Single Wall VS Double Wall: Which Is Best For Coffee Takeaway Cups?

Covid-19 The new crown epidemic has led to an explosion in the takeaway business. And this marketing approach has continued and will grow steadily after the pandemic. Takeaway cups enable coffee businesses to continue to serve their customers. Coffee merchants and roasteries need to focus on the quality of their takeaway cups.

The takeaway cup is not just a simple product. It comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. The differences in various aspects can have a considerable impact on its performance. It is therefore vital for roasters and coffee shops to understand the differences between the two so that they can make the right decision for their business needs.

One of the biggest decisions is whether to choose a single-walled or double-walled cup. What is the difference between the two? So which type of takeaway cup is the best choice for you? To enhance your takeaway business, you can read below. This will help you make your choice after gaining a deeper understanding of the pros and cons of both.

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The Influence Of Materials With Different Layers On The External Cup

Have you ever wondered why some takeaway cups don’t need an extra sleeve to provide adequate functionality? Or why some takeaway cups are more robust than others? How can paper coffee cups be made to provide better insulation? The reasons for this are too big and too small to count.

But it may be that the number of layers in the takeaway cup causes part of the effect. That is, whether the cup has two walls or one. Double-walled cups tend to be more robust than single-walled cups. Double-walled cups have a thin layer of insulation. This helps to slow down the cooling of the coffee and prevents scalding of the customer’s hands.

Single-walled cups are recognized as being more cost-effective. And it can be less difficult to recycle. You can use single-walled cups to hold drinks that can be served quickly. But on the other hand, a single-walled cup costs more because it has only one layer. It is more fragile in comparison. In most cases, it needs an extra sleeve for added functionality.

Why Are Takeaway Cups Needed?

The takeaway business is a new opportunity for coffee merchants. It helps them to increase their effectiveness and visibility. This phenomenon is particularly evident during the pandemic. Consumers don’t condescend. They will not lower their coffee requirements. Customers will spend more time testing who is doing a better job with their takeaway configuration. When the embargo ends, consumers go offline to spend money because of your takeaway cup.

Coffee Takeaway Cups Open The Door To New Revenue Streams.

Seating in coffee shops is limited. People can’t get a seat or mind the cramped social space. Takeaway coffee cups offer additional sales opportunities. At the same time, it responds to the fast-paced lifestyle of today. With a takeaway cup, you can take away a fine coffee. Takeaway cups are now a must for most coffee businesses. Coffee takeaway cups help to meet the needs of customers. This helps coffee roasters to remain versatile.

Single Wall Cups

As the name suggests, single-walled cups are disposable cups consisting of a single layer of material. This means that single-walled cups are lighter in weight. Fewer materials are used in their production.


The simple design saves costs. They are usually made of uncoated cardboard. The cardboard is both recyclable and compostable. After use, they are placed in commercial composting facilities. They can decompose within 90 days. This means they are a sustainable option. Roasters and coffee shops see single-wall cups as a convenient, lightweight, and cost-effective option.

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However, the single-walled cup has some obvious disadvantages. It is poorly insulated. This means that the heat from the brewed coffee is quickly dissipated. Also, the thin material of the single-walled cup makes it difficult for customers to reach with their hands when holding hot coffee.

Studies have shown that the maximum liquid temperature at which a single-walled cup can be comfortably held without a sleeve is between 65C (150°F) and 70°C (160°F). As a solution, some coffee shops offer protection by placing one cup into another. or using a sleeve to provide protection. But again, the costs of this method can start to add up. So in effect, single-walled cups are more cost-effective.

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Double-walled Takeaway Coffee Cups

A double-walled cup consists of two layers of material. It has a thin layer of air insulation in the middle. This helps it to provide better insulation and thermal insulation. This allows the customer to touch the cup directly and avoid burns.


If you choose a double-walled cup, you can forgo the sleeve. This will add more useless costs.

Multiple layers of material mean that double-walled cups are stronger than single-walled cups. Have you ever experienced this phenomenon? When you grip a single-walled cup a little harder, it bends. If you are unlucky, your coffee will run away. The double-walled cup is much stronger. It supports the display of your brand message. It also protects the integrity of the product.

The double-walled mug can include a PLA coating. This means that it is scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and heat-resistant.

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However, double-walled cups may not be the best choice for all coffee brands. The extra layer makes them more expensive than single-walled cups. It adds to the weight of the cup. The extra weight of double-walled cups means that they usually cost more to transport. Coffee shops must guide their customers to properly recycle double-walled cups. This is because they are usually not as easy to recycle. This means that it costs the bakery more to ensure that they are collected correctly. But xiaoyupack can provide sustainable materials to make recycling less difficult. The other difficulty is finding a local recycling facility.

If You Can’t Choose, Then You Need Both

You can still hesitate between these two options. But you could well follow the example of other coffee companies. They have opted for a combination of single-walled and double-walled cups. This is a very smart approach. It’s also cost-effective.

You can reserve single-walled cups for espresso or “short” drinks. This is because these drinks are consumed very quickly. The function of a double-walled cup is not obvious to them.

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Select Cup Type According To Different Customer Groups

The construction of a double-walled cup makes it more expensive. You can use double-walled cups for larger drinks. Expensive cups go with expensive drinks. And the preference of high-income earners is for expensive drinks. You can harvest this customer base with boutique cups.

For your loyal customer base, you can opt for single-walled cups. For example, if you have a long-standing relationship with your business for coffee consumption, you do not need to use a double-walled cup. Because they will not give up your coffee. Using double-walled cups results in higher wasted costs.

Leave It To An Experienced Packaging Supplier

When making new packaging choices, you should always focus on the issue of recycling. And communicate this to your customers. You can print how to recycle on the body of your takeaway cups. Consider more if your coffee cups are lined or if they need to be disassembled. You can offer coffee discounts to direct customers to send back their empty cups. In any case, ensuring proper recycling is the long-term solution.

Xiaoyupack has a responsible and enthusiastic team. We are committed to designing a cost-effective and environmentally friendly takeaway cup for you. At the same time, it is attractive and raises your profile. If you are considering starting a takeaway cup business, please contact us today. Tell us about your needs for a customized packaging solution.


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