Why is your coffee packaging puffy or not puffy when you using?

Many of my customers have asked me about the reason why the coffee bag is inflated or deflated. I’m sure you’ve encountered this situation, too. Sometimes you buy Coffee online. If you buy a lot of coffee, you will find that some coffee bags are bulging, while others seem to leak. Or you buy a bag of freshly produced coffee, which is relatively flat. When you go home and leave it unopened for a few days, you will find it bulging slowly.

Why is the coffee bag puffy?

Coffee beans are immediately packed into coffee packages after roasting. Because coffee in contact with the air will lead to the loss of aroma. Roasted coffee beans release carbon dioxide gas. Before the gas can be discharged from the bag, the bag will look as if it is inflated. So the coffee bag expands.

If you want to know more about it, please read on. You will also know whether the puffy state of the coffee bag is related to the freshness of the coffee beans.

Does the puffiness of the coffee bag have anything to do with the freshness of the coffee beans?

It is well known that coffee beans “breathe” to produce carbon dioxide. This is also a sign that coffee beans are still fresh. So have you been trying to find puffy coffee bags?

But, during transportation, there is not enough space for the coffee bags to be placed on the same plane. So the coffee bags are stacked. The coffee bag placed at the bottom or in the middle will be squeezed by the surrounding coffee bags and cannot expand. Then the coffee bag on the top will swell because it receives little extrusion.

So whether the bag is inflated has nothing to do with the freshness of the coffee beans inside.

In these cases, the coffee bag will be stuffy.

  • If you take a coffee bag on a plane, you will find that when the plane reaches a high altitude, the coffee bag will swell. That is because cabin pressures are usually kept equivalent to 7,000 feet so external pressure is lower in flight. With lower pressure, the bags would likely expand. Some internal pressure may be released through the one-way valve.
  • On returning to ground level, the pressure outside the bag increases causing bags to shrink. So they may end up looking a little vacuum-packed.
  • I have a friend who is a loyal coffee lover. He never leaves coffee. So he always takes coffee with him when traveling. We know that the altitude of each state is different. Then the altitude will also change in the process of mountaineering. The higher the altitude, the lower the pressure. Therefore, the pressure in the coffee bag is greater than the external pressure. Then the carbon dioxide gas in the bag will continue to spread around. This causes the bag to swell.
  • This bulging will also happen when the coffee is packaged under higher-than-usual pressure. As the coffee releases its aroma, the protective seal can expand. But you can be assured the coffee still will have that wonderful Folgers flavor and aroma.

If you see the package expand, how should you open it?

If the coffee package looks like a balloon about to burst, you will certainly feel dangerous and dare not open it blindly. You just need to follow the following tips. They must be useful to you.

  • Put the coffee bag a little further away and try to keep it away from your eyes.
  • Pierce gently with a sharp object such as a knife. You’ll hear a whoosh. This means that the gas in the coffee bag is discharging.
  • Wait a few seconds. You can see that the bag keeps getting smaller and smaller. When you feel safe, you can open the coffee bag.
  • Enjoy delicious coffee!

Stabilize the puffiness of the coffee bag – a one-way exhaust valve.

If the coffee beans in the coffee bag breathe vigorously, it will produce a lot of carbon dioxide gas. If the gas cannot be discharged from the bag, it may cause the coffee bag to burst. This is a very dangerous and bad situation.

So we will add a one-way exhaust valve to the coffee bag. This exhaust valve is selectively permeable to gas. It can only allow the carbon dioxide in the bag to be discharged. And it will prevent the air outside the bag (especially oxygen) from entering the bag. We all know that coffee beans will oxidize and deteriorate when exposed to oxygen.

How to judge whether the coffee bag has a check valve?

Sometimes you may not easily find the existence of the check valve. In other words, the coffee bag supplier designs the check valve very hidden, so it is difficult for consumers to find its existence.

There are many forms of the exhaust valve. If you want to know its existence, you just need to put your ear close to the bag and squeeze it. If you hear a “whoosh -” sound, it proves that you are exhausting. This can also prove the existence of a one-way exhaust valve.


After reading this article, you will be very happy. Because you don’t have to look for swollen coffee bags anymore. We can know that the quality of coffee in a fluffy bag is exactly the same as that in a bag that looks deflated.

Xiaoyupack offers coffee bags with one-way exhaust valves. And we will conduct strict quality inspection on the check valve before sending the goods. So, its quality is very qualified. If you are also looking for such a coffee bag or have more questions, you can contact us. At the same time, you will get an ordering scheme that is specific to your needs.


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