What You Need To Know: How To Prevent Disposable Coffee Cups From Leaking

When it comes to protecting the environment, we mean business. All walks of life are looking for environmentally friendly alternatives. And more and more consumers are demanding more from their coffee brands. As a result, there is a growing demand from coffee merchants for environmentally friendly packaging materials. This is driving the popularity of paper-based alternatives.

The advantage of paper is that it is lightweight and inexpensive. It is cost-effective for businesses. However, it has one obvious disadvantage. It is the paper’s vulnerability to moisture. This means it must be covered with a waterproof layer to prevent leaking coffee.

If you are interested in starting a coffee takeaway cup business, read on. You will find out more about biodegradable liners for disposable coffee cups. This will help you to avoid further hassles down the line.

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How To Prevent The Leakage Of Coffee Liquid?

Traditionally, disposable paper cups were lined with polyurethane plastic. But as research has revealed, this material has revealed its flaws. This lining can contain harmful microplastic particles. What’s more, there are few facilities to process and recycle cups with plastic linings. This means that they often end up in landfills. This is very detrimental to a company’s environmental goals.

But disposable cups are still important for takeaway coffee, and Xiaoyupack has explored more eco-friendly cup liners for this purpose. An example is biodegradable materials such as polylactic acid (PLA). It is non-toxic and made from renewable resources. It is therefore much easier to recycle.

Why Offer Disposable Coffee Cups To Your Customers?

You may be wondering why disposable paper cups are still popular. Is it to save costs? Why not use the more environmentally friendly bamboo fibre cups? The choice of cafes and bakeries is not without reason.

Bamboo fibre and glass cups, for example, do seem to be more environmentally friendly. Because they can be reused. But this means that you will be using the same cup as other strangers. And to protect such cups from bacteria and viruses, they need to be consumed. This is an ethical test for cafes. And it costs them extra to sterilise. The truth is that reusable cups are not as sustainable as one might think. Studies show that a reusable cup can take between 20 and 100 uses to make up for the greenhouse gas emissions of a disposable cup. The ecosystem quality indicator can take more than 1,000 uses.

Overall, such cups do not meet their hygiene standards for many consumers. Disposable coffee cups, on the other hand, can do so. This is often considered to be a more hygienic and efficient option. Also, paper cups are cheap to make and quick to consume. Coffee shops can change their design style at any time. This helps them to cater to the changing aesthetic preferences of consumers.

On the other hand, pandemics have influenced this trend. Reusable coffee cups take a long time to wash and dry. People work from home but do not give up convenience. People are more inclined to action drinking and throwing away. Disposables have survived by their convenience.

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The Challenge Of Disposable Takeaway Cups

Paper cups, therefore, face a major recycling challenge.

The advantage of the disposable coffee cup is its convenience. But its practicality should not be overlooked. The fragility of paper can lead to coffee leakage. And the feel of a paper cup when held in the hand can easily be overlooked. To preserve your brand reputation, you need to focus on the quality of your takeaway cups. This is an important aspect of your customer’s experience of your coffee.

As you already know, we add liners to prevent paper cups from leaking. The material used for the lining needs to be odourless and sustainable. Typically, plastic-lined disposable cups perform well when holding hot coffee. It does not change the flavour of the coffee. The lining also adds a little weight to the coffee cup. This is imperceptible.

Paper cups are often considered to be an environmentally friendly choice. But recycling the wrong way can be counterproductive. This is because paper cups require the plastic lining to be removed. They are often placed in the wrong recycling bins. The plastic lining in takeaway cups can contaminate other recyclable materials. And there is not enough accessible infrastructure. This means that there are no proper facilities to collect and process plastic-lined cups.

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Finding Eco-friendly Alternatives To Takeaway Cup Liners

The pursuit of environmental goals is reflected in every aspect. This has stimulated the development of sustainable materials. The lining of coffee cups is one example. The most popular lining materials today are bioplastics. An example is a polylactic acid (PLA). It is made by fermenting natural starch into hydroxy acids. It functions in a very similar way to plastic.

And the natural material is not harmful to human health. The combination of reasons makes PLA-lined takeaway cups extremely attractive to roasters. Disposable cups are a must for coffee businesses. And with sustainable materials, disposable cups help to protect the environment. For example, cups made of paper and lined with PLA. And these takeaway cups also offer sturdy functionality.

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How To Dispose Of PLA Takeaway Cup?

PLA is compostable. It can be broken down into carbon dioxide, water and biomass for composting. Without leaving toxic residues. This usually involves taking the PLA-lined cups to an industrial composting facility. Here, it is exposed to certain microorganisms. These microorganisms help it to degrade in about three months. In many cases, PLA-lined cups can be degraded in a home compost pile, however, this will degrade at a much slower rate.

Depending on the local collection and recycling facilities, coffee merchants may need to manage the disposal of these cups themselves. Product discounts and free refills help to encourage customers to return empty cups.

Find A Packager That Offers Sustainable Paper Cups

Our goal is to reduce our environmental impact. At xiaoyupack, we can provide roasters and café owners with sustainable and compostable takeaway coffee cups. These coffee cups are made from recyclable kraft paper and lined with PLA. and lined with PLA.

We can offer the convenience of a minimum order quantity and the fastest delivery time. At the same time, you get low costs. This is very SME friendly. The look of the takeaway cups can also be branded with added detail. We are committed to communicating your commitment to sustainability to our customers.

Our design team offers the best possible experience. If you are considering a takeaway business, please contact us today. You will get a customised solution for your takeaway mug in the shortest possible time.


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