looking for products that make their lives more convenient. The resealing and closing of the coffee bag is within the range of products they are looking for. Consumers will not hesitate to pay additional fees. According to the IMT 2018 global packaging trends report, 50% of American grocery shoppers believe that correct packaging can help reduce food waste. According to research, consumers are willing to pay about 14% more for products with repeatable sealed packaging.

So how do choose the best packaging sealing type according to the needs of consumers?

Please continue to read the article. I will introduce different seal closure types and use scenarios, which will facilitate your choice.

Importance of repeatable sealing performance

Coffee lovers hope that the freshness of coffee can last for a long time, and they hope that the package can be opened and closed easily, and it should be easy to access.

When the correct seal is selected, the following can be achieved:

  1. Increase airtightness to extend the shelf life of coffee.
  2. With resealable zippers, you can reduce the chance of coffee spilling, thus reducing waste.
  3. Sealing devices that are easy to open and close can provide convenience for consumers.
  4. Good sealing device can improve the value and ornamental of packaging.

Choose the right sealing type for your packaging

Convenience is the primary requirement for coffee packaging. Flexible packaging itself has many sealing types that can be added. The choice of type depends on several factors. So how to choose the best sealing method? You need to look at the following:

  1. What are the scenarios for consumers to drink coffee? At home? office? Or outdoors?
  2. How will consumers access coffee?
  3. Will consumers consume coffee at one time or over time?
  4. The choice of coffee capacity will also affect the sealing method. As consumers usually consume small capacity coffee bags at one time, keeping them fresh after opening is not the main consideration.

Xiaoyupack offers a variety of sealing options, which are suitable for a variety of products.

The Slider Zipper

Slider zippers can provide consumers with high-quality packaging and user experience. The increased convenience and consumer preference of this zipper exceed the packaging cost.

If there is no slider zipper, consumers may tear the coffee bag at will, and the tearing position may be in the middle. This results in an unsealed air gap in the zipper track. The slider ensures the complete sealing of the package. It also adds first-class performance to consumers. The slider itself guides the zipper track into place, which makes it easier for consumers to seal and open the coffee bag.

The Press-To-Close Zipper

This is a snap zipper. Consumers can open the zipper with their fingers. When closing, just push the ribs together.

It balances functionality and production costs. This is an economical solution, but it is enough to provide consumers with a convenient life. It can lock fresh coffee and prolong its shelf life. Although the cost is low, it provides great value, so this is a successful choice.

Many types of zippers can be pressed and closed at the same time to meet the needs of different scenes.

For example:

A double lock zipper protects frozen coffee from spillage and freezes burns.

Thermoformed zippers provide reliable closure for freshly baked coffee beans.

The anti-pollution zipper is suitable for coffee liquid and coffee powder to ensure that small particles will not be trapped in the track during closing.

Click ‘Lock ™  The sensory zipper ensures that the coffee bag is completely sealed and clicks during the journey. This can prevent coffee from spilling during the journey.

Tin Tie

This is the best sealing zipper. But the manufacturing process is also very complex. The tin tie can guarantee the freshness and vitality of your coffee. And the tin tie design is simple to operate. A simple operation can achieve great sealing. After taking out the coffee, you need to press out the air in the bag, and then roll up the tin tie. Not only that, but we also offer a variety of colors and styles for tin neckties.

360 Zipper

The sealed seal is hidden inside the bag. According to the shape and structure of the bag, there will be a circle of sealed zippers at 360 ° inside the bag. After using the coffee, just pinch up the bag. This structure will give people a neat appearance.

Hook and Loop Zipper

Roasted coffee beans are the most likely to lose freshness. A hook and loop zipper is its initial solution. Fine particles bonded to each other can provide a great degree of sealing. You can close the bag with just a few pinches.

Moreover, the sealed zipper can improve the package’s appearance by minimizing film indentation.

At the same time, we also use 100% recyclable materials to make hook and loop zipper

Moreover, you can choose to seal in different positions.

Pillow bag

Pillow-shaped bags, also known as back cover bags, have back, upper and lower seams, so they have the shape of pillows. The back seam of the pillow-shaped bag forms a fin-shaped package, wherein the inner layers of the film are sealed together, and the seam protrudes from the back of the package bag. Another type of cover overlaps with the cover, and the inner layer on one side is bonded with the outer layer on the other side to form a flat seal. Can be applied to a small amount of coffee.

Three-side sealing bag

Three-side sealed bag, i.e. the bag has two side seams and one top seam. The bottom edge of the bag is formed by a horizontally folded film, and all seals are formed by bonding the internal material of the film. This bag can be folded or unfolded. When there are hems, they can stand upright on the shelf. It has a good display function.

Four-side sealed bag

A four-sided sealed bag, is usually made of top, side, and bottom materials. Two different plastic resin materials can be used to form four-sided sealing bags with bonded front edges. The four-side sealed bag can be made into various shapes.

Choose the right partner

If the coffee bag does not have a repeatable sealing device, the consumer must roll up the package and clamp it with a clip to seal it. It’s easy to accidentally open and lose freshness. The introduction of a zipper can make the contents of flexible packaging self-contained, and keep the products sensitive to ultraviolet, oxygen, and moisture fresh.

When consumers wander in front of the shelf, they will first choose the sealed packaging, and then choose other parameters. Therefore, your coffee bag must have a resealable seal.

There are many options for resealable zippers. According to the characteristics of products, they will have the corresponding best options.

You need to consider the sealing times of the zipper, the difficulty of opening and closing, zipper material, etc. These are cumbersome but necessary. But you can give it to xiaoyupack. We will comprehensively consider various sealing options according to your needs. We are ready to cooperate with you to provide you with the best packaging solutions. Please contact us immediately. Our expert team will tailor coffee packaging for you and provide you with the best repeatable sealing solution.


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