You Need To Know: Degassing Valve Improves Coffee Packaging

What’s the first thing you want to take when you travel? My subconscious reaction is coffee.

Especially when you go out for several days, you will not only use ordinary bags to hold coffee but will choose coffee bags with degassing valves. I believe that coffee lovers benefit from the emergence of a one-way degassing valve.

Coffee Roasters strives to create coffee beans with high-quality flavor. When they are bought home by consumers, the only thing that can play a role in protecting coffee beans is the packaging. The degassing valve plays a great role in it. It can help block many factors that are bad for coffee.

In the current coffee market, degassing valve has become an important part of coffee packaging. Please continue to read the following to understand what degassing valve is and how it plays a role in maintaining coffee freshness.

What is a degassing valve?

The degassing valve is a “hole” with many holes in the coffee bag. People can smell the aroma of coffee when they squeeze the coffee bag. But more than that.

The degassing valve is a one-way vent that allows coffee beans and ground coffee to slowly release carbon dioxide and other volatile gases from the bag without contact with the outside air. After the roasted coffee is packaged (whether ground or beans), the coffee will continue to degass, that is, carbon dioxide will continue to be released. This means that if the coffee is in a bag without a degassing valve, the bag will expand and cause cracking.

At the same time, its one-way action will prevent the entry of oxygen. This can prevent the oxidation of coffee and prolong the shelf life.

Degassing valve for different types of coffee

Roasted bean one-way degassing valve

This is the most commonly used one-way degassing valve in our coffee bags. Its role is very stable and basically, there will be no problems. It is thinner than some valves and can hold more coffee bags in a single carton. And our degassing valve won’t fall off the coffee bag accidentally. The cross above can be used as effective support for the rubber plate to prevent it from falling off under certain internal pressure.

Therefore, it is very durable. And the materials we use are also food grade, which can be in direct contact with the coffee.

One-way degassing valve for coffee powder:

Due to different particle sizes, there are more degassing valves for coffee powder than for coffee beans. This is because the particles of coffee powder are small, which may block the exhaust valve and cause failure to exhaust.

The degassing valve for coffee powder must be coated with a non-woven layer to prevent blockage. Because when the round rubber plate is bent, the coffee powder may penetrate the valve and block the tiny pores, which will prevent the internal air from being discharged.

Importance of degassing valve to coffee packaging

  1. Keep the shape of the package to prevent the package from bursting

Coffee releases carbon dioxide during baking, but many gases remain in the coffee beans after baking. Therefore, the coffee will continue to exhaust gas after entering the coffee bag. The degassing valve helps the coffee package maintain its shape by allowing gas to escape. Coffee usually releases gas for two weeks after being packaged. If the gas is trapped in the package, it may cause the bag to expand, which looks bad, but not only that, it may also cause the bag to burst.

The degassing valve provides an outlet for the gas in the bag.

  • Keep it fresh and keep the aroma of coffee to the greatest extent

The degassing valve helps keep the coffee fresh by allowing volatile gases such as carbon dioxide to escape from the bag, while also preventing oxygen from entering the package. When coffee is exposed to oxygen, oxidation will occur, which will lead to the deterioration of coffee. This will shorten the shelf life of coffee.

Therefore, the degassing valve can block oxygen outside the bag, to maintain the flavor and freshness of the coffee.

  • Improve the efficiency of packaging roasted coffee

The degassing valve will allow the carbon dioxide gas in the bag to slowly exit the bag. The roasted coffee is very hot after it comes out of the oven. With the degassing valve, the roasted coffee can be directly packaged into the coffee bag without waiting for all the gas to be released. Therefore, there is no need to worry that the hot coffee beans will cause the bag to expand or even burst after being put into the sealed bag.

This improves the efficiency of brand-packaged coffee.

How does the coffee one-way degassing valve work?

When the carbon dioxide produced by the coffee beans sealed in the bag reaches a certain pressure, the gas can push the degassing valve from inside to outside to discharge the excess gas; when the pressure in the bag is reduced to a level that is not enough to open the valve, the valve closes automatically. The valve will only automatically open when the pressure inside the bag is higher than the pressure outside the bag, otherwise, it will not open to prevent the external air from entering the bag. Sometimes, the release of a large amount of carbon dioxide may break the packaging of coffee beans, in this case, a one-way degassing valve can avoid this situation. At present, there are some so-called one-way degassing valves on the market that are not “one-way”, and some of them have very poor durability. Therefore, the manufacturer needs to test again and again. In the meantime, you also need to pay more attention when buying coffee beans. Wojin degassing valve has been specializing in the development of degassing valves for seven years, providing consumers with various types of degassing valves. It is a brand you can trust.

Who needs an air valve?

Coffee shops and home consumers should use it.

If you are a home coffee user, it is recommended to purchase roasted or roasted coffee packaged with a one-way degassing valve. Coffee doesn’t go bad too fast. If it is a coffee shop, it may not need to consume nearly 500 grams of pure coffee packaging, coffee beans, or more per day. You only need to balance the amount of coffee consumed in 3-5 days. This will help you avoid high costs.

Provide you with the best quality packaging

At xiaoyupack, we are committed to creating the best quality coffee packaging for you. Keeping the freshness and aroma of coffee is also an important factor for us to consider. This includes resealable devices for coffee bags, degassing valves, etc. It’s all our actions to maximize the freshness of the coffee.

With our innovation, we can help you maximize the shelf life and stability of coffee. If you have any questions, we will use our professional knowledge and years of packaging experience to provide you with wise answers. You can consider adding degassing valves to various types of packaging. We will consider the structure of the bag to design the position of the degassing valve.

Action is better than the heart. We are happy to provide you with solutions for the one-way degassing valve.


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