Reasons In Using Roll Stock For Your Flexible Packaging

One of the most fascinating and popular advancements made in the packaging industry today is the use of roll stock in flexible films. With a quick turnaround time and high-quality customized graphics, I can understand why many businesses choose to use roll stock for their product packaging.

What is Roll stock?

In layman’s terms roll stock is an engineered film used on form-fill-seal packaging machines. It’s one of the most effective solutions in flexible packaging for many manufacturers. Offering a fast production rate, high-quality graphics, and various features that meet the needs of your products.

This type of film application uses flexographic printing allowing the vibrant color and design details for your packaging that exceeds clients’ expectations. It also offers barrier properties that prolong products’ shelf life ensuring freshness upon opening.

But that’s not all listed below some of the advantages of roll stock film. If you still have doubts then keep on reading to know more about this film and you may be surprised at how much it can offer your products.

Customized image quality

Roll stock provides not only the best quality but also aesthetic appearance as well. Our laminated rolls come in unique colors where we can add various high-quality graphics and customized designs to best suit your product’s brand identity. Xiaoyu uses only high-quality films for a more premium look that gives your product packaging an edge over other competitors.

Having properly printed packaging not only attracts the attention of consumers but the sales as well. So it’s a good thing that the sky is the limit in choosing colors and designs for your products.

Cost-effective and economical

Low packaging materials cost

Roll stock films cost and needs less packaging materials than plastic. With a lower pack-to-product ratio resulting in less storage space than conventional packaging. This provides an opportunity for more packages to be piled more conveniently decreasing carbon footprint in transport. Another good thing to add to our list is in terms of production roll stock is much faster to be produced than bottles or traditional containers.

Lower labor costs

Roll stock reduces the cost of the packaging drastically by using the form-fill-seal machine that makes the bag in line and produces less waste. It provides companies the opportunities to increase product performance, efficiency, and productivity when it comes to packaging production. This in turn lowers labor costs and the materials needed for producing the roll stock.

Statistics show that roll stock can reduce packaging cost by more than 25% which makes it favorable for many industries like pet food and coffee packaging.

Protect and prolong the shelf life

Since our roll stock uses a laminated film that is specifically engineered to improve packaging performance that protects your product from factors that may affect it.

Our engineers make our roll stock capable of providing the following:

  •   Oxygen and moisture barrier properties that provide shelf stability
  •   Excellent tear-resistance and durability
  •  Smooth, easy-peel for consumers opening your packaging

At Xiaoyu we take into consideration the needs of each product, our roll stock comes in different forms. Specifically designed in catering to various elements that your product may need or may react to like moisture and light. While enhancing the strength of the packaging and prolonging its shelf right.


Our packaging roll’s film can be created into various formats like pillow pouch, lay flat pouch, or stick packs. Nowadays consumers look for packaging that is convenient, easy to open keeps products fresh, and is ready for on-the-go snacking. Single-serve packaging makes it easy to carry anytime anywhere. Also since it is already pre-packed in the exact amount you need it won’t cause any unnecessary waste.

Roll stock can make the format as the sample packaging, if we have a new brand to test the market, we do not need to order the pre-pouch to fill the new product to test the market. Instead, we can use roll stock with single-serve to test the market. 

Quick turnaround time

In the packaging industry delivering high-quality products paired with a great service, the level is crucial. At xiaoyu we vowed to satisfy clients’ requests and surpass expectations to provide them with the best packaging experience.

If we were to remove the bag-making process for the roll stock. Which takes up one-half of the entire bag production cycle that may lead up to 20-25 days (the production cycle includes printing, laminating, drying, and bag making). It’s a good thing that our roll stock does not require bag making, so we are able to reduce the turnaround time upon clients’ request

High-speed output of the production

Roll stock is a great option for projects requiring high speeds, high output, and long runs. By using a high-quality roll stock on FFS or VFS machine we can produce more packages per minute. It provides us an opportunity to develop quick inventory and stocking programs that allows reduced lead- time on product replenishment. Clients’ time between placing their packaging order and when they receive their order can be significantly reduced.

Environment friendly

It is a very lightweight material with a lower pack-to-product ratio, therefore it takes up less storage space than conventional packaging.  Roll stock uses significantly less material compared to rigid packaging and also requires less energy to produce

Since we are opting for a green economy our multilayer structure raw material from post-consumer is recycled by Xiaoyu.. The manufacturing process for roll stock packaging releases fewer greenhouse gas emissions than other packaging type. This not only saves raw resources from oil but also reduces waste from landfills.


Roll stock packaging offers great quality and a premium look for your products that make consumers wanna come back for more. That’s why it’s important for manufacturers to find a packaging company that treats your packaging as if it is their own. Providing you with versatile customization options to create packaging designs that speak for themselves.

Here at xiaoyu we prioritize our customer’s values in terms of quality control, cheaper prices, and faster packaging. If you still unsure about whether to use roll stock feel free to send us a message and we’ll be h.appy to accommodate you.


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