Top 8 Coffee Packaging Trends In The CPG Industry

The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry is growing at a rapid speed. Especially during the pandemic, as consumers demand more coffee bags.

We can tell that coffee packaging trends are moving toward sustainability goals. This has been a hot topic in the packaging industry and it doesn’t look like it will change in the coming years. Urgent environmental concerns and rising public demand for recyclable packaging. These are the factors behind the rapid growth of the sustainable packaging market.

In general, consumers shop with a clear goal in mind only for products, not specific brands. Thus, the right packaging is an advantage, which can increase the heat of the coffee brand.  Custom coffee bags are often the best way to spark consumer interest in buying. And it can convey the right brand message.  Consumer demand for the CPG market has always been steady and eager. And the entry of more CPG brands into the market has led to intense competition. It is important to stabilize consumer loyalty to the brand.

 Keep reading today’s article. You’ll learn about packaging trends in the CPG industry. And identify how to make changes for your coffee brand.

Deepen Your Brand Image

 Consumers will use their vision to judge your brand connotation. Associate the appearance and quality of your coffee packaging with your brand image. You have put effort into the quality of your coffee. But to make your brand stand out among similar products, you also need to work on the packaging. That’s why it’s so important to create packaging. It matches your company’s goals and identity. With the right packaging, you can position your brand at the forefront of the market.

The Sprouting Of Smart Coffee Bags

The rise of e-commerce was a popular way of shopping during the pandemic by consumers. Online shopping is a greater test of a coffee brand’s appeal to shoppers. CPG brands can use smart packaging. It can connect directly with consumers in the e-commerce world. Smart packaging is also known as connected packaging. Smart packaging uses a unique QR code to turn each package into a unique information carrier. By scanning the QR code, consumers learn more. This provides valuable insights and information for both brand owners and consumers. The novelty is that it allows you to track the journey of the package from start to finish. This includes how the coffee was made, the ingredients used, and by whom it was purchased. Consumers can use this track and trace capability by scanning the code. It’s all about improving the transparency of the coffee for the benefit of the consumer. At the same time, this approach is also beneficial for coffee suppliers. Brand owners can use it to access key information about the supply chain. And they can track the package to the point of buy and beyond, all the way to disposal or recycling. Where pandemics create weaknesses, QR codes make up for these. With 5G innovations on the horizon, merchants don’t need to check inventory in-store. They just need smart tags to track when items are consumed. And they can inform stores of inventory through “predictive replenishment”.

Trend: Plant-based Materials

 The pandemic has changed people’s consumption patterns. But studies show that recyclable packaging is still an industry trend. Coffee brands should follow the trend and not be forgotten. This is also a key topic of concern to consumers. With the increasing demand for sustainable packaging, more coffee brands are seeking green materials. The appearance of plant-based materials made them very happy. At present, the largest plant-based material in the market is coffee packaging made of seaweed, corn, and other plants. Packaging made of these materials decomposes faster than plastic. After decomposition, they have no adverse impact on the environment and are more sustainable in general.

Research shows that 75% of consumers want sustainable packaging. And they do not mind paying a premium for it. They believe that this is a necessary social responsibility. This is also an opportunity for new coffee brands to enter the market. This trend will continue in 2023.

Natural Coffee Ingredients

 People are not willing to compromise the quality of coffee. In recent years, individuals have paid more and more attention to the higher quality of life. Consumers’ interest in natural food is rising now and then. This also requires higher transparency for your coffee products. The selection and manufacturing process of coffee is important. It has the opportunity to attract and maintain consumers who pay attention to them. And the brand can take this opportunity to attract more customers.

The Advantages Of Digital Printing

Digital printings have entered the market with the advantages of minimum order quantity and rapid turnover. And it is sought after by many brands. The exquisite pattern design makes the coffee brand capture a lot of coffee lovers with a brand-new image. Our digital printing process is inherently more environmentally friendly than traditional printing. We use carbon-neutral HP printers and polymer-based inks. The green inks do not contain any harmful air pollutants (HAP). A variety of sustainable packaging options can be produced by digital printing. Including recyclable, post-consumption recycling (PCR), and compostable.

Flexible Packaging Began To Become The Mainstream.

 From now to 2030, flexible packaging will grow exponentially. The advantages of flexible packaging make it an ideal choice for CPG manufacturers. Especially for the newly established CPG brand. The low cost of the flexible coffee bag allows it to overcome the hard packaging. And it is a more environmentally friendly option. Such as compostable, post-consumption recycling, and biodegradable flexible packaging. We are using recyclable ingredients to reduce our reliance on fossil derivatives. They produce harmful emissions. Besides, more repeatable sealing options enable roasted coffee to maintain freshness. The plasticity and market potential of soft packaging is far greater than that of hard packaging.

Working With Sustainable Packaging Suppliers.

 More consumers indicated that if the coffee brand violated the environmental and climate trends, they would resolutely give up. Even if it was a brand they had long sought.

So the CPG brand should focus on the use of recyclable materials. And they should take environmental protection as its connotation and goal. At present, we not only make the functionality of coffee bags to the extreme. But we also use green materials and printing methods to reduce their carbon footprint. Choosing the right packaging company can better help achieve the environmental protection goal.

You need to immediately prepare recyclable packaging. At xiaoyupack, we understand the market trend of packaging. Our passion is to help your brand quickly and economically enter the vision of consumers. Xiaoyupack’s team is ready to provide you with the patient and comprehensive advice. I believe that you have selected the quality of coffee.

Our extensive portfolio of packaging materials is enough to help you expand your brand. What is good for the environment is also good for your coffee business.

If your goal is sustainable high-quality packaging, please call us immediately. And you will get a professional customized coffee packaging solution.


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