Will PLA coffee bags be the trend of choice in the future?

Today’s consumers not only want to enjoy delicious coffee. But they also pay attention to global plastic pollution and the earth’s environment. After degradation, plastic bags release toxic compounds. This first pollutes the environment and eventually endangers human health.

Coffee makers are looking for environmentally friendly alternatives to package their premium coffee. The most common environmentally friendly alternative is polylactic acid (PLA). PLA is a kind of bioplastics made from renewable resources such as corn and corn starch. Thus, the production process will not produce pollution and consume less energy and water. After recycling, PLA can be completely decomposed in just 90 days.

PLA shows bakers the brand’s ecological goals and commitment to the environment. This has become an attractive option for sustainable coffee bags.

Only when PLA coffee bags are handled properly can they produce less carbon footprint. Otherwise, its environmental benefits are negligible. Thus, enterprises and individuals need to know about PLA decomposition.

Please read on to learn about the benefits of PLA coffee bags and how long it takes to decompose.

What is PLA packaging?

The popularity of PLA in the coffee field is largely due to its environmental protection qualification. PLA is a non-toxic bioplastic. It is fermented from renewable resources such as corn, sugarcane, or cassava.

Now PLA is widely used as a laminate for kraft paper and other packaging materials. It has a high tensile strength (7000 psi). It can withstand temperatures up to 420 ° F and has good water vapor and moisture resistance. The lined bag with PLA can protect the contents from moisture and oxygen for up to 12 months. This makes it a good choice for coffee that needs to be transported or stored for a long time. It is deeply welcomed by coffee merchants.

Advantages of PLA

Now we all know that PLA is made from renewable resources. Therefore, compared with traditional petroleum-based plastics, PLA consumes less energy and produces almost no pollution in the production process. Studies have shown that if PLA coffee bags are used to replace petroleum-based plastic bags, greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by about a quarter. And more and more people are more inclined to buy sustainable coffee packaging.

PLA also has good heat resistance, light resistance, and oxygen resistance. As well as fat and oil resistance. These qualities make it very suitable for coffee packaging. And PLA eliminates most external factors that will damage the freshness of the coffee.

Besides, if PLA is mixed with some starch, its original excellent properties can be further improved. At the same time, it can also reduce costs.

In short, people are more likely to buy coffee brands that offer compostable packaging. They are also more likely to buy or subscribe to brands that use environmentally friendly materials such as PLA.

Why it is important to deal with PLA correctly?

PLA has many advantages. But if such material is discarded at will, it will also have certain adverse effects. For example, if PLA enters the landfill instead of composting, it will take at least 100 years to completely decompose. Studies have shown that the consequences of PLA being thrown into the sea are similar to those of petroleum-based plastics.

Choosing PLA to serve your coffee business is not only about using it. But it also about recycling it properly. If not handled properly, PLA will not be a sustainable option. And the more serious consequence is that you will be punished for improper handling.

Actions harmful to the environment are also harmful to your enterprise. So you must follow the correct agreement.

How long does it take for PLA to decompose?

The first step to properly disposing of PLA coffee bags is to send them to an industrial composting facility. This can make them completely decomposed to achieve the goal of full sustainability. Because it is composed of renewable resources, it can be decomposed in the form of carbon dioxide and water within 90 days. Traditional petroleum-based plastics may take up to 1000 years to degrade.

More importantly, to provide a better barrier for coffee, coffee packaging is generally composed of multi-layer materials. So the recycling process becomes more complex. When recycling, it is necessary to remove the degassing valve, tin tie, or zipper on the coffee bag supplier. Many consumers feel headaches about doing this. You can avoid them from making mistakes by recycling empty coffee bags. For example, give customers discounts to encourage them to send back used coffee bags. And many enterprises do just that.

Tips for correctly handling PLA

Before purchasing PLA packaged coffee, you should first know whether your geographical location can recycle PLA.

If your PLA packaging is household compost, then this is a relatively easy situation. If it is the type of industrial compost or commercial compost, you need to look for nearby collection facilities or special PLA recycling bins (recycling symbol \7).

To be fully compostable, the components and lining on the PLA bag need to be separated before composting. Components include degassing valve, label, and tin tie or zipper. These need to be handled separately.

Although PLA is compostable, it must be degraded in a controlled environment at a specific temperature and in the presence of certain microorganisms. If this does not happen, it will produce some plastic particles. That is, it will not completely degrade, and eventually make the soil highly acidic.

Maybe there is no local facility for collecting and processing PLA. Then bakers can ask customers to return their empty packaging in exchange for discounted coffee. Then, business owners can ensure that empty PLA coffee bags are brought to the right facilities for proper recycling.

You can spend some time looking for trusted packaging suppliers, who will give you comprehensive tips on recycling PLA. Don’t be afraid to waste time, it’s worth it.

Continue to explore PLA coffee bags

After PLA is used, you also need to carry out a series of processing on it. If you want to simplify this process, you can find the coffee packaging expert in charge to cooperate.

You can rely on xiaoyupack. We will guide you to recycle coffee packaging from customized solutions. In the whole process, you will get tips on everything. And we have always treated our customers like this.

We are also constantly exploring and innovating eco-efficient packaging bags. In the near future, you will give priority to PLA packaging that is easy to recycle.

At present, we can provide a completely recyclable degassing valve without BPA. It does not need to be disassembled before recycling. It can be recycled together with the rest of the coffee package. The same with ink, labels, zippers, and other accessories, we are very close to completely compostable packaging.

We should not only design coffee packaging from the perspective of users. But we also need to consider how to reduce the negative impact of coffee packaging on the environment. Not just to meet the needs of consumers. But with the passage of time, the demand for sustainable bags has also become one of the requirements of consumers.

Xiaoyupack coffee can help you design PLA coffee packaging to ensure that it clearly conveys the brand connotation to your customers. Please contact us anytime to get your customized packaging solution.


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