What You Should Know: 9 Advantages Of The Prevalence Of Stand-up Pouch

Standing packaging can improve visibility, thus distinguishing products from competitors’ brands. While flat packaging has no such outstanding effect.”

As people pay more attention to the theme of sustainability, consumer demand is also changing. According to research, in the past decade, consumer demand for stand-up pouches has increased exponentially. This shows customers’ requirements for the flexibility of packaging. Vertical bags are easier to distribute products, while traditional hard packaging cannot promote consumers to have a convenient lifestyle.

More and more companies have also found this phenomenon, and they turn to stand-alone packaging. At the same time, vertical bags also show the advantages of promoting product sales, increasing sales, reducing manufacturing and transportation costs, and generating less carbon footprint.

I believe you have invested a lot of time and energy in the formula and ingredients of coffee, which has laid a solid foundation for your brand to improve its popularity. But this is not enough. If you want to get a place in the crowded market or even stand out in the industry, you must understand the benefits of vertical bags.

Please continue to read today’s article.  You will know more about consumers’ demand for vertical bags and the environmental and economic benefits it brings to you.

What is stand up pouch?

The stand-up pouch is light in weight, occupies less space than hard packaging, and consumes less fuel during transportation. They will not be crushed like cardboard or glass cans. Due to the structural design, it can stand on the shelf, which can form a better display effect.

And they are more suitable for landfill because of their excellent sustainability.

Advantages of stand-up pouch

1. Present high-definition pattern effect

The plane structure of the stand-up pouch is more convenient to print high-definition graphics to attract consumers. Using roto-gravure printing, ink can be accurately controlled, and this method is very reliable for the control of each layer of film in multi-layer bags. The firm stand-up pouch can provide the best display effect for your pattern design on the shelf to gain attraction. Cans and coffee boxes are rigid in shape and occupy a large space. They can’t make effective use of the space of shelves, and the curved surface will make the information on them difficult to read. This will make you lose some potential customers. They are indeed a packaging solution for coffee, but they are not the most ideal choice.

2. Best display effect

Self-standing bags, as the name suggests, can stand on the shelf, but because they are flexible bags, they can effectively use the space of the shelf. The stand-up pouch can be produced in various shapes and sizes. It can even be die-cut into customized shapes. Combined with its high-definition printing patterns, it can really stand out on the shelf. The largest printable surface of the package can stand and face the customer. Therefore, this makes your products better than those in lying down bags and rigid containers. If you want to further improve the display effect, you can also add transparent windows. After all, coffee itself is a delicious scenery

3. Durability

Like other flexible bags, our self-supporting bags adopt a multi-layer composite structure. VDPE materials are eco-friendly and scratch-resistant materials. It is very durable and not easy to tear or puncture.

4. Extend the freshness of coffee

The self-supporting bag can keep your coffee beans fresh for a longer time. Because it can provide an excellent protective barrier to block the damage of external factors to coffee. Such as moisture, oxygen, light, etc., so as to extend the shelf life of coffee. In addition, these packages can prevent the coffee in the bag from contacting with air or dust. You can choose to add a one-way exhaust valve to further maintain the aroma of coffee. Additional anti-puncture films can be used to protect your products during transportation. Many special films can provide additional moisture-proof, antifouling, UV protection, etc.

5. Reduce your costs

In the process of manufacturing bags, the production cost of a stand-up pouch is far lower than that of cardboard boxes or cans. Because the self-supporting bag uses less material to pack coffee with the same capacity as the can. This means that each bag costs only a few cents, so you can save some money in the production process.

In the process of printing coffee packaging, you should know that the unfolding area of hard packaging is much larger than that of self-supporting bags. This means that the printing cost will be very high. The printing cost of self-supporting bags only needs about half of that of hard packaging.

Finally, in the process of transportation and storage, the space occupied by self-supporting bags is far smaller than that of rigid containers. They can reduce a lot of space and pack lighter, which means reducing distribution costs such as fuel costs. You can imagine that if you use the stand-up pouch instead of hard packaging such as cans, you can use the same truck to transport about ten times the unit.

In a word, using a stand-up pouch as a substitute for your coffee packaging will improve your business profit margin.

6. Improved convenience

For consumers, the first step they care about must be the sense of use. The convenience provided by the packaging determines whether they will buy back your product. Otherwise, the best coffee will give a good impression by half.

And the vertical bag is very versatile and can hold any food. Flexible bags can be folded or stuffed into a corner at will. This makes it very convenient for your customers to carry bagged goods on the road without worrying about coffee spilled in the car.

7. Comprehensive accessories provide more perfect functions

The structure of the stand-up pouch gives it more design possibilities. Reclosable zipper, tear notch, valve, ergonomic handle, round punch, fillet…… These make the vertical bag easier to open and safer than glass cans. The resealable option eliminates the need to use up the coffee at one time and also extends the fresh life of the coffee. You can choose the design of zipper sealing switch, hook to hook opening and closing, or press closing, and your customer will create a different experience.

Moreover, the addition of a handle can increase the convenience of a stand-up pouch. These functions will add value to your brand and help you capture customers.

8. Sustainability goals

With the update of the times, the millennials have gradually become the largest consumer group of coffee. According to Forbes, if your coffee brand has sustainable goals, 66% of consumers will spend more on products. Among millennials, this figure rises to 73%.

The process of making self-supporting bags will use fewer materials. This consumes less energy and water and produces less volatile organic compounds. So it is more eco-friendly. We can learn from this that stand-up pouches will not take up too much space in landfills. Innovative Smartpack and Smartpack BDG can also be used for stand-up pouches ™™ Technology, recycling, or biodegradation without affecting safety and quality. This is its advantage over glass cans or cardboard boxes.

Stand-up pouches are better for the environment. Besides saving costs, their lighter weight and more compact size also save fuel emissions during transportation.

9. High efficiency and fast filling speed

The advantage of flexible coffee packaging is that it allows you to quickly fill the packaging with minimal manpower. The stand-up pouch can stand easily, which improves the filling speed and efficiency.

Because the stand-up pouch packaging is very light, the machine used for coffee canning can use a light vacuum cleaner to open them. These vacuum cleaners are very energy-efficient and will not damage any labels or graphics on the packaging bag. The sealing work is carried out through the infrared heater, which can seal the bag in a fraction of a second. According to relevant data, if you use stand-up pouches to pack coffee, you can get more than 200 canned products per minute.

The stand-up pouch opens the door to a new world for you

Updating products and choosing stand-up pouches can let customers know that you are listening to their needs. This can harvest a group of customers with the same sustainability needs. Choosing a convenient stand-up pouch can keep you up with the times, otherwise, you will be left behind.

Similarly, we are also willing to listen to your needs at any time. And we have been keeping up with the pace of the times to provide you with the most effective coffee packaging solutions.

If you are interested in stand-up pouches, please contact us immediately to get your customized plan as soon as possible.


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