Win The Favor Of Pet Owners Through Flexible Packaging

With the development of the times, people’s ideological realm is more and more open. Their tolerance for animals has become higher and higher. This causes consumers to spend millions of dollars on pet food every year. And packaging can determine which brands sell well to a certain extent.

A 2019 pet food packaging report estimates that the global market size is US $11.41 billion, and the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is expected to be 5.4% by 2025. It can be seen that the market is huge. The price of pet food is not cheap, and even the daily meal standard of pets is several times that of their owners. And people spend more and more time at home. The action of walking the dog and cat was suspended. This promotes the sales of e-commerce. Sales of pet food increased faster. Consumers will spend more to ensure the health of their pets.

Pet brands should quickly accept this trend and make changes. Pet food manufacturers have recognized this problem. They have been looking for ways to improve their products and packaging to better meet the needs of pet owners.

I believe you have carefully selected the quality of pet food. Please continue to read the following. We share the most comprehensive pet food packaging trends. Now let’s learn how to design PET packaging to be more competitive.

Pay Attention To Freshness.

People pursue fresh food. They treat their pets the same way. When creating perfect pet packaging, keeping pet food fresh should be the primary consideration. Xiaoyupack focuses on using high-barrier films to achieve this. Multilayer flexible packaging can effectively block water vapor and oxygen in the air. Prevent food from spoiling. Dogs don’t eat damp food.

Choose Convenience.

Consumers are seeking convenience whether they eat for themselves or pets. To improve the convenience of the owner’s movement, a resealable zipper is used. This allows the consumer to easily open and close the bag before and after the food is poured. Thereby extending the shelf life of the pet food. In addition to resealing the zipper, you can also consider adding other functions to the zipper. Such as a standing bottom, easy-to-carry handle, and easy-to-open tear notch. For consumers, flexible packaging is more light. And the anti-scratch and anti-shattering effects are not inferior to other packaging.

Improve The Display Power Of Products

An Animal’s foraging ability is natural. Consider adding a transparent window to the bag. This can attract pets to make their own choices. At the same time, the real food status can attract consumers, which provides them with a shopping reference. These windows are a popular choice for displaying things inside. This means that pet food brands are confident about the quality of their products.

Unique Product Category Design

Pet food should have a unique design to distinguish it from other food types. The packaging shall be visually attractive. This makes it easy to find in stores. Your brand will more easily stand out from the crowded shelves.

Pet food bags should have the following characteristics:

The pet’s high-definition realistic pattern should occupy a large space.

The font should indicate the type of pet food.

Mark the natural and health signs of pet food.

Nutrition information is simple and easy to understand.

Vibrant colors. After all, most pet food is packaged in large packages. You need a durable color.

Custom PET packaging. Today’s packers are using custom packaging such as bags to justify higher prices for their pet food. The consumer completely bought it.

Soft Touch And Sound

According to the characteristics of food, pet food packaging is traditionally composed of bulk bags made of multi-layer paper. This serves as a barrier to food. But the touch is not so pleasant. Moreover, the traditional large bags of pet food are difficult to move, and the bags will make a harsh sound. The brand should be upgraded according to the consumers’ experience. Change the rough and perfunctory touch. Prevent the sharp sound generated by the pet’s paws and packaging.

Xiaoyupack provides a soft satin appearance. Contrast the matte finish with the bright design. Rust-free and wrinkle-resistant materials are more suitable for food storage and organizing sharp sounds. We also provide various pet bags. Consumers can buy smaller packages first to test the new brand.

Isolate Odor

Pets and owners live in indoor spaces. Therefore, pet food packaging should also exist here. No one wants to smell food when it’s not eating. Food developers should pay more attention to this change. Reduce the odor emission of pet food. Use more barrier materials to wrap the odor. While preventing deterioration in contact with oxygen.

Sustainability Is Still Important

More and more consumers are looking for sustainable ingredients, practices, and processes in the products they buy, and pet food is no exception. This is especially true for Millennials. In addition, according to the survey, more consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products. People who love dogs and cats, will not hesitate to pay a premium. Pet food brands are paying attention to and responding to this demand. They have integrated sustainability into their food and packaging.

Xiaoyupack provides them with successful packaging by using the green printing process of digital printing. Please consider using recyclable or compostable films in the packaging of pet food, or recycled materials after consumption. To reduce the carbon footprint. Owners are more inclined to buy back in the same brand to protect the health of pets. This is a good opportunity for you to build brand loyalty. More packers are using sustainable packaging as a way to differentiate themselves from their competitors. when does it start? Start now. c

Advantages Of Xiaoyupack

People always think that animals are their most faithful friends. Pets provide warm companionship for many people. Pets are part of their families and relatives. Therefore, their daily life has spent the money of their owners. With this mentality of consumers, the pet food market has seen huge growth. The competition between new and old brands is increasingly fierce, in all aspects.

Advanced pet food manufacturers now spend more time on food packaging. We have the honor to provide such assistance to many enterprises.

Correct packaging can attract new customers, increase sales, and establish the environmental protection image of the enterprise. Xiaoyupack understands your concerns and needs, and our team is ready to provide you with patient answers. Flexible packaging is dominating the pet food market. That’s why we spend more time creating. If you have any demand in this area or are about to have a demand, please contact us immediately. Get quotations and samples free of charge. Get your customized packaging solution in the fastest time.


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