9 Ways To Make Your Coffee Packaging Stand Out

According to the National Coffee Association, Americans spend more than $75 billion on coffee each year. This has led to a significant increase in the number of coffee roasters in the country. Emerging brands continue to emerge. But many enterprises did not stand out even though their coffee beans were delicious. They ignored the packaging. This will bury good brands.

You take the time to ensure the excellent quality of coffee. But the most important thing is to catch the interest of buyers. In this age of beauty, consumers’ consumption tendency is the same. They have always been attracted by good-looking packaging. High-quality coffee bags allow coffee to maintain its delicate flavor and shape. From bakeries to merchants to customers. This is a long process. High-barrier coffee packaging is the key to building trust.

Please read on to learn how to make your coffee packaging stand out. This is important to encourage customers to buy.

1. Understand The Competitive Market

Before entering the market, it is important to understand the direction of competition and competitors. Each coffee brand should know its own product positioning. And then compare it with similar competitive products. You can learn what the common characteristics of brands are. This is usually the lowest expectation of consumers. This also means that your coffee should have these. For example, quantity, flavor, price, and benchmark quality. These also reflect your potential marketing opportunities. It is different, depending on the quality of the coffee.

Secondly, brands compete by providing different value advantages. You can compete from different marketing perspectives. For example, some companies promote brand stories to establish specific concepts. Some coffee brands paper roast organic or fair trade beans. Some enterprises set sustainable goals, and they use more environmentally friendly packaging. How you handle this is a matter of preference.

2. Unique Brand Image

The first step for consumers to understand the brand is to distinguish the brand. This requires you to create a unique image. Make your brand different from others.

For example, some brands promote green planting. Their coffee ingredients are healthier, organic, and better for the human body. Small bakers use their uniqueness and rarity as selling points. Other brands emphasize the luxury experience they bring to customers. While others pursue higher goals. They help save the planet by donating to people in need or by doing more environmentally friendly things.

Many brands succeed because their ideas resonate. The customer wants to feel connected. Companies with strong identities are more likely to attract people with similar interests. This is why they are strong. Communicating a consistent message over time will enable your company to build brand loyalty with customers.

3. Effective Design

The graphic design of packaging can arouse the interest of consumers. Although many brands now advocate minimalist packaging, this is not the way out for most consumers. In fact, most of the packages on the coffee shelf have carefully designed graphics. They have won sales with unique patterns and high-quality clarity.

The visual effect is one of the customer’s impressions of the brand. People prefer novel and high-quality works of art. Whether it’s a logo, a coffee image, or a color pattern and form. The brand can visualize the flavor of coffee to hint to people. Consumers are very good at transforming vision into taste and imagination. The pleasure they generate will promote your product sales.

4. Avoid Uniformity

Coffee is a highly competitive industry. Even for minimalist packaging, the pattern design is different from other brands. So you should try to stand out from all products. The general packaging design shows that your coffee products are common. When you dare to make a difference in the design, your coffee products will stand out.

5. Promotion And Seasonal Packaging

The trend of limited coffee is fascinating. If you want to make a little change to your brand. Try to introduce short-term Limited packaging. People look forward to different seasons and holidays because they look forward to diversified packaging. This can also help you make a test for a certain market. After that, you can also return the old packaging. Switching your design is a good way to attract people’s attention to your coffee products.

6. Select The Correct Packaging Format

In addition to the pattern design of packaging, it is also important to choose the appropriate packaging accessories.

Xiaoyupack’s high-quality bottom bag adopts the most advanced one-way degassing valve. This ensures that customers enjoy the freshest taste. We use compostable, degradable, and recyclable materials to wrap coffee. And this can also provide a high barrier property. This caters to the changing demands of consumers. They are keen to choose environmentally friendly alternatives.

In addition, we offer different types of sealing options. Like degassing valves, they can be made of environmentally friendly materials. This means that the problem of recycling is solved. There is no need to separate the fittings.

If you have no idea, you can explore our options. In order to find the perfect choice for your brand.

paper package with coffee beans isolated on wooden table

7. Learn More About Coffee Bag Types

Today, most coffee beans are packed in bags. You and your coffee roasting company have a variety of packaging styles to choose from. Some of the most popular packages are:

Side Gusset Bag

Most coffee shop owners use side folded bags for coffee or another packaging. It costs less. The side folding bag is very suitable for any industry or as wholesale coffee packaging. And the d-side folding bag also has a smaller style.

Flat Bottom Pouch

Flat-bottom pouches provide more space for your coffee. It is one of the most balanced packaging options.

Stand Up Pouch

The stand up pouch consists of two panels and a bottom gusset. Which makes them triangular. Zippers can also be easily added. With the help of the zipper, you can reseal the coffee. The coffee time can be extended even after the bag is opened. And don’t worry about the powder getting stuck on the zipper track.

Pillow Bag

This kind of bag is very cheap. It makes coffee more novel and interesting to customers. It is suitable for small amounts of coffee.

8. Use Light And Dark Contrast

You can make some changes to the glossy of the coffee bag. The texture is a unique detail. It has both visual and tactile effects. Another clever way to use textures is to use local varnishes. In this approach, specific areas, graphics, and fonts have matte or glossy textures. This contrasts with the finished surface of the rest of the package. Many brands help themselves to be different by making this comparison. Use a matte surface next to a shiny, shiny texture to create a line of sight. Because the light will capture each part in different ways.

9. Bold Colors

Color is a powerful tool for resonating. It can prompt consumers to associate. Color has a lot of psychological and design theories. For example, warm colors are usually vibrant. And the cool color is cooler. People often associate red and pink with action or passion. That’s why it appears in every Valentine’s Day package. The color of the package should match your brand logo and the atmosphere of the coffee contained. This is a choice you need to make.


Making special coffee packaging is the right way to succeed. This is also for the development of your company. It helps to differentiate itself from all other companies. Your goal is to create impressive packaging. In the highly competitive coffee business, your customers now have more choices.

Excellence and innovation in your packaging. This is where the unique packaging enters. Xiaoyupack has rich experience in packaging. We look forward to hearing about your packaging needs. Our team of packaging engineers is ready to work with you to create a unique appearance. Please contact us now for customized coffee packaging solutions.


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