What You Should Know: The Benefits of Drip Coffee Bags for Your Brand

When consumers buy coffee, they are also buying convenience. They look for the convenience and ease of use of drip coffee. And more boutique coffee roasters are also committed to using drip coffee. to improve attraction and expand their customer base. This helps to increase brand repurchase and loyalty.

Drip coffee bags are a benefit for busy people and lazy people. Not just at home, it’s perfect for taking on the go. Office or travel. All you need is hot water and a cup to get a fine cup of coffee. When testing a certain market, drip coffee bags are the best fit except for the pouches. Smaller portions are used to wrap the mixture. It can even attract a new customer base. Drip bags can be found everywhere, from grocery and convenience stores to cafes and coffee meetings. They can be bought ready-made or filled with coffee at home.

Details and benefits of drip coffee have been listed. Please continue reading below. You will see why roasters are attracted to drip filter bags.

Drip Coffee Market Trends

During the pandemic, particular trends limited people’s actions and plans. But consumers are consuming more coffee instead. in August 2020, a survey found that 83% of large coffee roasters were already producing at or above pre-pandemic levels. And coffee brands shouldn’t have to compromise on the quality of their coffee. Customers have had more time and energy to put it to the test.

It is at this time that drip coffee stands out again. Because of its convenience and high quality. Consumers are not only looking for the quality of coffee but also demand that it be easy to prepare. Their demand for coffee that is easy to brew increased. During the pandemic, drip coffee bags met contactless transactions and higher hygiene guidelines.

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What Is A Drip Coffee Bag?

Drip coffee has also become locket coffee. It was first invented in Japan in the 1990s. It is a small bag of ground coffee, wrapped in folded paper. The special ear structure allows it to be suspended from the cup.

The appeal of the drip coffee bag is its convenience and high quality. The consumer only needs to tear open the bag and remove the drip filter bag. Hang the two handles on the cup, pour in hot water, and shake. After use, the coffee bag can simply be discarded. They are perfect for brewing coffee on the go or at the office.

Advantages Of Drip Coffee Bags

Xiaoyupack uses compostable and biodegradable materials to make drip filter bags. This is a food-grade tested material. The flavor does not change as the hot coffee passes through the drip filter bag. It’s like passing through the air. The packaging pouches are also customizable in full color, albeit small. If you are taking a long flight or only traveling on the weekend. As a pre-ground coffee pouch, the drip filter pouch coffee is a real lifesaver. Carry the compact coffee pouch in your pocket or purse. Gone are the days when you had to accept poor-quality coffee.

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How To Open And Enjoy Drip Coffee?

1. Simply tear off the top of the vacuum bag and filter bag to expose the ground coffee and shake gently until level.

2. Slide the paper holder handle over the edge of the cup.

3. Pour hot water over the coffee a little at a time.

4. The coffee drips from the bottom of the filter paper and you are ready to enjoy a delicious fresh hand-brewed coffee.

Process of making coffee from ground beans in a coffee maker – loading coffee into a paper filter

Things To Remember When Brewing A Drip Coffee Bag

1. Water temperature

Besides the quality of the coffee, the temperature of the water can also determine the taste of your brewed coffee! The best temperature for brewing is around 80° – 90°C, the ideal is 87°C

2. Proportion

The important thing is the ratio of water to coffee. You only need a total of 150-160 ml of water per 10-gram bag of drip coffee (including the brewing process). If you don’t want it to be too thick, you can use 185-190 ml of water.

3. Wait a while before drinking

Never serve boiling hot coffee, let it cool down to 65°C – 79°C so you can taste the right flavor without burning your tongue.

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Choose A Good Drip Coffee Bag Supplier

Everyone is now promoting minimalist living. But consumers are not going to give up their insistence on coffee. They also do not compromise on the quality of coffee no matter what time it is. Drip coffee bags have become a popular choice for consumers. This is both a mobile solution and a quick solution at home. They are best suited for busy modern lifestyles. And for boutique coffee merchants, it provides a way to expand their customer base.

At xiaoyupack, we offer fully customizable drip coffee bags. Whether you sell them individually or in bulk. We have a range of options. Including recyclable and compostable bags. Complete with optional degassing valves, zipper locks, foil ties, and clear windows.

If you have further questions or are interested in drip coffee bags, please do not hesitate to ask us. Our passion is to be ready to offer you patient and experienced advice. Contact us today and you will get a customized packaging solution in the fastest possible time.


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