How Can Compostable Coffee Bags Prevent UV Damage

People are increasingly aware that plastic packaging accounts for most of the landfills. And it will be discharged into the sea. More and more enterprises are looking for environmental alternatives.

The topic of sustainability has always been paid close attention to by people. Consumers’ attention to the environment has led to higher requirements for coffee bags. Sustainable sourcing is critical for coffee roasters. Compostable coffee bags gradually occupy crowded shelves. And it has gradually become one of the most popular eco-friendly bags. But at the same time, we should also ensure the protective effect of packaging on coffee. Both the light and the light on the shelf are the most important factors affecting the life of coffee. Can compostable coffee bags achieve their barrier goals?

Please continue to understand the following contents. You will get the selected value of compostable coffee bags.

What is a compostable coffee bag?

Compostable packaging is made of completely decomposed organic substances.  Such as corn and sugarcane. It can decompose naturally over time and then produce nutritious compost.

This can help enterprises reduce waste generation and adhere to sustainable goals. You can judge its compostability by whether there is an OK compost industrial label on the package. Packages and components with this label can be compostable. And they can be composted in industrial composting plants.

Compostable coffee bags are usually thinner than plastic bags. So you may be worried about whether they can achieve the goal of protecting coffee.

How does light affect coffee?

Light is one of the most direct factors that lead to the deterioration of fresh coffee beans. We know that coffee is a compound composed of more than 1000 components. Long-time exposure to light will cause decomposition changes of the compound. It is also known as “photodegradation”. This will bring irreversible losses to the quality and aroma of the coffee. Then it will lead to the obsolescence and decay of coffee.

The most direct light you think of is ultraviolet light from the sun. But the light from electric lights can also have an adverse effect.

Research shows that there is a direct correlation between lipid content and beverage quality. And light accelerates the speed of natural oil in coffee to the surface. The beans will begin to dry, leading to a dull taste and aroma. Even it will produce a rotten taste mixed with a sour and bitter taste in the cup. Deep baked beans have a porous cellulose structure, which is easy to be invaded. Under the light, dark baked beans will lose natural oil more easily than other baked beans. Thus, coffee with higher lipid percentage is considered to be of higher quality.

How do we ensure that compostable coffee bags prevent UV rays from entering?

Provide barriers during transportation and storage

One of the ways to prevent ultraviolet rays from invading compostable bags is to try to avoid light contact with coffee bags.

You can keep compostable bags that have not been put on shelves in a dark environment for as long as possible. Such as in cartons in a cool place. At the same time, you can choose to add a degassing valve to the compostable bag so that the carbon dioxide produced by coffee can be discharged from the bag.

The same is true during transportation. Keep the coffee bag in the dark. In this way, the coffee will remain in the best fresh state when distributed to cafes and customers.

This helps in two ways: packing in dark cartons protects the bag from impact, makes it more durable during transportation and eliminates all exposure to direct light.

Multilayer design

Although compostable coffee bags can achieve ecological goals for your business, you still need to consider some potential disadvantages. We mentioned that compostable bags are thinner than ordinary plastic bags, such as kraft paper bags. If they are not processed, their ability to protect the freshness of coffee is very limited. Therefore, in order to prevent it from being exposed to the air, humid environment, or light, we need to seal the original packaging. Another way to reduce light damage is to use multi-layer packaging bags.

Add one or more layers of structure to compostable coffee bags to improve the protective effect. The choice of these additional layers is noncompostable materials such as aluminum foil. But considering the ecological problems, in order to continue to implement sustainability, we use PLA materials to laminate our coffee packaging. These bioplastics are fully compostable in commercial facilities and can be added to any compostable or recyclable material.

And our coffee bags will make the recycling process easier. Because ink, glue labels, and all components are completely recyclable and compostable. We can ensure that every component in the coffee bag, including the zipper and valve, is tested and certified as compostable according to ASTM d6868 and EN13432 standards.

Multi-layer packaging helps extend the shelf life of coffee by providing additional external protection. At the same time, it can strengthen the barrier against external forces. The laminated coffee bag is made of certified compostable film, which has an oxygen barrier layer and a water barrier layer and can also reduce the stimulation of ultraviolet rays to a certain extent. And this kind of packing is strong and durable.

Choose a moderate balance position

Choosing a package is a choice between sustainability and the strength of the barrier provided by packaging. When you sell boutique coffee, you are also selling coffee bags, so you need to find a balance. This determines whether your coffee bag is more eco-friendly or more protective. For example, when you choose a compostable bag, it may not be able to block ultraviolet rays from coffee. But we can add structures to enhance it or keep it in a dark environment. But if you choose traditional bags, the damage to the earth will accumulate over time. It is not enough to just meet the immediate needs. What we care about is whether what we do now will have a positive impact on the future.

This shows that we still have room for progress for better coffee packaging. The fact is that we are also moving in the right direction. In the near future, you will enjoy a fully compostable coffee bag with a high barrier.


Xiaoyupack is committed to providing you with the most comprehensive services. You can continue to adhere to the ecological goal of the enterprise. We provide a series of compostable packaging. And we will provide more protection to reduce the damage of light to compostable bags. All compostable coffee bags can be customized and printed in full color. More colors and sizes are waiting for you.

All flexible multi-layer bags will be equipped with PLA laminates to improve the compostability of the packaging. When you apply compostable coffee bags to your coffee brand, consumers will know that you are listening to their demands. Doing so can not only protect your coffee from light. But it also shows your commitment to sustainable development.

Our pursuit is to welcome every enterprise and individual who is looking for environmental protection alternatives. And we have a team with rich experience. Please contact us to get your exclusive packaging solutions.


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