Why Is The Design Of Coffee Packaging So Important?

Roasters usually focus only on their fine coffees themselves. The design of the packaging, on the other hand, can easily go unnoticed. Consumer needs are becoming more and more specific. More and more coffee merchants are becoming aware of the importance of packaging.

If you want to enhance the experience your brand brings to the consumer, bother spending time and resources on your packaging. Your competitors have already started. It doesn’t need to be a fussy look. It just needs to make a lasting impression on the consumer. The more impressions you get, the better your sales will be.

Make sure you get your packaging right the first time. Give other brands no chance to make a first impression. Read on and let’s dive in.

Why Is Custom Design Package Important? (Especially For Brands That Lack Awareness)

The first step to catching the consumer’s eye quickly is the packaging!

In 2021, a study confirmed that 80% of consumers said that packaging influenced their purchases. Packaging design is a central determinant in the sales chain.

For any size product, the design of the packaging is important. It’s not just about protecting the integrity of the coffee during transport. Good packaging helps create a desire to buy and enhances the user experience. You have to admit that the look provides a feeling that will entice you to buy the product.

What Are The Benefits Of Good Packaging Design?

Provides the customer with a sense of experience that is appropriate to the product

Packaging is experiential. It can make the product look any other way you want it to. You can design it in such a way that it shows what you want to show.

The important thing is to ensure that the packaging matches the brand values. It has been shown that packaging is important to many consumers. It is important to create a good experience from the moment they start opening your packaging. Make sure that your users are happy at every moment of contact with the packaging. Bakers should be conscious when designing their packaging. Bring yourself into the experience and put yourself in the consumer’s shoes.

Reinforce brand impact

Your packaging is a great way to increase brand awareness. Make sure your brand values are displayed on the packaging. Not just on the shelf, but also in the online shop. Attractive packaging and images put your brand in front of the consumer’s eyes. Even if they don’t buy immediately, a good impression is enough.

Effective packaging instructions for a great user experience

The packaging is also the salesperson for your product. Especially in online shops, because there is nothing else but the packaging. It can catch the eye with high-quality pictures.

Bakers should provide effective information on the packaging. Without having to search above Google. Especially on the shelves of supermarkets. This allows consumers to find out all they want to know on the packaging.

Good for standing out on social media platforms

People are always keen to take photos and videos. Especially millennials. They love to take photos of trendy packaging to post on social media. If your packaging marketing can be good, it can go viral. You can look at YouTube, where people leave countless comments under unboxing videos. This is because it provides the most authentic reaction. Authenticity is important. A good viewing experience can inspire consumers to buy.

That’s why brands encourage consumers to showcase products and post reviews. Offer valuable advice to others. Some cafés will work with influencers on social media. to promote the look and feel of the product II experience. Consumers will spontaneously share the packaging if it does deliver an exceptional sense of experience.

Expose consumers to an intact product

Who wants a broken product? No one. It costs everyone’s money but delivers poor feedback. Especially in the e-commerce space. Products have to travel through different regions. The chances of returns due to broken packaging are increasing. Therefore good packaging structure design is crucial.

Protective packaging is king. If the packaging does not protect the product, then you are losing out at the starting line. Worse still, if your packaging is terrible, people will talk about it. And more and more people will know and think your brand is bad.

Good or bad packaging design is a reminder of the quality of the coffee

The product must be consistent from the inside out. Packaging that doesn’t look the part can be a disappointment. And mediocre packaging does not attract attention, even if you have taken care of the quality of your coffee.

Packaging is the first line of defense. It sets you apart from your competitors. So you should give some of your attention to it, not just to the quality of the coffee.

Building resonance with your target group

Using illustrations such as graphics to build resonance is crucial. Consumers don’t need to understand the language and read the instructions. Especially in a world where language needs to be transcended. Packaging can help consumers make an emotional connection. People will feel close and then be impressed.

Simple actions have a big impact. Examples include making sure the ingredients list is clear, stating allergens, and recalling tips. It’s often these small, ordinary things that people focus on.

Work With A Great Coffee Packager

First impressions are important. And the packaging is the first step consumers take when they come into contact with a brand. As we said in this article, it matters how the packaging is designed. If you want to take your brand to the next level, try changing the packaging. We can help.

Over the years, we have worked with coffee brands all over the world. They have all benefited from our packaging solutions.

If you would also like to see how your brand is sought after, contact us today. xiaoyupack’s design team offers you effective and trendy packaging solutions.


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